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Mother of The Bride Dresses Ethics that Give an Awesome Look



Mother of The Bride Dresses Ethics that Give an Awesome Look

The days when MOBs had to dress in faded pastels or, horror of horrors, various tones of the beige suit for their daughters’ weddings are long gone. Now, moms can witness their daughters go down the aisle in vibrant colors, brilliant designs, and breathtaking patterns (thank goodness!). Don’t be concerned about the variety of options offered! On your daughter’s big day, our advisor will make sure you appear like the epitome of sophistication.

These days, as long as the attire complements the wedding’s theme, almost anything is acceptable—a formal gown, a short or long dress, a skirt and jacket outfit. Brides may be quite helpful by inviting “the moms” to collaborate on wardrobe selection. Here are some pointers to bear in mind:

  • The bride’s mother traditionally gets the privilege of choosing her attire first.
  • You won’t stand out if you select colors that are the same as or extremely close to the bride’s and bridesmaids’ attire.
  • Don’t match colors when dressing.
  • The length of the gown or dress is a personal option, even for formal weddings, so long as each mother’s attire is distinctive variations on the wedding color scheme are acceptable.
  • Anyone attending a wedding in afternoon may wear long dresses or skirts. Although it is not required, many moms choose to do it because they believe it gives the women a more harmonious appearance, particularly in wedding photographs.

Exact Design Match of the Bridal Dress

Let the bride lead the way while you are looking for the ideal attire for your child’s wedding. She has spent a lot of time establishing the mood for the occasion, so she will be able to advise you on how formally or informally you should wear. She may even have specific ideas about what she wants you to wear. In order to discuss both of your ideas, get comfortable with a glass of bubbly, gather some thoughts, and settle down.

Wedding Outfit Wisdom: Top Five Tips

  • A specialty shop, as opposed to a department store, will provide considerably more individualized assistance throughout the process—from picking out a dress to making changes to finding the ideal undergarments. When you go shopping, if at all feasible, carry a sample of the bridesmaids’ dresses’ fabric or have a description of their color.
  • Place your order for your clothing two to three months in advance, and give yourself at least two weeks for modifications.
  • When purchasing your dress, ask a salesperson for specific guidance on the best hose and undergarments to go with it.
  • When it comes to who calls who to talk about “our outfits,” the mother of the groom shouldn’t be off-limits; if she hasn’t heard anything after the preliminary wedding arrangements have been made, she is more than welcome to phone the mother of the bride.

Which Color to Choose?

The “What color should you select for the Mother of the Bride dress?” question is one that we frequently get asked.  Being without a clear guideline is perplexing. Some mothers choose to match the bridesmaids’ styles, but coordinate instead! However, we do advise that you match colors, so if they are orange, you might wear a deep blue and look stunning in the pictures. We also advise MOBs to steer clear of colors like white, which is the color of the bride, red, which might appear a little racy, and black, which can look somber. Having saying that, any of the aforementioned techniques may look amazing if used appropriately. You will look fantastic if you choose a color (or pattern) that doesn’t compete with the general color scheme.

Location and season

When choosing your attire, it might be helpful to consider the wedding location and the time of year. If your daughter is attending a beach wedding, a casual dress and some cute, comfy shoes would be ideal, but if it’s a stylish nighttime event, heels and tailoring are the way to go. The season will also help you choose your accessories: to stay warm, you could choose a shawl or blazer, which can be a great accent to any ensemble. We advise against wearing stilettos that are too high since you will not only have a hard day but also look unattractive as you sink into the sand or the grass.

Mother of the Groom

As the MOB, it is customary for you to decide on your outfit first before informing the MOG of your choice. You are not required to observe this custom, but it is a kind gesture. You want to make sure that your sense of style complements each other because you will be in A LOT of photographs together. This only means that your attire shouldn’t clash with one another, rather than matching. Make a mental note to begin shopping for the ideal outfit six months prior to the wedding, giving the mother of the bride ample time to discover something she loves and for all the alterations to be finished in time.


The key words when it comes to selecting your dress are modest and classy! This does not imply that you shouldn’t add some flair with your accessories. The wedding of your daughter is the ideal occasion to don a magnificent hat or a chic fascinator. If neither of them suits you, shawls, scarves, and jewelry are excellent ways to inject some drama into your ensemble. A word of advice: stick with one striking piece of jewelry rather than overdoing it. A cuff bracelet or some striking earrings, with the neck left bear and feminine, is our favorite style.

Don’t forget to take care of your hair and makeup as well! Even though it is your daughter’s special day, you shouldn’t put off getting ready for it. You have a wonderful day since you are the bride’s mother!


Even if you find the ideal dress, it won’t feel right unless you match it with the appropriate undergarments. Good hosiery will enhance your appearance and make you feel comfortable throughout the day, so you can look your best in whichever clothing you pick! Consider bringing your dress to the store so the staff can advise you on which pieces will be easiest for you to lift and hold wherever you may need!