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MiniTool Solutions – How Do You Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac




MiniTool Solutions - How Do You Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Android File Transfer is an application that is used on Mac to browse and transfer files between the Mac computer and the Android device. One can download this tool from the internet by themselves, practice connecting the Android device to the Mac computer, and try performing a data transfer.


However, at times we may encounter an issue like Android file transfer not working on Mac. In this post, I summarized some methods to solve this issue. You can try them one by one to get the issue fixed.


You can also visit this post to get more information: How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac/Windows?


Method 1: Turn On USB Debugging


USB debugging enables users to copy files between the computer and the Android device. If you have turned it off, Android file transfer will not respond on Mac end.


To fix the issue, you need to turn on USB debugging on the device. Every brand of Android phone has its own way to enable USB debugging. You can just search for one proper way based on your own brand on the internet.

Method 2: Check USB Port and Cable


The Android File Transfer application works via the USB port and cable. If there is something with them, Android File Transfer will not respond. So, just go to check whether the USB port and cable are normal. You will have to use another USB port or cable to have a try when necessary.



Method 3: Enable File Transfers on the Android Device


When connecting the Android device with the computer via USB cable, the phone will receive a prompt that reminds you to select the usage of the cable. You need to tap File Transfers on the screen there. Otherwise, if you have forgotten to do this and then the Android file transfer will not work on Mac.


Now you can just take out their Android phone to check whether the File Transfer option is checked. If not, just do it.


Method 4: Updating the OS


If you are using an older/outdated Android OS, you will have a good chance to encounter the issue as well.


In this case, you need to go to verify the Android OS version you are using currently. If you are still using the old/outdated version, now you can try updating it to the latest one.


Method 5: Uninstall Samsung Kies/Smart Switch

As the Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch applications are not compatible with the Android File Transfer app, it has become a common issue that Android file transfer not responding on Mac, especially for the users who are using a Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S7/S8/S5/S6/S4/Note 8 or Note 5. Nevertheless, that should not be a problem. They can remove the issue quickly by uninstalling the incompatible applications.


Method 6: Uninstall and Reinstall File Transfer


If none of the methods mentioned above work for getting rid of the issue, you need to consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Android File Transfer app. This is an easy job. Every ordinary user can do it with only a few steps practice.


Alternative to Android File Transfer


The Android File Transfer application is typically for Mac users. If you happen to be a Windows user, unfortunately, you cannot access the service for the moment. Do not worry; there are many alternatives to Android File Transfer on Microsoft Windows. My prior recommendation goes to MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, which I have been using for a long time on my Windows computer.


You can Google this software on the internet and download it directly on the official website now or later for further use.


Before using this software to transfer Android files from the phone to PC, you must root your Android phone. Follow these steps and transfer Android files on Windows PC:


  1. Launch the tool, and connect the Android phone to the computer.
  2. Click Recover from Phone.
  3. Select a suitable scan method.
  4. Press Next to start the scanning process.


  1. Select one data type from the left list and find the needed files.
  2. Finally, check the wanted items and click Recover to choose a suitable path to save them on the computer.


The free edition allows you to rescue 10 files of one type each time. But you are free to upgrade to a premium version to access without limit.


I will share with you more tricks with some tech-related issues in future posts, keep in tune.



Free keto apps for women 2021




Free keto apps

Most women are usually looking for the best keto app for Android. Now the problem is solved! When you search for the best keto app, we can help you out to find one. Now you can track your carbohydrates and focus on your ketogenic cooking ebooks to lose more weight every day. The below keto apps are free; however, you can also find the paid versions also available with more advanced features.

Best keto app 2021

Below we have mentioned a few of the best keto applications that you must consider when planning to find the best Carb tracker.  Also find here Google  Android ketoapps to track carb online.

Carb manager

Carb Manager is the best keto app that you will come across, and it is the first choice of most people. There are several metrics, including micronutrients and also ketones, along with the blood sugar levels available on this application. You can use the voice command or barcode scanning to check the calories. Moreover, it will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle by providing you exercise and diet plan. You can sync it up to your other applications on your Android or iOS. However, it can be a little pricey.

My macros Plus

Another one of the perfect applications for tracking your nutrients is My macros plus. This application has a massive database along with a calorie estimation calculator. You can also estimate your fat and check the calories in the food. It is easier to connect with your friends through this application and promote a healthy lifestyle. Even though it is one of the best calories and nutrient tracker, it is costly and does not work the best on Android. But you can find the free version as well.


Senza is the best keto app for Android and also perfect for beginners. This application leads you towards gradual changes and suggests you the restaurants that have keto-friendly food. However, the nutrient that is might not be the most accurate for some food items.

Total Keto diet

Are you looking for the best free ketogenic cooking ebooks? With the total keto diet application, you can find out the best recipes and cooking ebooks that you want. The library for the recipes has hundreds and thousands of recipes, and you can also customize your meal according to your requirement. There is a grocery list creator as well that will help you to make a grocery list weekly based on your keto diet.


The fat secret is another one of the ketogenic diet applications that help set up the goals properly. With the best support and more accountability, this application provides you with more features and benefits with losing weight and setting up goals you want to achieve. Moreover, it is simple and easy to navigate and also provides a community platform. The image recognition feature is also available on this application. However, it is a paid application, and after paid application, only you can access the recipes. One another problem is that it works better on the iPhone for iOS rather than Android.

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Navigating executive search challenges with executive recruitment software




Navigating executive search challenges with executive recruitment software

Executive search has its own set of challenges to navigate. But with the right executive search software, head-hunters will be able to reduce any difficulties and deliver the best results to their clients. Factors like talent shortage, digitization, veteran candidates, etc., affect head-hunters’ ability to recruit the best executive candidates for their client companies. Now that the global outbreak continues to present enormous problems, the recruitment industry is learning to navigate this setback as well.

Executive recruitment software can be considered the perfect technological collaborator for head-hunters. Finding the right recruitment software can easily alleviate the obstacles an executive recruiter faces daily. Here’s how recruitment software solutions are helping head-hunters with three common executive search problems.

Dealing with the candidate market

Executive search seeks to place highly skilled senior executives in strategic positions in client companies. It is essential that executive candidates are not just highly skilled and experienced but also fit into the existing company culture. However, executive search is challenging because, usually, senior executives do not actively seek new opportunities. Finding a candidate pool that meets the precise requirements is not easy.

It is up to executive recruiters to discover these top-level executives, find their portfolio and assess their suitability for the role before even approaching them. Working with executive recruitment software makes it easier for head-hunters to locate such candidates.

Dealing with the ongoing pandemic

It is a harsh reality that the current circumstances generated by the global pandemic are affecting every industry. Working environments are changing. Office-goers have primarily been working from home. Recruitment has also shifted to digitalisation from online skills testing to digital interviews.

For recruiters, executive search software is a huge help as it enables recruiters to deliver consistent quality work from anywhere. Cloud-based recruitment software permits head-hunters to continue recruiting the best talents from their homes as they were doing from the office.

Recruiters who have always worked remotely understand the significance of cloud-based software in helping them work efficiently and to be connected with their colleagues. It is a huge advantage to be able to access data from anywhere. Now recruiters can continue working from home.

Dealing with digitization

This is the digital and information age we are living in. Online professional networking platforms like LinkedIn help people stay connected with their industry peers while also staying updated about industry events. Head-hunters utilise LinkedIn to locate exceptional executives who might not be ‘actively’ looking for a new role. Executive recruitment software enables social media integration which promotes quick access to quality candidates.

Communication also greatly benefits through recruitment software. All forms of communication – emails, text messages, phone calls – among candidates, recruiters, and clients are automatically organized and structured neatly for easy access whenever needed. This helps everyone in the talent acquisition team to keep informed about the most recent interaction with candidates and clients.

As executive search places senior executives in strategic positions, it can take many months before the search is over. In the meanwhile, client companies have to be apprised regularly and given briefings about every stage of the recruitment process. Recruiters who use executive search software find it is quite convenient to create reports.

Drive your business forward now. Visit

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How To Get Free Followers On Tiktok?




How To Get Free Followers On Tiktok?

TikTok was born out of a union between 2 already famous apps, Douyin and Musically. It’s based around many of the same found on those workings platforms and is mainly a social media application where users can create and watch short video snippets, often attended by music.

What sort of content is on TikTok?

You can discover videos link to almost all interests on TikTok, from DIY tricks and make-up sessions to gaming and sports. People can let their creative thinking run wild on TikTok, as there isn’t really a ‘corrector ‘false kind of content. Your child might use TikTok to pick up new abilities, learn how to play tools, or even relate with people they share an interest with.

The videos are oft playful and take benefits of the editing tools to make the 15 second of video as unforgettable as possible. Although most of the content you will find is cheerful, funny, and happy, people also use the platform to reply to current festivals such as the #BlackLivesMatter campaign and the coronavirus pandemic.

But TikTok has a set of gathering guidelines all content must adhere to and does not permit, for example, furious, racist, extremist explicit content on the platform.

How it Rose to Popularity

Since its launch, the TikTok app’s quality has been increasing tremendously. In October 2018, it was the least-downloaded photo and video application in the Apple store, international. The application reportedly has amassed over 500 million monthly active users, the United States being the most famous country where TikTok has been downloaded 80 million-plus times.

Tips to gain followers on TikTok

If your want to get TikTok followers on your TikTok profile, you can follow few valued tips that you can try and then see the followers on your tiktok profile.

Keep your profile active.

As in all social networks, if you don’t share content rarely, you will not get enough followers.

The more content you publish day by day, per week, or per month, the more likely people will find you and follow you. If someone enters your profile and they see that you upload content rarely, surely their decision will be more prone to follow you on TikTok.

Other important tips to keep your profile active:

  •  It is better to start the strategy with videos every day.
  • Try posting on TikTok at different times and see which one works better.

Optimize your profile Tips

  • Optimize your profile information to make it attractive to potential followers.
  • Explain what they will find in your TikTok videos, for example, what type of videos you make.
  • Make better videos to get their attention.

The Future of TikTok

Nowadays, the TikTok application’s popularity is amazing but still does not assure that it will ever gain the levels achieved by other social networks like Instagram and YouTube and Facebook, etc. Vine was a highly famous video-sharing platform back in the day, but it is now completely out of the picture. And many other apps rapidly rose to fame and then disappeared.

To maintain and manage its popularity, TikTok will have to keep introduce and finding new ways to occupy its user base. They will also have to make the platform more marketing-friendly for brands to set up the app as a social network that will stay.


TikTok is a fun, joyful, and habit-forming application that has seen an increase in popularity in the few last months. The Tik Tok app also has the possibility to become the next large marketing and social networking platform. However, how the application creators purchase this potential and maintain the application’s popularity has until now to be seen.

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