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Ministry Of Broadcast Gets Its First Patch Making The Controls More Forgiving




Ministry Of Broadcast Gets Its First Patch Making The Controls More Forgiving

Ministry of Broadcast came out January 30 to mostly favorable reviews; the title was celebrated for its dialogue and narrative deftly bringing players through an Orwellian storyline featured Orange, the ginger-haired protagonist that may or may not have a soul.  What is known is that he’s missing his boots, and they were right there when he went to sleep.

Yet while the narrative and dialogue are likely the cleanest and wittiest seen in recent history in video games, the Ministry of Broadcast suffered from the proverbial Achilles’ heel of platformer-centric titles; the controls were very iffy. Puzzles were a bit more difficult than intended by the developers Ministry of Broadcast Studios, as the protagonist would occasionally leap forwards rather than upwards, often to his death.

Other segments of the title also suffered; while the game doesn’t necessarily feature boss fights, there are parts of the story where time absolutely works again the protagonist, challenging players to pull off a flawless run in order to progress.

These segments have already brought about many broken controllers and a few negative reviews for the title.  If you ignore the reviews that bring up the title’s controls and the surprisingly difficult segments of timed platforming, it’s largely a positively reviewed title.

Ministry of Broadcast Studios apparently took little time off after finally releasing the title that has been in the works for two years, and have already brought the first patch to deal with the primary headache that Ministry of Broadcast suffers from.  The mildly lackluster controls.

In its first patch on the Steam platform, the Ministry of Broadcast Studios brought four fixes to their dystopian title.  Two gameplay issues.  The bugs are simply that; players who want to use the keyboard and mouse have had issues with the restart mechanic, that allows players to instantly restart the segment they’re working on when it has become obvious that death is near.

If you’ve missed a jump, or find the waters around you rapidly rising, it’s often easier to opt for a quick restart rather than watch the protagonist perish for the next ten seconds.  The second bug that has been fixed is simply controllers failing to be recognized by the title.

The meat of the patch seems to be in the other two notes for MOBs first patch; controls have been cleaned up a bit, with the main character jumping forwards instead of upwards ‘in a few edge cases’.  So not necessarily a complete overhaul of how the controls work, but at least it’s an issue that MOB Studios is tracking.

They’ve also lightened up the difficulty of two select cases where the difficulty is almost masochistic, required pristine platforming for stretches of time to bypass the segment.  Those segments, combined with the general control wonkiness, has to lead to some frustrated players.  Hopefully, this first pass will open up what is arguably the first title of 2020 worth experiencing.


Discover Rackword, The Word Game And Its Features




Discover Rackword, The Word Game And Its Features


Do you want to spend your free time in something lucrative yet jaunty? But at the same time, don’t want to make much effort? Why don’t you try Rackword – a perfect game to increase your knowledge while having fun.

Rackword is a word game that allows multiple users to play at a time. The players have to use their minds to make words using the letters available on the board. The more words you make, the more score you get. So make as many words as you can and let yourself rock in this game. Moreover, it is not very tricky to play. Even if you say that it is kids’ stuff, then it won’t be wrong. Above all, it is free.

You can play the game with free registration. Once you have registered yourself free, you can have quick access to the game board. Even you won’t need any downloading process. So there is no detailed and complicated process of downloading and playing this game.

So what to wait for?

Inclining Features of Rackword:

  • Fast Play
  • Play With More Than Two Friends
  • Team Mode
  • Play On The Board Of Your Choice
  • Chat With Friends While Playing
  • Get Your Detailed Progress Report

Inclusive Features:

Fast Play

If you are a regular player of word games, you may think that most multiplayer games fall victim to slow speed. But you will not have to face such issues with Rackword. The time per turn falls in a range of 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and this timing isn’t that irritating like the other word games. Now you and your opponents will not wait for the next person to use their turn.

Play With More Than Two Friends

Yes, you have understood well, you can play with several players on the same game, as Rackword is played from 2 to 4 players. It is also very easy to invite friends to the game. This is an incredible feature.

Team Mode

You are not always required to play alone or against the computer. But if you have more than two friends with you, you can select the 2 vs 2 mode, and two of your friends will play as your opponents. But having only one friend with you is also no trouble. In such context, use that friend as your partner and start playing against the computer.

Play On The Board Of Your Choice

Rackword is with several game boards, and you can select one according to your choice. There is no difference between all the three boards except for their sizes. If you want a standard-sized board go for a classic one. The second option is 17 x 17 and has more space than the first one. The third or the large superboard is the size of 21 x 21.

Chat With Friends While Playing

Do you want to know about the strategies of your player friends during your game? Rackword also provides you with this fantastic feature, so secretly look for the conditions that your friends will apply. This feature makes the whole game more interesting. Note that not all word games provide this feature to their users.

Get Your Detailed Progress Report

Isn’t it unfair if you keep on playing the whole game and don’t get your progress report at the end? Yes, it is. To make yourself an expert in the game, you must know about the status that you played in the previous run. Without it, you can’t find where you are standing. For this, Rackword also encourages its players with presenting their progress report to them. 

To Sum Up,

Improving your vocabulary with books or other such ways has now become a bit boring. In the present time, we want something that can provide us with knowledge in an exciting way. And the word game named Rackword is at the top in this regard. Try it now and start improving your vocab with a piece of fun. Happy learning!

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Importance of caffeine capsules for athletes




Importance of caffeine capsules for athletes

Caffeine Capsules

There is no need to take supplements when you can have nutrients naturally. Caffeine is one of the most readily available nutrients that athletes can have simply from their diets. Athletes are always looking for ways by which they can improve their athletic performance. Athletes would be happy to know the surprising benefits of taking caffeine. You can take caffeine in the form of coffee as well as athletes can also consume caffeine capsules. Coffee is rich in caffeine. Sugar and milk come to mind when a normal person is talking about coffee but the fact is that a simple infusion of coffee beans in water is all that coffee means. A strong cup of coffee can give the required caffeine. Athletes should consume caffeine capsules as they can have incredible benefits. Some of the points that show the importance of using caffeine capsules for athletes are listed below. 

1.      Caffeine helps burn fat

Athletes are required to produce more muscle mass and reduce fat mass. So taking caffeine is beneficial for athletes as it can help them burn extra fat off their bodies. A nutrient, beta alanin present in caffeine helps athletes have better performance. 

2.      Act as an energy booster

Athletes have to consume caffeine capsules because these capsules help boost energy. Caffeine usually suppresses the appetite of the person so a person is more likely to consume fewer calories during the day. A normal person is seen taking a cup of coffee to start his day. So athletes must consume caffeine capsules to boost metabolism.

3.      Improve athletic performance

Athletes have to give the best athletic performance. So for this purpose, they have to be in the best of their health and energy levels. Caffeine is likely to develop resistance to fatigue and improve endurance activities. Caffeine present in coffee makes a body use fat stores instead of using muscles. Thus athletes can make muscle mass and reduce fat bodies,

4.      Promote better concentration

Athletes have to perform better and be concentrated during the sports. So athletes are directed to take caffeine capsules. Caffeine capsules not only improve the functioning of muscles but also improve brain functioning. A person starts to think better, perform better, and make vigilant decisions. 

5.      Reduction in muscle pain

According to studies, caffeine has shown beneficial effects as it helps reduce fatigue. Athletes are more prone to fatigue and sore muscles. Drinking a few cups of coffee or taking caffeine capsules can help them get rid of fatigue even after strenuous exercise.

6.      Caffeine helps get rid of diseases

Last but not least significant reason to consume caffeine capsules is that caffeine helps get rid of certain diseases. Caffeine is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight off diseases and help athletes have better health. Moreover, caffeine helps reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can cause several diseases, such as gallstones, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. So drinking a few cups of coffee or taking caffeine through caffeine capsules can help reduce the onset of these diseases. 

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OSRS – The Toughest Bosses in The Game

Do you want to know what the hardest bosses in OSRS are? Here is what you need to know




OSRS – The Toughest Bosses in The Game

Earn OSRS gold with these bosses

As you venture through the wide world of Old School Runescape, you will come across a variety of bosses that aim to stop you in your tracks. There is of course an element of risk here, but the rewards are more often than not worth said risk. From OSRS gold to special OSRS items, there are many benefits to defeating them. In this article, we will be discussing the most difficult bosses in the game, and what makes them so formidable.


This might be a deceiving entry on the surface where this list is concerned since it doesn’t take all that much to kill it. However, as a solo player, you are in for a tough time, and it especially imposes its will upon lower-level players.

The main issue with this boss is that it can hit very hard if you don’t have Protect from Ranged, and it is more than quick enough to catch you out before you can equip it. Generally, you should avoid this boss as a low-level player, and have your ranged skill up to at least 80 before attempting it.

The Kalphite Queen

We start the list with a truly formidable foe. The Kalphite Queen is capable of incredibly high accuracy and attack rate and doesn’t let up when it comes to attacking frequency. You should make sure that your stats are up to speed for this boss, with your Melee stats sitting at around 85 at the very least.

Generally, her drops aren’t great unless you are looking to get your hands on a green Slayer helm, since the Kalphite Queen heads she has a chance of dropping is needed to make them. There is also a chance of the pet dropping as well, though, at a rate of 1 in 3000, I wouldn’t hold your breath too much.

Commander Zilyana

This boss features a few similarities to the first boss we mentioned on this list. It is pretty easy to kill in a group, has a 1 in 5000 chance of pet dropping, and you should wait until you hit the 80 Ranged mark before attempting it. Nevertheless, its more than worth attempting since it has a couple of expensive drops. These include the Saradomin Hilt and the Armadyl Crossbow, so if you don’t fancy buying OSRS gold then gather your team and head into battle.


Unfortunately, the luxury of a team-based battle is not afforded here, with Zulrah being a boss that is only available to be taken on solo. The Jad phase can be especially difficult here, but once again you can get through it by making sure that your skill levels are well prepared. You will need to figure out the phases of the boss too so having a Phase Diagram is going to help a great deal.

With that being said, make sure that your Magic skill level is around 85, and have your Ranged sitting at around 75-80, though higher is always best. Perhaps the most exciting part of beating Zulrah is the potential to earn 2,000,000 OSRS gold per hour by killing the boss with decent gear. With those kinds of numbers, you won’t be seeking out to sell OSRS gold anytime soon.

The Corporeal Beast

Saving the best until last, this is considered by many to be the most difficult boss in the entire game. Like other bosses on the list, you can make life much easier for yourself by getting yourself in a group for the battle, which will make it much simpler. That being said, even in a group of other players, you are still going to need to have your stats up. With that in mind, have your Attack, Defence, and Strength up to at least 85.

It is also worth mentioning that it could be better to try and keep the number of players down in your group if possible. This is because a room of around eight players will see the beast scaling to the number of players, and will also begin healing himself. By defeating him, however, you do have a chance of getting the Elysian Sigil, which is capable of selling for an eye-watering amount for those who are looking to make more OSRS gold.

These bosses are generally regarded as the hardest that OSRS has to throw at you. Despite this, with the correct planning and a little help from peers, you should be able to get past them without too much trouble.

Have you beaten these OSRS bosses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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