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Methods for putting on mink eyelashes



Methods for putting on mink eyelashes


The last touch to any glamorous ensemble is a beautiful set of lashes. You can use 3D Mink Lashes to create a dramatic effect with your evening makeup, or you can use them every day to give your natural lashes a boost of thick thickness and remarkable length.

All of the eyelashes in our 3D Mink Lashes collection are handcrafted, so they are very silky and velvety. Due to their superior quality, they can be reused 20–25 times with the right maintenance. You need to know how to apply and remove your lashes correctly to take care of them properly and avoid damaging them.

We’ve spent years working in the cosmetics industry, and that includes plenty of time spent applying lashes. You may count on us to provide you with the assistance you require in mastering the art of applying 3D mink lashes. Read on and you’ll learn everything you need to know about lashes.

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The First Step: Having Your Eyelashes Cut to Size.

Since we females all have slightly varied eye shapes, not every set of prepackaged lashes will be a perfect fit for your eyes. If your eyes are larger than average, you probably don’t need to trim your lashes, but if they’re on the smaller side, you might want to take a pair of sharp scissors to them so that you don’t have any excess lash band hanging off the end of your eye (trust us, it isn’t a good look and can detract from the eye makeup look you’re going for!).

Simply place the lash strip on your eyelid, measure it against your lid, and cut off the excess (but not while keeping the lash strip against your eye!). If you’re hesitant about trimming your luxurious mink lashes, try it out on a lesser pair first.

Concerned about throwing away the leftover surplus? Stop worrying! A portion of the leftover band can be used for other purposes. Use as a full strip across the outside V of your eye for a dramatic effect, you can either slit it up and apply the pieces individually to the top of your natural outer lashes.

Step 2: Methodically apply lash glue

We totally appreciate how tempting it is to just slap on a pair of 3D Mink Lashes and sashay out the door looking like a total badass. It’s common practice for folks to simply apply adhesive to the band and adhere it to the lids. 

After a little amount of adhesive has been placed on the band (lady, go easy on the glue; no one wants clumpy glue clinging to their 3D Mink Lashes! You should wait about 30 seconds before using it. Rather than wet, the glue should be tacky and sticky. Make sure the glue has set to a somewhat sticky consistency by tapping your finger gently on the band. The lash band should be bent so that the ends touch, allowing the adhesive to spread evenly over the band. This method guarantees that the lash glue is applied to the tips, which improves adhesion and prevents the lashes from lifting throughout the day.

No adhesive is included with our 3D Mink Lashes, but you can use any eyelash glue you like to apply to your eyelids. We’ve been there, and we’re sticking with the glue that’s been keeping our mink lashes in place.

In the third step, examine your reflection from below.

Okay, here comes the difficult part, the part even makeup artists fear. Get the lash band as close to the lash line as you can without tangling it up in your natural lashes.

When putting on eyelashes, most individuals try to look straight ahead into the mirror. If you do this, though, your head will be forced into unnatural and potentially painful positions, and you may even poke yourself in the eye.

To avoid this, invert a mirror so that it is beneath your face and stare down into it. This will cause your eyelid to spread apart, much like when you close your eyes, and provide you with extra room to apply your 3D Mink Lashes. You’ll be able to see your eyes more clearly and apply your 3D Mink Lashes more precisely. Avoid closing your eyes during application to avoid distorting your natural eye shape.

Use tweezers to apply your 3D Mink Lashes if you have unsteady hands or if you’re having trouble positioning them closely along your lash line.

Fourth, Cover the Musicians in Disguise.

After applying 3D Mink Lashes, this is the last step. To hide the band and highlight your lashes, draw a sultry swoop across your upper lid. When applying gel eyeliner, we recommend using an angled makeup brush to avoid harsh lines and to better conceal the lash band.

Step Five: Take a Good Look at Those Flapping Eyelashes!

You have succeeded! Your eyes look amazing; your lashes are on, your concealer is glowing, and your eyeliner flick is razor-sharp. Don’t forget to flutter your eyelashes and take lots of pictures on Instagram.

Do you still require assistance with the application and maintenance of your 3D Mink Lashes? Please don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful staff! We’re here to help you feel and look your best, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Moreover, we will be able to provide you with guidance regarding our extensive collection of 3D Mink Lashes. All sorts of tastes can be accommodated by our extensive collection of designs. Our 3D Mink Lashes are the epitome of luxury and comfort, and they may be worn in a variety of ways, from light and airy to dramatic and eye-catching.



Black Crystal Glasses Give You a Touch of Elegance



Black Crystal Glasses Give You a Touch of Elegance

Fashion is the name of evolving trends of likes of people in a majority. It is justly manifested, in the first place, from the wearable items of an individual. Everyone considers clothes and shoes as the parts of fashion but there is still another quite significant aspect of fashion. Although that aspect is sporadically common for all yet those who use it can understand its importance in defining fashion trends. Yes, we are talking about the glasses. People who put on the glasses can understand the fact that glasses have an over-riding impact in determining the fashion sense and the style cognizance of a person. Numerous experts and fashionable peeps believe that there are some color combinations in glasses which rarely go out of fashion. Black Crystal Glasses are also among them. Black crystal glasses signify the elegance and sobriety in personality of the carrier.

Keeping in view the unmatched superiority of black crystal glasses, it is imperative to learn the important factors considered while selecting a pair from an online platform.

Buy Black Crystal Glasses from a Store that Offers Return and Exchange Facility

            There is an inherent restriction in online shopping that one can only see a product in front of the eyes once it is shipped to the address. Videos and Photographs of a product can not accurately capture the minute details. It becomes even more difficult in case of the black glasses. As glasses form an integral part of personality thus there is no chance of taking any risk. Therefore, always buy from such an online store which provides the facility of return and exchange, at least for 30 days, so that you may have an enough room to check the quality and verify if there is any fault in the product. After all, it’s all about the elegance and personality.

Never Forget to Check the Frame Guarantee

            Frame quality is a significant indicator in determining the price of a set of glasses. It has been observed that black crystal glasses are usually sold at a standard price rate however; there are the chances that you may end up buying a low quality product whose frame may start showing the signs of wear and tear after a small period of time. So, you must know the best indicator of quality of frames. It is the frame guarantee by the seller. The sellers who sell original black crystal glasses offer the frame guarantee of at least one year. You must check the frame guarantee before checking out from an online glasses shop.

Anti-Scratch Coating is Indispensible for Black Crystal Glasses

            Scratches appear prominent on the black color. They appear even worse on a shiny black surface. But when the scratches start appearing on the black crystal glasses they just end up ruining whole impression of the personality. Thus, it becomes indispensible that they may be protected with an anti-scratch coating. It provides a long lasting newer like look to the glasses for a long time. Therefore, one must make sure that the frame of the glasses has been proper coated before choosing black crystal glasses from an online store.


            All the above factors must be duly considered before choosing a set of black crystal glasses from an online store. These factors act like a protocol of selecting the black crystal glasses. If these steps are followed in the right way, one can easily uplift the elegance of personality with a confidence.

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