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Meet Emily Knight: The Cowgirl Next Door



Meet Emily Knight: The Cowgirl Next Door

In the online modeling industry, there are few influencers who have made as big an impact in the social media world than the beautiful Emily Knight. Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, California, this 21-year-old bombshell is enjoying the life of a successful influencer online. Her social media account (, has over 2 million followers who keep up with the online model as she posts about her latest travels, behind-the-scenes fun, and of course, eye-popping photography and videos.

Emily has built quite the online brand, which has helped her gain a worldwide following. Since joining the exclusive platform, Knight has expanded her modeling opportunities as she creates fun and engaging content for fans to enjoy.

This Instagram hottie is more than just a beautiful body and a gorgeous face. Emily is a true cowgirl, having cut her teeth on the farm in Northern California. Being raised on a farm with over 4,000 acres of land has helped this pretty farmhand learn first hand what it takes to work hard and build a successful business.

Emily says that the fact about her life that often surprises her friends and fans is her know-how of the farm life. Growing up, Emily’s family owned a horse as well as a number of chickens. Graduating from a home town with only 4,000 residents, Emily was the hometown hottie – even winning homecoming queen and adding Class President to her resume early.

Even though Emily was the girl-next-door that all the boys wanted to spend time with, Emily says that she wasn’t one to give in too easily. In fact, she actually enjoyed the tease and chase – a trait that has helped her gain quite a few online fans.


This cowgirl-turned-model is still holding her own among an even more competitive industry – online modeling and social media. As a growing influencer, Emily enjoys the chance to leave a real legacy on a fun and engaging industry, and can’t wait to see where her next adventure takes her.

Emily Knight continues to light up the online social media scene with her amazing looks and even more impressive business sense. Want to learn more about Emily? Follow her online at, to keep up with her latest adventures!