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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers



Maximizing the Effectiveness of Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers

Ready-to-use alcohol hand sanitizing wipes are an effective, quick, and easy cleaning solution. They’re ideal for disinfecting nonporous surfaces in high-traffic areas.

Wipes must remain damp with diluted disinfectant for the contact time listed on the product label to kill germs. Disposable wipes are resealable to help prevent them from drying out.

Increase Visibility

Ensuring everyone has easy access to cleaning supplies in a facility where people touch surfaces frequently is critical. This means having sanitizing wipe dispensers in high-touch areas and providing them with visibility and accessibility that encourage regular use.

One way to ensure that dispensers are within reach is by installing them on walls and in clear view so individuals can easily see them. In addition, facilities managers should audit room layouts to ensure the dispensers are allowed access by furniture or equipment.

Signs can also guide how to open and use the Dispenser, ensuring that individuals follow recommended guidelines and procedures for sanitizing and disinfecting. This reinforces good hygiene practices, helps to promote consistency in usage, and enables facilities to demonstrate compliance with health and safety regulations. This is especially important when dealing with new employees during the COVID-19 pandemic who may need to become more familiar with standard protocols for safe working conditions. By including clear instructions on using the Dispenser, they can feel supported and confident using it correctly.

Ensure Compliance

In facilities where hygiene is critical, sanitizing wipe dispensers offer a quick and convenient solution to ensure cleanliness standards are met. Whether in gyms and fitness centers, healthcare centers, or office buildings, sanitizing wipes can help ensure a clean environment.

Unlike other cleaning chemicals, antibacterial hand wipes are packaged ready to use and don’t require mixing or spilling. Additionally, they are safer to store than a bottle of undiluted disinfectant that could be a fire risk in your facility.

Wipe dispensers also reduce the risk of contamination in the dispensing area and keep the wipes moist and easy to use. Just like gym wipes dispensers, it can be placed in areas where frequent hand contact occurs, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and lobby spaces.

Sanitizing wipe dispensers in your facility can reduce employees’ time on cleaning tasks and help them focus more on quality service. They can also be a great way to reinforce good hygiene habits with clients and patients. Learn more about sanitizing wipe dispensers and maximizing their effectiveness in your facility.

Provide Guidance

Sanitizing wipes offer a quick and easy cleaning solution to high-touch areas that harbor bacteria, like keyboards, light switches, and phones. Using them in healthcare facilities to clean sterile equipment or food establishments to clean surfaces that come into contact with food can significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Disinfectant pre-impregnated wipes (DPIW) are made of textile materials, including cellulosic fibers like cotton, wood pulp, and viscose fibers, as well as polyolefin fibers like polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylene. During manufacturing, DPIW is immersed in a disinfectant solution and a blend of surfactants. The mixture is infused into the towelette to create an antimicrobial product that offers quick and safe surface disinfection.

The existing EPA wipe testing protocol can be limited in its ability to evaluate the disinfectant efficacy of DIWs since it needs to differentiate between the mechanical removal of inoculum from test surfaces and the chemical inactivation of the test pathogens on wiped test towels. In addition, this method does not evaluate the impact of a disinfectant’s bactericidal efficacy on the surface of a wiped test area or its duration.

Promote Consistent Usage

Sanitizing wipes kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses and are gentle enough to use on hands. They help remove dirt and crumbs while also reducing unpleasant odors. These versatile and easy-to-use wipes are essential for commercial facilities of all sizes to prevent the spread of germs.

Disinfecting wipes are designed to kill a broader spectrum of microorganisms than sanitizing wipes and do so within a specified amount of dwell time, often listed on the product packaging. They can be used on non-porous surfaces, including electronics and skin, to eliminate harmful pathogens.

Wipe dispensers can be stocked with sanitizing and disinfecting wipes to maximize usage and efficacy. Facilities should display a wide range of hygiene-related messages near the dispensers to reinforce the importance of hand sanitization and surface disinfection.

Facility managers can also promote compliance by encouraging individuals to use the wipes before touching food, entering cleanrooms, and other sensitive areas. Regularly checking and refilling the dispensers can help ensure their staff, visitors, and guests use them properly.

Reinforce Hygiene Practices

Sanitizing wipes are a versatile hygiene solution for reducing the presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on surfaces, hands, and equipment. They are instrumental in professional settings where people work together, such as in gyms, office buildings, and healthcare facilities. Wipes are convenient, quick, effective, and safe enough to be used directly on the skin.

Aside from cleaning and disinfecting nonporous surfaces, sanitizing wipes can also help clean electronic equipment. This is especially important during the pandemic when sharing equipment is expected. Access to easy-to-use and portable wipes will keep employees, patients, and visitors safe by eliminating the spread of harmful germs that may lead to infection.

Some offer several different free-standing wipe dispensers constructed from fire-resistant aluminum and steel that are attractive and highly functional. They can feature beautiful, permanently baked-on logos or messages that draw attention and promote use. Most models include built-in trash receptacles for discarding waste and additional storage capacity beneath the active Wipe Roll, accommodating up to 2 Auxiliary Rolls. Each Dispenser is easy to load with a unique “star” designed opening that threads one wipe at a time for efficient and consistent dispense.