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5 Things To Know If You Want To Get Married In Puglia in the Summer:



5 Things To Know If You Want To Get Married In Puglia in the Summer:

Autumn, winter, spring, and summer? Your heart is swaying, but you tell yourself that a wedding organized in the middle of summer could be awesome.

Before you jump into the preparations, here’s what you need to know if you’re going for a summer and sunny reception.

The other thing that you have to know is about the best wedding location in summer and in Puglia, Princess Apulia is the one who provides you the beautiful wedding locations.

You can organize your wedding outdoors:

The cool thing if you decide to get married in the summer is that the reception can quite take place outdoors.

The weather being much milder in summer, you will have the possibility of choosing a reception venue with large spaces in which you can install the reception.

Even dinner, around large tables to create a convivial meal. Do you still plan a plan B? Summer rains are not uncommon and it is better to ask for a back-up plan at the reception hall to avoid unpleasant surprises. And so that your reception ends with your feet in the water.

Short wedding dress:

Even if wedding dresses with sleeves are more and more popular with the bride-to-be, if you get married in summer, you can slip into that strapless dress you’ve always dreamed of or into that little room with a short.

We take advantage of sunny days to dare the short wedding dress. The one that reveals our pretty legs and thanks to which the guests will be able to discover our sumptuous golden sandals.

As for accessories, you will also have the possibility of wearing a pretty crown of seasonal flowers to complete your outfit as queen of nature.

A multitude of wedding themes available to you:

Country weddings, bucolic weddings, holiday weddings, exotic weddings or even flower-themed weddings, casual weddings or camping weddings, summer weddings are very numerous, you will have a choice for sure.

High season for weddings with high prices:

Please note that if you decide to get married in summer, the prices for the reception hall, the DJ, the caterer, etc. may be higher than for a wedding organized in winter.

It is an element to take into account in the budget of your reception. Do the right math if you fell in love with a particular venue and have a look together before saying yes. Certain prices could take you back a step.

You should know that you will not get a reduction like in the low season. Summer is the season in full swing for providers.

To save some money in this case, do not hesitate to get your hands dirty on the decoration side.

And generally to do things on your own. Take a tour of second-hand shops and things to patch up to create a less expensive staging.

Watch out for hot weather at summer weddings:

Consider increasing the number of water bottles on the wedding dinner tables and during the reception. The risk of dehydration must be avoided.

Especially among children and the elderly present at your reception. For example, plan a lemonade workshop before the opening of the reception.

So that the guests can refresh themselves even during the ceremony. Do not hesitate to offer the guests small fans as a welcome gift. Or even sunglasses, straw hats and plan a basket with caps for the youngest.

Also, consider installing chairs in shady corners and accompany them with parasols. Friends suffering from heat will appreciate it.



Jonathan Roberts – 24 Year Old Texas Man Tentatively Breaks World Record for Longest Journey on a 50 cc Moped



Jonathan Roberts with his loaded up Honda Ruckus in the desert of Baja California, Mexico 2

A man from Texas tentatively broke a Guinness World Record by driving a 50 cc Moped over 10,000 miles. Jonathan Roberts found himself on a mission to fulfill a life-long aspiration of seeing his name in the Guiness Book of World Records by obtaining the longest journey on a 50cc scooter. Beginning in the Pacific NorthWest of the United States of America in Seattle, Washington, he drove southbound to Panama and through the twists and turns of not only dangerous roads, but also inclement weather, language barriers, corrupt authorities and COVID-19 restrictions, he made his arduous journey back up to the United States, marking the conclusion of this Guiness World Record attempt in Florida.

In an interview with Jonathan Roberts, he detailed his original plan explaining his intentions to drive to Buenos Aires, sell the scooter, and fly back to Houston. However this was not possible, and he had to diverge from his original plan saying, “the Columbian customs authorities would not let me in without showing proof that the bike and I were welcome into Ecuador, and Ecuador, although open for tourism, was not granting customs permits for vehicles due to COVID.”

These restrictions due to the pandemic left Jonathan at an impasse. “I made it as far as I could” he says, “I went until the road ended in Yaviza, Panama – the start of the Darien Gap. After this point, all transportation was done via foot or river boats. It was incredible seeing how this part of the world lived.” After spending some time at the Darien Gap Jonathan says he turned around and began his journey back to the United States.

Jonathan says he started planning the trip in the late summer of 2021 after leaving his first company. He had dropped out of college and moved from Michigan to the Bay Area of California to help co-found a health tech company and had been focused on growing that company for the last 5 five years. Although he was incredibly busy those 5 years, in the back of his mind he knew he always wanted to attempt a world record.

The moped in southern California 2

In explaining his motivation behind this trip, he divulged his love of being challenged by life. “I always liked to be working on something, so after leaving my company in July, I found myself in need of a new project. Whenever I feel the urge to do something, I try to work on my bucket list and soak up every moment life has to offer. Taking a quick break from start-up life gave me the perfect opportunity to look at where I want my life outside of work to grow. It was in this craving for a challenge that I landed on tackling the challenge to break a world record.”

Pending the acceptance of his application for the Guiness World Record, Jonathan found himself restless, invigorated to travel while waiting to hear if his attempt would be accepted and he could move forward with the logistics of a 10,000 mile Moped trip. Not one to view time waiting as time to waste, Jonathan found himself destined for adventures in Europe, touring nine different countries in the span of a few weeks. It was during this European escapade that Guinness World Records contacted Jonathan, permitting him to attempt the record. The moment he had been waiting for was approaching and Jonathan recalls his unconventional way of going about the next steps, smiling as he confessed his lack of a plan outside of “buying a bike and driving south.” Equipped with a determined mind, dauntless spirit, and haphazard plan, he flew to Seattle to begin the journey of a lifetime.

When asked about the toughest parts of the journey,  he said “at first it was just getting used to the bike and trying to make sure I wasn’t going to cause an accident. The bike only goes 30 MPH,  so there were quite a few times that I would have to completely full over to let cars pass if there wasn’t a large enough shoulder.”

After he got used to the mechanics of the bike and he became more accustomed to riding it for over eight hours a day, the language barrier in Central America proved the second biggest obstacle to his journey.

“I got burned early” he says, remembering his times on the borders. “The second border I crossed, entering Guatemala, was incredibly confusing. and I didn’t realize how rampant the corruption is, from officials to townspeople, it was like they were conspiring together.” Going into further detail, he explains “I was forced to buy a fake permit and give a cash deposit that would be “refunded” when I left the country. It wasn’t until I reached the El Salvadorian border that I realized they cheated me out of almost $500.”

Overall though, Jonathan contends he has no regrets summarizing his thoughts saying, “I made it back in one piece and broke the record, and those two things alone are more than enough. Although I came close a few times, I never crashed the bike, and besides the border crossings and military checkpoints, I experienced relatively little harassment.”

When asked about what he will do next, Jonathan confesses he ruminated over what next excitement he would embark on, what other records he could break, and where the potential of where opportunities could lead. He recognizes this next adventure will have to wait a little longer as he is staying busy with the details of the launching of his next company. “Truthfully, there’s a lot I want to do and will do, but it’ll have to wait. As I get back into the startup world, I think I’ll be here for the foreseeable future. But if and when I do have the time to do an extensive journey like that again, I know it will be just as rewarding as the last. For now, I’m content with settling in and sticking to finding adventure in the life around me with people, rock climbing, or smaller-scale mountaineering trips.”

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Get to know Fast-Rising Talent Jason Fer



Get to know Fast-Rising Talent Jason Fer

Jason Fer

As a respected artist and personality, he uses his talent and knowledge to better the lives of his followers, always enabling them to fight for what they believe in and stay true to themselves despite the unprecedented times. For example, Jason aims to ensure his music is as genuine and authentic as possible by sporting his heart on his sleeve during the songwriting process to ensure he bonds with his audience.

Jason has been able to leverage his experience as a multi-instrumentalist, which allows his fans to have a more interactive experience with the artist and help him solidify his brand. Jason uses his time to make music, be involved in his craft, discover unique habits and sounds, and create a nuanced dynamic with his releases. Jason’s also merged with other artists, using his influence as a portal to bridge the gap for other creatives passionate about starting a brand and joining that with their artistry to encourage them to increase their careers.

When it comes to his musical journey, Jason Fer had to overcome personal obstacles and self-doubt, broken relationships, chasing his passion continued to fan the flame for his ever-growing hunger to showcase his talent to the world. He has made a name for himself as an established recording artist, musician, and songwriter within the music world. The celebrated artist has made several media impressions about his musical journey and communicated his love to combine soulful melodies with heartfelt lyricism.

2022 seems only to be the start for the vetted talent––with a purpose to fortify his online presence and strengthen an admiringly expected rollout this year; we can expect much more from him in the public space.

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MusicSnake Predicts Nexo token to Hit $10 in 2022



MusicSnake Predicts Nexo token to Hit $10 in 2022

Hip-hop artist and blockchain industry supporter MusicSnake published his price predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Nexo token. “Here is my prediction for this year: $btc will hit $100k, $nexo token ~ $10, $eth ~ $10k by December 2022.” – the artist tweeted. Fred King’s most recent price prediction on Nexo token is definitely correlating with Antoni Trenchev’s comments on the token price direction. The managing partner and co-founder of the crypto lending leader often repeated that the fair price for the token would have double digits.

The recent price prediction is not the first time Fred King shares his bullish predictions with his audience. In 2021 MusicSnake predicted Cel token price to touch $7 and Bitcoin – $70k. A few months later Cel token jumped to $8.05 and Bitcoin reached $68k.

In March 2021 MusicSnake’s NFT collection “CryptoSnake Coins” was one of the Top 10 best-selling NFT collections on the Rarible platform. In 2022 he is planning to release another NFT collection that will support his upcoming album “By”. The LP release is scheduled for March 14th, 2022. The musician promised to continue supporting the blockchain community. One of the songs on the “By” tracklist is called “Crypto Creep” and is a shout-out to the Crypto community and Michael Saylor.

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