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Making Your Home More Space-Efficient



Making Your Home More Space-Efficient


A home should be a place where a family can live comfortably. It is also a place where all the possessions of the homeowners can be kept and used as needed. Unfortunately, it does not take long for a home to begin feeling cramped and cluttered. These ideas can help homeowners make their homes more space efficient and comfortable in each room. 


Many people want their bathroom to feel more like a spa where they can relax and enjoy some peace. However, many homes, especially older ones, do not provide enough space for this. Fortunately, renovating the bathroom, even in small ways, can help create a more open environment.

If it is possible, adding a larger window that lets in more natural light is a great way to make the space feel larger. If a bigger window is not an option, adding recessed lighting can be an alternative. These lights help minimize shadows and stay out of the way to create a larger feel to the space.

Removing large vanities and cabinets can also help open a bathroom space. A pedestal or wall-mounted sink is a great way to remove some of the bulk and free floor space. Using softer colors also makes the bathroom feel bigger.


The kitchen can easily become a cluttered mess in any home. With all the appliances and gadgets needed to create fun and exciting meals, the kitchen is often overwhelmed. One simple way to keep this room efficient is by updating the cabinets and shelves. Simple dividers and pull-out shelving can create an easily organized space.

Risers are also a great option for any shelf or counter space. These handy items create additional room to store various kitchen items. Racks and hangers for the inside of a cabinet door can be a good way to store smaller items that clutter the cabinets.

Utilizing the walls of the kitchen is also a solution to maximize the space in the kitchen. Magnets on the wall provide a perfect place to keep knives and other metal utensils. There are also a variety of products available that can allow homeowners to hang cookware instead of stuffing it in a cabinet.


Far too often, homeowners cram everything they can into their bedrooms. Since any guests cannot see the clutter, it may seem like a good option. Unfortunately, the room that is meant for rest has now become a cluttered, cramped mess.

There are a variety of options to help in this room too. The right furniture can be the perfect option for organizing a mess without throwing everything away. Some beds have storage space underneath. Drawers or bins can be filled with various items and then tucked away neatly under the bed.

Adding shelves above the usual shelf in the closet can be a great way to add more space for storage. Even closet doors can be used to hang various items to keep them from taking up too much room. There are even options for creating an entire dresser within the wall. This recessed dresser will eliminate the need for floor space.

Living Room

Even the living room can be decluttered and more space added to create an open and comfortable atmosphere. End tables, chairs, ottomans, and other furniture options that include hidden storage within them are available.

Instead of building a giant entertainment stand that takes up most of the living room space, cabinets are available that can be secured to the wall to store the television and any other entertainment equipment for the household.

A house only has so much space. As a family grows, space can quickly become limited. Finding even small solutions can help make the home feel less cramped.