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Making New Waves With a Unique Blend of Rap Called Nerdcore Is the Indisputable Duo Going by the Name of InternetCity



Making New Waves With a Unique Blend of Rap Called Nerdcore

New Waves

Coming together for the purposes of doing music is the matchless duo InternetCity made up of genuinely talented artists and YouTubers, InternetAaron and InternetMikey. Having developed an undeniable liking for rap music and nerdcore influences from anime, video games, movies, and cartoons among other things, they saw it fit to come together and push the rap culture in the best and most unique ways they know how and so far so good. Their style has definitely been widely received with so many listeners intrigued by their dynamic style and sound that is effortlessly likable really.

Their Spotify channel for example boasts of over 15k monthly listeners with the musical content they have posted so far amassing over half a million streams already. They have their eyes fixated on the top price and will not rest until they push their sound to each and every corner of the world.

To give you a glimpse of their culturally inspired sound is of course their latest single, “Burn Up“ (Dabi Rap) – a straight anthem from the top to the bottom and one that gets you really vibing euphorically as you get immersed in a rap world brimming with infectious hooks, clever wordplay and video-game visualized theme all around right from that stunningly creative cover art that gives ode to a 3-D inspired video game that really has someone ready to “Burn Up” literally!

This is stunning innovation and invention at its best and I feel that up until this moment InternetCity’ s achievement rests on solid determination and commendable work ethic that is surely being appreciated by listeners everywhere.

To know more about the artists, you can follow them individually through the attached social handles and keep tabs on them. Follow the attached link so as to stream the deservedly acclaimed songs from their remarkable catalog!

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What are the Benefits of a Career in Music?



Career in music

Making a pleasing sound in rhythm and turning it into a melody is the basis of a career in the music business. Anything, whether oral or instrumental, can make a sound. You don’t need anything besides music to pursue a career as a musician.

You can choose the best career route by learning more about the many job types in this sector. You can choose your desired professional path in the music industry with the aid of music universities in London.

If you enjoy music, you might want to consider working in the field. Although singers and musicians hold a dominant position in the music industry, many other professionals, including audio engineers, educators, and marketers, also have chances.

What are some different careers in music?

In addition to performing careers, there are numerous sorts of musical labor. You can undertake any of the following musical careers, regardless of whether you are more interested in creating music or teaching it:

  1. Booking agent: 

A professional who schedules live music performances, concerts and music tours for musicians is known as a booking agent or music agent. They look for independent artists, make sure musicians are paid fairly for their concerts, and help with creating advertising material.

Although they may like working independently, booking agents can collaborate with talent agencies.

  • Music teacher:

Students are taught how to play different musical instruments as well as basic ideas like pitch, rhythm, and pace by a music teacher. A music instructor who works in a school must adhere to the curriculum set by the educational board.

  • Voice-over artist:

A voice-over artist utilizes their voice to transmit messages to their audience or to depict personas. While playing out the scripts, these actors fascinate the listener with their varied voices. They may appear in documentaries, podcasts, award programmes, foreign-language movies, or animated movies.

While there are various job opportunities in this field, let us understand the benefits of choosing a career in the music industry.

What are the benefits of choosing a career in music?

The following are some advantages of selecting music as a career:

  1. Higher pay: A job in the music business offers excellent learning ability. With expertise and the number of concerts or live events you put on, your earnings may rise.
  2. Achieve a sense of accomplishment: Working in the music industry can give you a sense of accomplishment when you start getting noticed.
  3. Releases stress: Listening to music might make you feel less stressed. You can use music to express your inner feelings.
  4. Gives you the chance to travel: For someone who enjoys exploring new locations, performing concerts away from home or even abroad might be a fascinating experience.
  5. Let you spend time doing what you love: If you’re a full-time musician or music industry professional, all your energy is directed on music-related pursuits. It enables you to pursue your passion and partake in an enjoyable activity.

An excellent alternative for a music aficionado is a successful career in the music business.

What are you still holding out for?

Launch a successful music career right away!

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