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Make your visit to Cornwall a trip to remember



Make your visit to Cornwall a trip to remember

Are you currently planning a trip to Cornwall, or thinking about booking a break away for summer 2023 already?

Cornwall is one destination many consider when booking a break away with family, a romantic getaway destination for some quality time as a couple or the perfect place to meet up with friends for an adventure-filled trip away.

So, if you’re thinking of planning one of your best holidays in Cornwall for 2023, or have booked your trip to the Cornish coast already, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things that could make your trip to the Cornish lands one to remember.

Read on to find out more.

  1. The Beaches

With over 300 beaches to be found within the coastline of Cornwall, there really is a lot to discover. Some of the beaches along the coastline are regarded as not only the best in the UK, but in the entire world. This is no surprise, with their crystal-clear waters and golden white sandy stretches of beach, holding the power to enchant you into thinking you’re somewhere exotic – especially if the sun is shining!

  • Cornish Pasties

No trip to Cornwall is complete without a bite of a traditional Cornish pasty. With a rich history, the Cornish pasty is as popular today as it was in the 13th century, with the famous history behind the iconic pastry stemming from the 17th and 18th centuries. This was when miner and farmer wives filled the pasties with a meal for their loved ones to enjoy whilst out at work, so they had an easy, tasty and sustainable meal at lunch.

Today the filling of the Cornish pasty varies, with the traditional steak and vegetables still available, as well as a variety of tasty fillings such as minted lamb, chicken tikka, vegetables, and steak and ale – just to name a few.

  • Castles

With lands stooped in history, there are a few castles and ancestral houses waiting to be explored within Cornwall. Some of the historical sites include Tintagel, St Michael Mount, St Mawes, Caerhays Castle and Pendennis Castle.

If you’re a history buff or just love to explore places with historical significance, these places are well worth a visit.

  • Festivals

Cornwall’s vibrant festival calendar is always adding new dates and festivals each year, whether that be a festival celebrating food, boats, art, ales, music or water sports – there really is a festival for everyone to choose from!

  • Riding Waves

It’s no secret that Cornwall is one of the best places in the world for water sports such as surfing, thanks to the Atlantic waves that roll towards its shores. However, the Atlantic Sea is also good for those that wish to take part in sailing, paddle boarding, bodyboarding, kayaking and so many more coastal sports – Which one will you try?

  • TV Locations

Cornwall is known to play the backdrop in many of our favourite TV shows such as Poldark and Doc Martin. With these locations open to all, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the surroundings of your favourite show.

  • Sub-Tropical Gardens

Believe it or not, there are a few sub-tropical gardens you can immerse yourself in when you visit Cornwall. If it’s a sub-tropical greenhouse you wish to explore – The Eden Project is the place to go. If you wish to get lost in the magic found within the Lost Gardens of Heligan, or fall in love with the paradise hidden within the Trebah and Glendurgan gardens, there are many places for you to explore.

  • The Foodie Scene

If you’re a self-confessed foodie, there are a few places you may wish to dine, as some well-known chefs have been charmed by the Cornish way of life to open their own restaurants here. Chefs such as Rick Stein, Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth are just some of the many celebrity chef restaurant owners in Cornwall.

  • Fresh Seafood

If you love seafood, you can’t get fresher than here in Cornwall. There are dedicated fishermen that go out first thing in the morning to catch an array of seafood to deliver to the restaurants and stalls around Cornwall – so your plate is full of something freshly caught that day!

  1. Hidden Spots

There’s always something new to discover when you visit Cornwall, even if you’ve been coming for years. There’s always something undiscovered around every narrow lane, secluded creek or footprint-free stretch of beach – what will you discover next?


Winter Camping Tips for Staying Warm



Winter Camping Tips for Staying Warm

You’re either a person that loves camping, or you’re not. A good way to tell you’re an avid outdoors fanatic is whether you’re up for a camping trip in the dead of winter. This is a surefire sign that you’re a die-hard fan.

There’s no other way to put it, winter camping is cold. It comes with the territory, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant and miserable.

Whether you’re new to camping, or a seasoned pro, here are a few tips to help you keep toasty while enjoying the great outdoors this winter.

1. Winter Camping Is All About Layers

You probably wear a few layers around the house during winter, so it’s important to do the same when camping. In fact, it’s even more important because you don’t have the same type of insulation around you.

In short, you need to dress to impress when you’re camping in the cold. This includes a base layer, mid-layer, and a thick, winter-friendly puffer or shell jacket over the top.

Opt for moisture-wicking base layer materials, such as wool, bamboo, polyester, or nylon. Don’t forget to protect your head with a hat, gloves, and hiking boots suited to the snow. 

2. Always Change Out of Sweaty Clothes

It’s tempting to avoid changing out of your clothes at the end of the day, especially if you’ve tackled a few hiking trails. But sweat is the enemy when you’re out in the cold.

When you’re getting ready to settle for the evening, make sure to change out of sweaty base layer clothing and get into something dry and warm.

The same type of layering applies when you hit the hay- a base layer, mid layer, and puffer jacket over the top. Take it from the experts at Gear Assistant, this is the best way to get a solid night’s sleep.

3. Pack a Double-Insulated Sleeping Bag

If you’re new to winter camping, it’s worth investing in a double-pad sleeping bag, as well as a camping mattress. Essentially, your mattress keeps you off the ground and adds a layer between you and the cold ground.

A two-pad sleeping bag offers thermal resistance (look for a high R-value), as well as a reflective fabric that deflects the cold. These two-pad combination sleeping bags are the only winter-grade option to go for!

4. Keep Your Tent Ventilated

We get it, it sounds counter-productive to let air into your tent when you’re camping in the snow. But trust us, it’s super important for a warm night’s sleep.

This is because your warm breath releases CO2 vapor into your tent. This vapor eventually becomes water droplets that accumulate on the inside of the tent, which will then freeze. The result is ice on the inside of your tent, i.e. you’ll be sleeping inside an igloo!

Open up one or two vents to allow for good airflow and avoid freezing overnight. 

Are You an Avid Sports and Outdoors Fan?

Winter camping has the potential to be a beautiful, rewarding, and fun experience — but only if you’re equipped with the right kit and know-how. We hope this blog helps you to prepare! If you’re a big fan of sports and the great outdoors, don’t miss the rest of this site for your fix of sports news, updates, and more.

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