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Make up and Beauty Influencer Jonn Poker Comes Out As Trans: Call Me Emma Jonnz



Make up and Beauty Influencer Jonn Poker Comes Out As Trans: Call Me Emma Jonnz

Beauty and makeup artist Jonn Poker comes out as Trans, reveals her new name: Emma Jonnz. She has no qualms about her true identity and wants others who are dealing with their own confusions to come out with their real individuality in this world.

Jonnz uploaded a new YouTube video titled: “I Am Trans: Call Me Emma” on Friday February 19/2021 and she reveals she is a transgender woman and that her name is now Emma.

Jonnz has been thinking about this for quite some time now, however, she was waiting for the right moment to come out. In the video, she reveals to be a transgender woman, although she was born a man, she always felt a woman on the inside. Explaining how at a young age, she never felt good with her body and always felt closer to her girlfriends, she knew something was different about her, but she just didn’t know how to express her feelings to her family. She reveals how moving to Canada and doing makeup helped her discover her true identity. She also  explains that she will begin her hormone therapy very soon, which consists in taking estrogens and testosterone blockers in order for her to achieve a more feminine look, but first doctors have to make sure that her body can accept the hormones without risks.

Jonnz also explains how she came up with her new name Emma. She says it came from watching scream queens starring Emma Roberts. Jonnz kept repeating the name again and again and for some reason she knew it was the one. At first she was thinking of simply transitioning her name giving to her at birth from John to Jane or Joan but she said it just didn’t feel right. Jonnz will continue to share her transitioning journey with her followers online and will continue making content and makeup videos like always.

Follow her on YouTube and everywhere @emmajonnz