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Luvme Hair Layered Wigs: A Comprehensive Guide



Luvme Hair Layered Wigs: A Comprehensive Guide

Layered wigs are one of the great ways you can change your look without going too far as having a haircut and dying it all over. The wigs are not only versatile but can be cut in any form you prefer from long to short pixie cuts and beautiful bob hairstyles. This is what makes them famous because they change your outlook altogether. In this article, we’ll look into what layered wigs mean and also end it with a comprehensive layered wig guide for your understanding.

Table of Content

  • What is Layered Wig?
  • What Are the Different Length of Luvme Hair Layered Wigs Available?
  • How To Choose the Best Layered Wigs?
  • Layered Wigs VS. Regular Wigs: What are the Differences?
  • Where To Buy Layered Wigs?
  • Conclusion

What is a Layered Wig?

A layered wig is a type of wig that gives your hair a longer and thicker look. It does this by having some parts of your hair longer and others shorter. This helps your hair feel light and easier to manage.

Without layers, your hair would be the same length from top to bottom. Layering is like a special trick to make your hair look lighter and move more easily. It is very important to think of the length while choosing a layered wig.

What Are the Different Lengths of Luvme Hair Layered Wigs Available?

Layered wigs give a natural look and texture compared to wigs that are straight or short. A layered wig ranges in length from short to tall. Here are some common options:

Short Layered Wigs

  • Pixie Cut: Pixie cut wigs are short, approximately one or two inches long with a layered look for maximum thickness.
  • Bob Cut: Typically short in length and can range up to the chin or above.

Medium Layered Wigs

  • Shoulder-Length: They come to shoulder level and are layered from the mid-length downwards.
  • Lob (Long Bob): Slightly longer than average bob cut, which usually lands somewhere around the chin to the shoulder height.
  • Shag Cut: Medium-length with multiple textures in layers, relaxed.

Long Layered Wigs

  • Beach Waves: Beachy long layered wigs with loose waves.
  • Straight and Layered: Straight wigs have been very long with only mild layers towards having a soft and sleek but textured hair look.

Different wig manufacturers and brands might offer varying styles and particular lengths. While making choices about a layered wig, have in mind your face shapes, your style preferences and the kind of occasion you intend to have it on.

In addition, if a layered wig is necessary, a hairstylist or wig specialist can help in picking the best one for you.

How To Choose the Best Layered Wigs?

To find the perfect layered wig for you, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Choose the Right Length: Choose a wig length that suits your taste and comfort. It doesn’t matter if it is short and sassy or long and flowing.
  • Select the Hair Type: Choose between natural hair which is more expensive but requires high maintenance, and artificial low-maintenance wigs.
  • Pick the Right Cap Type: Choose either of the three types available including lace front, full, lace, and the standard cap depending on your preference.
  • Match Your Skin Tone: Pick a wig color that highlights your best features and makes you confident.
  • Consider Styling Options: Go for a wig that gives some options for styling. This gives you a chance to change different looks.
  • Set Your Budget: Set a budget and find wigs in that range.

Layered Wigs VS. Regular Wigs: What are the Differences?

The main difference between layered wigs and regular wigs is in their production and the look they create for the wearer. Here are the primary differences:

Haircut and Style

  • Layered Wigs: These wigs come in layers of long to short hairs to look natural and textured. They are particularly good for a fashionable look.
  • Regular Wigs: These wigs comprise hair of a similar length and are not styled so much.

Volume and Texture

  • Layered Wigs: The varied hair length makes them have more volume and texture. This gives them a more real appearance.
  • Regular Wigs: This uniform hair length may reduce volume and texture and hence would require further styling.

Styling Options

  • Layered Wigs: Their rough appearance makes them easier to style. You may choose to have curls, waves, or a messy look.
  • Regular Wigs: Easy to style, even though it has limited hairstyle options.

Natural Appearance

  • Layered Wigs: They are usually preferred for their natural look. It makes them less obvious as wigs because of the layers.


  • Layered Wigs: They are sometimes easier to maintain as their texture will disguise any minor problems such as tangling or frizz.
  • Regular Wigs: They needed more care of proper maintenance to ensure they look good.

Think about how you would like to look, easy cleaning, or combing when choosing either of the two.

Where to Buy Layered Wigs?

If you’re searching for a fantastic layered wig that aligns with your personality and style, Luvme Hair is an excellent choice. Known for their high-quality, stylish wigs at affordable prices, Luvme Hair has become a renowned brand in the wig industry. Whether you need a new look for a special event or just a change in style, Luvme Hair’s selection is sure to meet your needs.

Adding to this, Luvme Hair is currently celebrating the Black Friday period with their Black Friday Wigs. This event features a variety of discount codes, allowing customers to purchase their favorite wigs at reduced prices. This is a great opportunity to explore their diverse range of high-quality wigs and find the perfect match for your style at a more affordable cost. With these deals, achieving a new look with a Luvme Hair wig is both accessible and budget-friendly.

Conclusion Layered wigs are a special type of wigs and you would definitely standout wearing them. In addition to being versatile, these wigs has a style for everyone. You only need to choose the right hair length, color, texture and wig construction. This article has explored different length of layered wigs you can consider. Lastly, you will learn the best way to choose these wig