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Lightweight Fabric Options to Beat the Heat This Summer



Lightweight Fabric Options to Beat the Heat This Summer

Lightweight Fabric

Do you want to keep yourself cool throughout the summer? There are many ways to beat the heat, but proper clothing is the key to making them work.

Warm weather calls for comfortable and light clothes. But while you can find a range of styles, the fabric is also vital. It determines how comfy the clothes feel, even against summer heat.

Now, you might wonder, what’s the best fabric for summer? Here’s a guide to clothing material that’s suitable for hot weather!


Linen is one fabric that stays cool in heat because of its heat conducting and high absorbing properties. So, it’s part of the most breathable clothing materials available.

It’s also lightweight and easy to clean due to its texture and structure. Although it has slight roughness, those features don’t compromise the comfort of linen when worn. It also has a unique characteristic that makes it look like it wrinkles, but only enough to make it appear styled.

Moreover, linen is natural cloth, so it’s much more sustainable than most common fabric options in the market.


When you ask which fabric is best for summer, you might get lots of responses for cotton. It’s the most popular clothing material for its versatility in styles and textile mixes.

It’s a breathable, lightweight, and comfortable material that works well across different temperatures. At the same time, it’s durable, cost-effective, and easy to wear with other fabrics.

But some might wonder, is cotton biodegradable? Because it’s made in several ways, consider choosing organic cotton for less environmental impact.


Many associate silks with luxury, but it’s also one of the most breathable options. Its natural fibers help regulate temperature and promote comfort. So if you’re looking for the best fabric for a summer dress, consider this.

The texture is also smooth and shiny, making it ideal for casual and elegant events. It’s a bit sensitive to stains but is durable enough to last you a while.


Lightweight fabrics for summer always include chiffon for a reason. Usually, it’s because of its light texture and sheer qualities. But aside from that, it’s because of style and versatility.

Chiffon may feel more delicate than other fabrics, but that gives it the flowy vibe that works well across seasons. On top of that, it lets you get creative with your outfit!


Chambray is a cotton-blend type of fabric with similar features to denim, just without the stiffness. So, it’s also durable and comes with a unique texture, but it’s much softer. With that, it’s easy to pair them with various summer fabric prints without wearing actual denim.


Jersey is another combination containing wool, cotton, and other synthetic fibers. Those produce flexibility and breathability, making them fit for warm weather or physical activity.

Clothing that uses jersey material can repel heat and sweat more than other fabrics. So, many recommend it as a fabric that stays cool in the heat. Just note that it’s not as sustainable to make unless you go for a jersey with no polyester.

Find the Best Fabric for Summer to Keep Cool

Summertime means switching out your winter wardrobe to breathable and cooling clothes. The key to that is knowing the best fabric for summer use. This way, you stay comfy until the season ends.

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