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LG and its mask with integrated air purifier



LG and its mask with integrated air purifier

LG and its mask

LG Electronics (LG) brings a new meaning to personal air cleaning by launching the PuriCare portable air purifier at IFA 2020. LG has long been closely associated with hygienic life, and this reputation has led to the creation of the “new portable” category. Air purifier technology offers a new level of portable protection. The LG PuriCare portable air purifier will be available in select markets in the fourth quarter (source LG Global).

The LG PuriCare portable air purifier solves the problems of instability of homemade masks and a lack of disposable masks. The PuriCare wearable air purifier uses two HEPA H13 filters, similar to the filters used in its Air Purifying Smart Mask.

Utilizing LG’s latest air purification technology, the high-performance replaceable filter allows PuriCare Wearable to provide fresh and clean air indoors and out. LG’s portable air purifier has a dual fan and patented respiration sensor, which allows the user to inhale clean filtered air, which detects the user’s breathing cycle and respiration volume, and Adjust the dual 3-speed fan accordingly. .. As you exhale and encourage breathing, the fan automatically accelerates and entrains air, slowing it down and reducing drag.

The LG PuriCare Wearable has an ergonomic design based on extensive facial shape analysis and is very suitable for the user’s face, minimizing air leaks around the nose and chin .. This design allows you to wear your device comfortably for hours. The highly efficient and lightweight 820 mAh battery can provide up to 8 hours of operating time in low battery mode and up to 2 hours operating time in high battery mode.

In addition, LG’s revolutionary personal air solution also comes with a carrying case that helps maintain hygiene during use. Equipped with a UV-LED light that kills harmful germs, this unique protective case charges the mask and the LG ThinQ (Android/iOS) mobile app when you need to replace the filter for optimal performance. You can also send a notification to. .. In addition, all LG PuriCare wearable parts, from filters to ear straps, are replaceable and recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

Dan Song, President of LG Electronics Home Appliances and Air Solutions, said: When looking for ways to make people’s lives safer and more convenient, it is important to provide solutions that add measurable value. ”

Mask to eliminate all bacteria

LG’s PuriCare Portable Air Purifier has two fans and two HEPA H13 filters to help you inhale cleaner air.

These fans adapt to breathing at three speeds. They breathe faster and slower when they breathe.

Here is a mask that will not leave anyone indifferent!

LG plans to launch the current 4th quarter of 2020, mobile air purifier Puricare.

It is a high-tech mask that removes impurities in the air so that you always breathe clean air.

What to build a whole defense against the Covid-19.