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Everything You Need to Know About Divorcing with Kids in Illinois



Everything You Need to Know About Divorcing with Kids in Illinois

Divorcing with Kids in Illinois

In many divorce cases, children are a factor that must be considered by both spouses. The thought of adding kids to the already emotional and complicated divorce process can lead many parents to remain in their marriage for years longer than they would have liked. Parents may firmly believe that staying with their spouse is what is best for their children, but in some cases, this idea can become an excuse that is used to avoid jumping into the uncertainty of unmarried life.

With over 25 years of combined experience working with divorcing parents, our DuPage County divorce attorneys have compiled a list of considerations that divorcing couples with kids can reference throughout the legal process. The legal and emotional intricacies that come along with divorce make it critical to be prepared for the effect that divorce can have on your kids and your family.

Telling Your Kids About Your Decision

First things first, parents who have made the definitive decision to file for divorce should inform their kids about their choice from the get-go. While it can be easy to do, it is never a good idea to put off this dreaded conversation. Your kids should hear about your divorce from you and your spouse, not from your nosy neighbor down the street or through their own assumptions. You may not know where to begin with the conversation, since you likely never planned on having it in the past. In order to have a successful and productive conversation, be sure to plan out your discussion with the following considerations in mind:

  • Be honest and open. You should never sugar-coat the specifics of this conversation with your children. Though you do not need to go into the nitty-gritty details of why your marriage is ending, you should be clear that you and your spouse are filing for divorce and that the decision is permanent. If you present your children with long-winded, convoluted explanations, they may be confused about what is happening and what they can expect in the future. If they ask why your marriage is ending, provide them with an honest, age-appropriate explanation while avoiding condemnations that may affect their future relationship with you and your spouse.
  • Don’t forget “I love you.” Though it may seem obvious to you, it is important that you stress that your decision to divorce is not a reflection of your love for your children. Some kids will assume that they somehow played a part in the end of your marriage, or they may think that your divorce will change your dedication to them as a parent. Remind your children that you love them and that your divorce, or anything else, will not change that.
  • Present a united front. Even though your marriage may be ending, your relationship as parents will continue into the future. It is imperative that you and your spouse be a team when it comes to your children. You should plan the conversation that you will be having with your children together so that you are both on the same page on how things should be handled. This will also help calm your kids by showing that you are both still their parents, even if you are ending your romantic relationship.
  • Be open to talking. Your children may have questions right off the bat, or they may come up with questions in the near future. Regardless, you should tell them that you are here to talk if need be. Never force your kids to talk or tell you their feelings before they are ready. They may take time to formulate their thoughts and feelings about your decision.

Legal Details

As you already know, you will need to make additional decisions in your divorce agreement if you and your spouse have children together. If you are using divorce mediation or are involved in a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will be able to work together to make these decisions. However, if you are turning towards litigation for the resolution of your divorce, a judge will be in charge of making these decisions for you. The following areas will need to be outlined in what is known as a parenting plan or parenting agreement, either by you and your spouse or with the help of a family court judge:

  1. Child Custody and Parental Responsibilities:

These two areas really go hand-in-hand as you decide what responsibilities each parent will have. The parent that the child will live with the majority of the time is known as the custodial parent, while the other parent is known as the non-custodial parent. You and your spouse will need to determine who best fits as the custodial parent and what your parenting schedule will look like. Some choose to parent the kids on a bi-weekly basis, while others may break up their time with the kids on a daily basis. No matter your decision, it must be made in the best interests of the children. You will also need to list the legal rights granted to both parents, such as making medical decisions and having access to their confidential information.

  1. Child Support:

Unless your parenting schedule is split 50/50, with each parent spending an equal amount of time with your kids, one parent will usually owe the other financial support. The state of Illinois uses a specific method to calculate the proper child support amount owed by the non-custodial parent. This calculation considers each parent’s income, the number of children that the parents have, the time children will spend with each parent and more. Child support will be paid to the custodial parent until the children reach the age of 18. If either parent’s financial circumstances change, the amount of child support can be modified by the court.

  1. Relocating and Other Changes:

It is unrealistic to expect both parents to continue living in close proximity to each other for the remainder of their lives. One spouse may get a new job in a different state, or one parent may wish to start over somewhere else. For divorced parents, it is not as easy as packing all your belongings and finding a new place to live. If you are the primary parent of your children, you will need to gain legal permission from your co-parent or the court if you intend on relocating. The non-custodial parent does not have to make this same request, though you and your co-parent may need to alter the details of your parenting plan. If you intend on relocating or would like to make modifications to your agreement, you will need to discuss it with your attorney and receive permission from the court.

As you can see, there are a number of unique considerations that must be made if you are a parent filing for divorce. Despite the changes that divorce can bring to a child’s life, prioritizing your happiness in your relationship has actually proven to benefit children more than staying in an unhappy marriage. You not only become a model for your children’s future relationships, but you also show your strength as a parent. If you are a parent filing for divorce, allow a Naperville divorce lawyer to assist you with the legal details so you can focus on your family’s recovery.


Attorney Sean P. Sullivan has over 10 years of experience in the fields of family law and business law. He and the DuPage County divorce attorneys of SBK Law Group provide dedicated representation for clients, helping them resolve highly contested disputes and find effective solutions to their legal issues.




Your little contribution can give wings to orphans in Pakistan.



Your little contribution can give wings to orphans in Pakistan.

Orphans in Pakistan

Every year due to road accidents or any other natural crisis, many children become orphans. Currently, relatives consider them a burden and leave them to live alone. We all as a new disease spread (COVID-19) within all country’s many children lost their parents. In this way, they do not have anyone to look after them. It is not their fault that they are orphans. Society has a soft corner, but they do not have space in their homes.

Needs of orphans:

As our children need love, care, toys and a proper education, orphans’ needs are also the same as they are becoming younger their needs becoming more. We cannot overcome it alone we need your support and your donation to give them all their needs. We provide them hygiene, food, clothes, and all other basic needs.

Care as a family:

We cannot replace their family, but the Sadaqah donation can fulfill all their needs with your zakat contribution. We have shelters for an orphan in Pakistan and look after children as a family. Our team tries to give them a family environment to heal their wounds. Orphans are kid’s need love and care we try our level best to give them love and care as we give our kids.


Orphans are also human and their desires. They also have dreams to become doctor engineers advocate scientists. There are dreams broken as they lost their parents. But we allow them to fly and win their share of the sky. Proudly we can say our intelligent students are studying engineering law and in business fields. We give them proper education.

Best living standards:

The best mind needs a peaceful and neat environment. We provide all standards of life in shelter houses for orphans in Pakistan. We fulfill all needs and give them a healthy environmentWith the help of your donation, we can give them a home-like environment, so they live and grow properly.

Future that they deserve.   

Orphans also deserve a bright future and equal opportunities. We give them the best opportunities for study and sports to give them a shining future. If today’s base is strong, tomorrow then can create for themselves. With your help, we give them a high-quality education. We create the same opportunities for orphans as other children have. But all these services to render with your help.

Fight against Begging.

if we do not accept orphans, they consider themselves they are not part of this society. Orphans do not take an active part in social welfare. With this thinking, some people use them for their benefit. They wash their brains and misuse them. Some organized gangs take them and use them for begging. In this way, they snatch their sky to fly. But we aim to save them and give them a better life. We cannot replace their parents, but we give them feel they are not alone. We all are with them.

Our aim

We aim to save the life of orphans. My meaning of saving a life is to save their life from destroying. We want to educate them so in future they become a successful person in their life. Furthermore, destiny was unfair to them, and we cannot do anything because all things happen with the will of ALLAH. Maybe this time is a test for us all. With your little contribution, we can give a child wings to fly and take his sky. We request you to join Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust, so we change lives together. Visit our site and make your decision.

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How to Dramatically Improve Your Family’s Financial Future



6 Sleep Hygiene Tips

Family’s Financial Future

Most of the time families struggle through life. You work endless hours and if both people are working you watch one of the wages disappear to pay for child care, health care, and taxes. Then the other wage gets eaten up with your rent or mortgage, utilities, car insurance, and food. Sometimes it seems that the only reason you exist is to make money so other people can take it away. It’s time to change all of that. You need to do things in a new way and forge your own path in life. Think of yourself as a pioneer charting a course to financial independence and success. Take the bold steps necessary to walk your own path in life. By doing so, you’ll help take care of your family’s financial future and help create a beautiful life for you and your loved ones.

Get the Entrepreneurial Training You Need

So often in life, we follow the path of least resistance and simply do what society has programmed us to do. The result is years wasted away in a mind-numbing job with bad bosses and little enjoyment or hope for the future. As an entrepreneur, you can change all of that. By being your own boss and doing exciting work you can bring passion and meaning back into your work life. Before you launch your new business venture, it’s important to get all the executive-level business training you need. If you enroll in a top tier MBA program, you’ll receive the education you need to successfully run an entrepreneurial venture. You can take out graduate school student loans to pay for your education and then easily pay the loans off over time. These courses will help jumpstart you on the road to success.

Leverage Your MBA Connections and Ideas to Create Your Startup Venture

In recent years, many MBA programs have shed the staid business school image and become leaders in the field of entrepreneurial education. You’ll often find that your fellow students have incredible business backgrounds and are looking to create their own successful startups. Basically, high-end MBA training has become the new entrepreneurial business incubator. By tapping into this area, you can leverage your training and connections and emerge from the program with a brilliant plan to create your own venture. You’ll be able to brainstorm ideas with fellow students and professors and tap into the network of local business advisers, angel investors, and venture capitalists who can provide incredible advice and funding for your idea.

Move into an Innovative, Smaller Footprint Home

If you are ready to take another bold step toward assuring your family’s financial future, consider moving from your current residence to an innovative, smaller footprint home. There are a lot of fascinating advancements in a tiny home or small home living that can allow you to downsize and dramatically reduce your monthly living expenses. These solutions also benefit the environment. By moving to a smaller dwelling, you can potentially save thousands each month. Some tiny houses sell for around $50,000 so your mortgage payment would be a fraction of your past expenditure. Additionally, you could easily pay off your home within five years and live the next 25 years mortgage-free when compared to a standard home. By freeing up your monthly cash, you’ll be assured your family’s financial future and giving yourself tremendous financial independence too.

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6 reasons why every woman should practice self defense



A woman should practice self-defense

I was at a time in my life when I needed to start doing something different, so I thought about going back to doing sports again. As a child, I had played other sports, but for a long time I stopped doing it.” This is how Olga Domingo, 4th DAN in Self Defense began to tell us.

I’m sure this situation will ring a bell. Almost all of us have gone through something similar and if not, at the same time. Sometimes we find ourselves at a time in our lives when we need changes. We need to start something and we don’t know exactly what. Perhaps because of excess free time or, perhaps, on the contrary, precisely because we are so busy that we need to clear ourselves. It is not contradictory. It is more than necessary. Sport. That is the answer. “It is an escape valve; when you are very stressed, there is nothing better than hanging out with your colleagues for a while. You look like new,” Olga laughs.

The options we have to opt for are almost endless. On this occasion, our bet is directed at a martial art whose beginnings could be related to ancient times: self-defense, which is nothing more than a discipline that includes a great set of techniques to deal with situations of physical violence. However, as we will see later, the benefits they bring extend much further.

No one is exempt from being physically and verbally assaulted. However, it should not be ignored that we are the women who, unfortunately, have the best chance of this happening. The number of women who suffer from gender violence in our country rises every year to scandal rates.

The practice of this discipline is recommended for any woman not only because of the techniques learned in her training, but “because of the self-esteem that it brings you and the social relationship that training in a group entails, and more if you have suffered rejection in any way,” says Juan Ángel Orejón, National Personal Defense Master Trainer and 5th DAN and 7th Judo.

What you learn on the mat is applicable to day-to-day life, “it helps me evaluate and face my problems in a different way,” says Olga. These are just a few notes on the benefits of self-defense. Below you will read many others that will make you wonder if you are thinking of starting something or, simply, they will convince you for how wonderful they are.

1. Promote personal autonomy

And it does so both physically and mentally, in methods of self-defense and evasion through adequate information and training.

2. You will gain confidence and security

Not only for the physical skills that you will learn in each training but for the improvement that is obtained from day today. Seeing an improvement will make you feel more confident and able to continue to outdo yourself. And this is applicable to all areas of life.

3. It will increase your self-esteem

All of the above leads to precisely this very thing. It is important to feel good about ourselves, to recognize our worth and our capabilities (which are certainly not few).

women self defense

4. You will change the way you see things

As previously indicated, this discipline is perfectly recommended for every woman. But it is true that those who have suffered abuse are surely much more vulnerable. Although there are also women who are because of their personality. All this will change with the practice of this sport. It will open your mind in an unimaginable way.

5. It will make you a more disciplined person

Any sport has the capacity to achieve it. When you start something that you like and that motivates you, you never want to stop doing it. You will seek to balance your times where training takes its place. The organization will be essential to achieve it.

6. Respect is the basis of this discipline

Self-defense, like Judo, are disciplines where values such as respect, humility, companionship prevail … Obviously, one should never attack unless it is by force majeure to defend oneself. This is taught from minute 0.

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