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Kendrick Lamont Elkins shares Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople



Kendrick Lamont Elkins shares Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople

Do not panic, it is possible to do succession planning without losing your mind. Here are some tips by Kendrick to get there.

Succession planning is not just important for replacing retiring employees. It’s also all the backup you need when an employee is fired, quits, suffers an illness or becomes pregnant. Are you prepared for all eventualities? Here are some ways to properly plan the succession without losing your mind as Kendrick Lamont Elkins  suggested!

But… the CEO seems far from retirement, the finance director is in very good shape and the sales team is made up of young employees, so why worry? The answer is simple: succession planning is complex, time-consuming, and requires a clear vision. Despite an already busy day and time flying by, succession planning deserves your full attention, right now.

Regularly Review the Succession Plan

Even if you have a great sales team, it is important to have a good strategy for bringing in new buyers. You want to ensure that your best sellers are not only being offered better prices but that there are also enough good customers coming in who can afford to buy what they offer.

Your business may be at a stage where growth has slowed or is even coming to an end, which is normal.

But you should still keep track of how much every department is making and selling. Also note any price points that were stopping potential sales, because if these are lowered, then you will know why your sales increased when you changed them.

Keep monitoring your results to see if there needs to be improvement anywhere.

Highlight the Career Development Aspect  by Kendrick Lamont Elkins

Finding new ways to motivate yourself is an important part of your success as a salesperson. If you’re not motivated about reaching goals or being persistent, this can get tiring and even discourage further effort.

You want to stay motivated so that you can repeat your efforts and succeed. There are many different reasons why you should be motivated to do something.

Maybe you want to take your career to the next level or feel like you have something to offer someone else. This starts with being confident in what you teach and selling well, then it boosts your confidence by giving you more control over your work.

It also helps people out and makes them feel better once they realize you helped them. For example, if you help my son with his schoolwork, he feels happier and gets better grades. It’s a win-win for everyone who works together.

According to Elkins, the best way to keep moving forward is to start noticing how productive you become when you run into challenges. Figuring out what obstacles cause you to lose focus and how to deal with them will make you a stronger person.

Use People Analytics to inform Decision-Making

In sales, like in every area of business, relationships are key. To be successful, you need to know how to connect with others and listen to them too.

It’s easier said than done but there are ways to make it happen. According to research, we interact with other people in three main ways; verbally, through conversation; emotionally, via empathy; and physically, by moving our bodies and being active.

Use Succession Planning to Boost Morale and Drive Engagement

People hate feeling like they are being sold something.

This is why sales reps love their jobs. The only thing people hate more than being sold is not knowing what you want for them.

Your goal, as a seller, is to get customers to trust you enough so that they will buy whatever it is you are selling.

You do this by consistently delivering high-quality products or services and building relationships with your buyers.

Developing leadership within your organization is an essential part of making it successful. If you don’t have anyone who fits the bill, you may need to appoint a leader (even if you pay them little or nothing).

Things always look best after a change as Kendrick Lamont Elkins mentioned. When someone makes a decision and everything starts going their way, they keep doing what they were doing and expecting the same result.