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5 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer, according to Bradford Heating and Air



5 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer, according to Bradford Heating and Air


The weather is finally starting to warm up and that can only mean one thing – summer is on its way! As the temperatures start to rise, so does the cost of cooling your home. Air conditioning units work overtime to keep us cool and comfortable, and the bills can be pretty pricey as a result.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your home cool this summer without breaking the bank, then you’ve come to the right place. According to Bradford Heating and Air, your local HVAC experts, have put together a list of the 5 best ways to keep your home cool this summer. So, read on and find out how you can beat the heat without breaking the bank!

What are some of the main causes of heat in a home?

Heat gain in a home is usually caused by a variety of factors, some of which can be controlled, while other factors are beyond our control. Natural elements such as the sun and warm temperatures outside, as well as problems such as poor insulation and air leaks, can all cause your home to heat up quickly. Additionally, energy-inefficient appliances, like refrigerators and space heaters, contribute to the issue. These appliances waste energy, therefore emitting heat into the home. Furthermore, heat-generating activities such as cooking and taking a hot shower can add to the problem. The key is to identify and manage the causes of heat build-up in your home in order to keep it cool. 2.

Ways to keep your home cool this summer

Perhaps the best way to keep your home cool this summer is to invest in a quality air conditioning unit. These units allow you to set your desired temperature, and they can also be used to cool specific rooms. If you’re looking to maximize energy efficiency and save money, investing in a “smart” air conditioning system that adjusts temperature based on sunlight and occupancy is a great way to lower your energy bills. Another great way to keep your home cool is by taking advantage of the natural elements available outside. By utilizing shade and wind, you can cool your home down and save energy. Utilizing natural ventilation and installing awnings or pergolas outside are some of the best ways to do this. Additionally, keeping windows and curtains closed during the day can minimize direct sunlight, and thus minimize heat absorption.  

The importance of regular maintenance

In order for your air conditioning unit or other cooling systems to work properly and last longer, regular maintenance is a must. Regular maintenance involves cleaning your system and inspecting it for any damages or defects. When your air conditioning unit is well-maintained and working correctly, it can run more efficiently and help you save energy and money. Moreover, regular maintenance can help reduce energy costs by optimizing energy efficiency and potentially reducing the risk of breakdowns. A maintenance check-up can also identify any air leaks, which can be detrimental to staying cool as well as tightening your budget.

Tips for preventing heat build-up in your home

In order to keep your home cool and energy-efficient, it is important to be mindful of the ways in which heat can build up in the home. To keep from experiencing a sudden spike in temperature, you should use energy-efficient lighting instead of standard light bulbs, conduct regular insulation checks, and set a strict schedule for your home’s cooling system. Additionally, running ceiling fans and taking a cold shower can help keep you comfortable during the summer months. Last but not least, make sure to regularly check your air filter and change it every three months. An air filter that’s clogged with dust and dirt can cause your air conditioning unit to work less efficiently.


These are just a few of the ways you can effectively keep your home cool this summer, according to Bradford Heating and Air. Keep in mind that the key to keeping your home cool is to be mindful of the causes of heat build-up and to stay on top of regular maintenance. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your home remains energy-efficient and comfortable all summer long!