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Josh Kim & Blake Toves Shares Their 3 Principles Of Business To Victimize Women



Josh Kim & Blake Toves Shares Their 3 Principles Of Business To Victimize Women

Josh Kim believes he is the next Tony Stark with an iron man complex, and certain people used to hail him as a future billionaire, but Dan Pena’s own words state that Josh gave up too early cause he was burnt out and will never amount to anything of importance. Interestingly, Josh took that energy and passion to wealth to something else instead. His passion—learning how to persuade and create a great image to cover his tracks to allow him to prey on women against their will when he isn’t traveling with his wife, Naomi Kim. He then partners with Blake Toves in business and coerces Blake sometimes into his passions.

1. Never leave evidence

Josh learned that any discovered evidence could be used for trial from Pena, so he takes the approach of messaging apps such as private Telegram channel, Confide, etc. These apps allow messages to be deleted after a short time, aka seconds, and with Blake idolizing Pena, they bond over this. Most people won’t believe what others say about them due to them removing evidence and credibility from the others, and then to further protect Josh, Josh will always make sure to use condoms to protect DNA there and always makes sure to take them with him. Even in business, they hide much as they can when submitting for SBA and inflates numbers so Josh can get them approved and for tax credits, restructures things, and hide things to take advantage of the tax system

2. Control by Fear

By making people scared of you by association and threats, whether to you or people you care for like Simon Leviev did to get money from the women. Josh does it by making people afraid that he will hurt those they care for to make the women sleep with him even though they don’t want to sleep with him, and Blake follows along with Josh will almost like a servant. Josh is a master manipulator by creating scenarios and even letting alcohol or drugs be used to hinder them thinking rationally and then keep blackmailing the women. What he does with the women is create urgency and stress to make them lose rationale. This is a very known strategy used in business to make a sale. He lines up people who hate each other in business, for example, Apple & Meta, aka proven by the ios update to make them want to compete and then not reason so can win deals with them. It’s a form of manipulation, not persuasion, when utilizing emotions of anger and hatred or fear of loss to make women sleep with you as Josh does.

3. Josh Kim #1 secret

Utilize things with high appeals such as brands or pets or people respect, so people lower their guards and trust you fully. With this, you can have unsuspecting prey and guard your reputation with your life using principle #2. The issue that comes about is that leveraging associations and being private with very little shared on social media, he hopes that he can avoid things ever being dug up about him. He is known in many circles as a compulsive liar, and even influencers in Dubai gave up investments and deals with him because of his lies and predatory behavior. The messed up thing is that Josh even shut down his account and forced his wife by abusive behavior to private her account when it was shared that he has victimized women. Someone who is a good friend of Naomi Kim (Josh’s wife) shared that in confidence, but there is no way to verify this that Josh threatened Naomi if she left him for cheating on her and victimizing the women. The real sad thing is that he wants to keep his marriage together to leverage that with his dogs to make people trust him. Marriage and close family are powerful assets to building a brand, and Josh will leverage this to the extreme even by blackmailing to throw his wife in Jail. The fact is that even if Naomi tries to defend him publicly or amongst friends, this is probably by force based on Josh’s other behavior. This Is his #1 secret is to create allies that are forced to defend you because it is better to be feared than loved, and that is his #1 secret.