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Jorgedian Dihigo Caro: The Entrepreneur Traveller Discusses About His Journey



Jorgedian Dihigo Caro 

Dubai: it’s really big and brash, really flashy and ostentatious. Moreover, it’s a super-car traffic jam on a big-city street. It’s a $1,200 bottle of champagne when a cheap sparkling would do. It’s the biggest, the best, and the most expensive of everything.

At least, that’s what most people expect when they arrive in this Middle Eastern metropolis. However, Dubai is the city of superlatives and big on bling. Dubai is there for a good time and the travel junkie himself doesn’t mind telling you about it – Jorgedian Dihigo Caro.

Dubai is a fast-moving city, so in order to stay ahead, I had to learn and travel twice as fast. I wanted to make my business a success and needed to develop myself. I look up to a lot of successful people who are the best in their field and try to learn from them.

Meet Jorgedian Dihigo Caro

Meet 31-year-old Jorgedian Dihigo Caro, who hails from Havana, Cuba. What’s his story? Well, he is an entrepreneur who likes to travel as well and has visited many countries on earth. Discovering new destinations and exploring different cultures is his passion. His travel journey started in 2010 and since then he has already visited more than 30 countries, including paradises like the Seychelles, the Greek islands, and South-East Asian countries. Jorgedian Dihigo Caro has an unprecedented gift: He’s able to use 20/20 hindsight in the present.

But one thing Jorgedian Dihigo Caro would never have expected in his life was to move to Dubai after living in Peru and Cuba. However, it is his lifestyle and adventures of the world that has attracted many followers in social media.

About his amazing journey

Titled as an entrepreneur traveler, Jorgedian wishes to learn from his journeys to every country he visits throughout the world. The experience gained from visiting a different country gives him inspiration and knowledge that can be implemented for ideas in his future business. Jorgedian is not just a traveler, but also works for a well-known aesthetics and wellness clinic in Dubai and is developing a boutique hotel in Havana. Moreover, Jorgedian carries his camera everywhere with him and uses Instagram to share his experiences. He emphasizes the important aspects of a place, an alluring feature and captures it through his lens.

The traveler also expressed his views on why traveling and experiencing each country is important and beautiful. The story is also truly inspiring for all budding travelers.

Jorgedian Dihigo Caro 



The 7 Best Dog Breeds to Travel With



The 7 Best Dog Breeds to Travel With

Whether you are an adventurous person who’s looking for a little company as you travel around the world or someone who simply wants a car companion as you enjoy local days out, you may be thinking about getting a dog. It’s no secret that some breeds will be easier to travel with than others, so let’s take a look at the top 7 that may fit your needs.

7 best dog breeds for travelling

While dogs of all sizes can make great travelling companions, we’ve decided to focus on small dog breeds, as these can be somewhat easier to take along when it comes to transportation, accommodation and more.

1. Dachshund

One of the most attractive things about Dachshunds is that they are friendly, inquisitive and love to learn. While they fit well within structured environments, they enjoy trying new things and can be easily trained. This lends well to travel and as they have long bodies and short legs, they can be taken as carry-ons on planes and won’t be any trouble when you need to transport a manageable crate.

2. Maltese

This toy breed is often the perfect size for travel as they tend to be on the lighter side and they have one of the friendliest dispositions on this list. You and your pup will love the extra attention and an added bonus is that they aren’t prone to shedding and can have little cleanup.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

When you are looking for a dog that will stay close by your side while being happy to socialise, a Yorkshire Terrier could be a great choice. These dogs are not likely to run very far from their owners while being small enough to transport with ease – and you may just find that they love travelling just as much as you do!

4. Pomeranian

As one of the smallest breeds, the Pomeranian can fit almost anywhere and won’t give you too much trouble when travelling, no matter the mode of transport you use. A plus point is that these dogs are extremely popular around the world, so you should find it simple to book a hotel that won’t mind their presence.

5. Russell Terrier

If you decide to choose a Russell Terrier as your travel companion, it may be worthwhile to keep in mind that they are energetic and love to explore, so the more adventurous the holiday, the better suited they will be.

6. Toy poodle

Just like the Maltese, the toy poodle is extra small and barely sheds, so you will be able to take him/her almost anywhere. The good news is that they are very loving and open to adventure while being pretty laid-back, so they’ll have just as much fun in a resort as they will on the open road.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are calm, friendly and easy to train, so you won’t have to worry about keeping them on a tight leash when you travel. They are easily adaptable and won’t typically get overwhelmed.

How to prepare for your trip If you have chosen your preferred breed and are ready to get your holiday started, be sure to pack everything your dog needs, too. From their favourite food to treats and toys, it can be important to cover all your bases as you never know how they will respond until you get on your way. Remember to make frequent stops for exercise and potty breaks to minimise accidents.

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