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Joan James Muixi as "No Name" in Kill ''em Now

Joan James Muixi as “No Name” in Kill ”em Now

A Bounty Hunter must help a culturally stagnated, yet hysterical group of Town Folk muster every bit of strength to defeat a band of dangerous thugs in order to earn an undisclosed payday of a lifetime. It is up to him and some old fart to get their own fearful pastor to face his past and keep the town from folding onto itself.

This is the premise of the new western upcoming feature film, Kill ‘em now directed by Ryan J. Serrano with Joan James Muixi playing the lead character of the taciturn Bounty Hunter, “NoName”.

No stranger to playing solitary professional outsiders, Joan James delivers a powerful performance as the solemn, cool, collected, detached, and tormented anti-hero.

In Kill ‘’em Now Joan James embodies the essence of a quintessentially masculine, aloof, and rough around the edges western antihero while infusing the character with his own uniqueness; Joan’s presence adds layers of complexity and depth that make him utterly compelling to watch from the moment he appears on screen.

Joan James is one of those very unfrequent actors who’s mysterious aura enhances the credibility of his work on screen. Muixi has a unique blend of a magnetic screen presence, ruggedly handsome looks, nonchalant stoic composure, and proficiency at performing action as well as a naturalistic approach to performance.

The Bounty Hunter and gunslinger “No Name” is a character shrouded in mystery; he never reveals his name, where he comes from or where he is going; he is a rebellious and antisocial man of action who tends to speak only when it is strictly necessary and is mainly focused on one thing; getting paid.

Kill ‘em Now is a Western with a fresh perspective on the genre, combining an original new take and a humorous tone with some elements of traditional Western films; it’s written, produced, and directed by Los Angeles native, avant-garde, and talented filmmaker Ryan J. Serrano, who also plays the main villain in the picture.

In the midst of this original film, we can sense from the nameless antihero and the casting of Muixi, as well as in moments on screen courtesy of Serrano’s writing; that there is a subtle homage given to the classic spaghetti westerns that any film aficionado will appreciate.

After their successful collaboration with Kill ‘em Now, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Joan James and Ryan join forces again in future projects.

The film is filled with plenty of dynamic exchanges propelled by the contrast between Joan Jame’s self-composed and stoic antihero and the eccentricity of the fun, diverse, and memorable ensemble cast of the townsfolk and the energetic criminal gang, led by Serrano’s Skrill. With plenty of off-beat moments, witty dialogue, and a delightful blend of humor, action, and heart, Kill ‘em Now is a highly entertaining, fun, and unpredictable western.