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JamesDJJ opens up about 1 Year




JamesDJJ opens up about 1 Year

After 1 month of the drop of his new song “1 Year”, JamesDJJ is ready to talk and explain the meaning and the backstory of his new song.

Reading the lyrics of 1 Year it might be taught that they were written about someone that the artist loved, like the verses and the sound is actually different from the past songs of James, so the easiest way to find that out is to ask him this in person.

James, can you tell us more about your new song?

I started thinking about this song almost 8 months before the song actually came out and I postponed the release of the single waiting 1 year since an event happened months before I had my mind on the song.

It was March when I first thought to write and record 1 Year, and I did it after I received a message, and wasn’t the kind of message that I get when I need to release a new song, actually the plot of the text was “you’re special to me”.

As I say on the verse “back to the A when I wasn’t showing this strong” I started writing the lyrics of 1 Year on April, as A is referring to April, and yes the song is quite different from the style that I had in the past ones, very similar to Infinity, as the 2 songs are bonded in some kind of ways because I had the same vibes while I was writing and recording the two songs.

I started recording the hook of 1 Year at the end of July, in August I started recording all the song and I had some really long sessions in the studio, sometimes I was recording for more than 12 hours and I didn’t even realize it because it wasn’t hard for me, I loved what I was doing and I felt a lot good bringing the memories back.

You are talking about memories and good times, can you explain that?

Almost 1 Year ago I met someone that was able to inspire me enough to release a song about her, over the year we had some great times together and I think I never loved so much a person before in my life, and I am not such an emotional person, so trust me.  This is why I released a song with this name on it and those lyrics in it.

1 The year was supposed to be released before the actual release date, why?

It was supposed to drop in the 20 of September, and I finished it time ago before that date, in the last weeks I was only changing some small parts of it, not like months before when I changed the entire sound of the song.

The release had been modified because in the last times because I doubted about some things, it is normal to have some bad times in a relationship between a person, and for this, the released date of 1 Year slides from the 20 of September to October.

From your point of view, would you change something about this relationship or do you have something to say to this person?

In 1 year, as I said, I had some wonderful times and looking back at this time I wouldn’t change anything about it, just wish to live it again.

I don’t have anything to tell to no one, as all the things that I needed to say have been said and done, and there are other things that I’m leaving her figure out.

What are you’re favorite lyrics that you wrote in 1 Year?

Actually I wrote almost all the songs alone because it had some themes that someone else couldn’t understand easily, however, I’m not the only writer in the song.

My favorite verses are:

“One year was just like that

Still looking back at what we had”

This verse was the last one I wrote, I changed it when it was passed almost one year from an event,  I was in the studio bringing back to my mind all the good times we had, and so I wrote this verse.

A verse that is very meaningful for me is:

“Remember when I started this with snow Was walking down, then you show”

The first line is referring to the first song I’ve ever released, Snowflake.

The second line is explaining how I met her, I was walking down exhausted and she approached me, this is how 1 Year was born.

Is your new single your favorite song?


1 The year is the song with the strongest meaning that I’ve ever worked on, is the one that required more time to be ready.

When I heard the first version of the song, it touched me so much that I started crying.

However, I did some other songs that I’m still obsessed with, like Snowflake and Infinity.

Snowflake was my first song to be published, not the first that I wrote and recorded, but I miss a lot the time when I was doing it.

Infinity and 1 Year are chained in some ways, I was in the same mood when I wrote both of them and the themes are very similar, maybe Infinity was more commercial and wasn’t always talking about one theme only.

In the end, 1 Year is the favorite song that I did.

Do you plan to release new music or an album?

Well, I’m not planning but I’m working on it, I don’t know if I will release other songs before the album, it might be.

I can’t tell you many things about the new album because I’m still working on it and I will change my mind until the album drops.

I can tell you that 1 Year is not in the album, there are going to be some of my old unreleased songs, there is a release date that I can’t tell now and what is sure is that I like a lot more the new album and than Invictus, my last album.

This is how James clarified some of the questions behind his new song.


Why you should find accurate email data for email marketing campaigns




Why you should find accurate email data for email marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

When email marketing, a critical component which is often overlooked is email data. More importantly, the quality and accuracy of the email data. Email data is the contact information which you are sending your email marketing campaign out to, so this is the name and email address of the recipients. Before launching your marketing campaigns to promote your products and services, it is essential that you ensure your email data is highly accurate. This includes carrying out detailed market research to identify the most relevant prospects to promote your products and services to. An alternative to this is licensing email data which is highly targeted, finding the most accurate and relevant prospects to raise the awareness of your products and services.

Pinpointing your target audience

In order to find the perfect contacts for your marketing campaigns, you need to narrow down on an ideal target market. Ask yourself questions such as who would want or need your product or service? Consider the solutions that your products and services solve, and who would be the best person to speak to regarding this problem. Companies have multiple decision-makers; you should think of who is most likely to be dealing with this problem or who will be responsible for finding a solution. Once you have considered the most suitable industries, locations and decision-makers, you can also take into account the sizes of the companies which you are looking to target. You can filter on company sizes by turnover or the employee count of the business.

Ensuring the accuracy of the email data

The accuracy of the email data is essential to any email marketing campaign. If you are sending to invalid email addresses, you are not reaching the contact, which is a waste of your time. Often, within email platforms, you have a limit to the number of emails you can send per month, so you are also wasting those credits by not optimizing the number of inboxes you are reaching.

Alongside this, high bounce rates can cause your email address to become blacklisted by ISPs, which will further reduce your delivery rates.

Your email data also enables you to personalise your email to your prospects. Personalisation can positively impact open rates and click-through rates, increasing the success of your campaign by creating more leads and converting more sales. This generates a higher return on investment from your campaign. A great way to increase your open rates is by addressing the recipient in the subject line. Seeing this gets their attention in their inbox, meaning the likelihood is that they’re now going to open your email. When correctly addressed, it helps the recipient build trust, thus increasing the chance that they will follow your call to action and click your links to find out more information. Further communication with the recipient helps build further trust and increases the possibility that they will purchase your products or sign up to your service.

How can Business Data Prospects help me?

Business Data Prospects have over ten years of experience in managing and finding the perfect target audiences for email marketing campaigns. Our market research team have excellent knowledge in the industries we research to provide the most accurate and effective email data available in the industry.

We can accurately find and target your ideal target audience, allowing you to reach contacts who are best suited and most likely to have an interest in your product or service as a solution to fulfil their problem.

All of our email data is supplied with a 100% data guarantee. We are the UK’s only data provider to offer such a guarantee. We are able to offer this guarantee as we are also the UK’s only data owner. This means that we own all of our data; we do not broker or resell any data from other data providers. Furthermore, this also means that we have full control over our email data and due to our multiple levels of checks and verifications prior to the delivery of your order, we can confidently offer this data guarantee. The checks and verifications ensure that all of the data is accurate and up to date; otherwise, the contact information will not pass through these checks and be supplied to you.

Give your email marketing campaigns a boost today by finding highly accurate and targeted email data. Our dedicated account managers are always happy to discuss your requirements and help you find and identify the best contacts for your campaign.

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Demi Dahmer strikes controversy over the 2020 election




Demi Dahmer strikes controversy over the 2020 election

Demi Dahme

Demi Dahmer is set to speak again on the dream chasers radio show with Yaya Diamond — Demi Dahmer’s. The last Twitter tweet has not gone unnoticed by local parents who say the shock rocker has influenced heated protests In the 2020 election acts of violence have been carried out and some say he has possibly influenced parts of it. t

  local citizens, churches and families dedicated to preventing “the negative influence of Demi Dahmer ,” rallied Wednesday night to protest to prevent Demi from. Speaking on behalf of Trumps and Bidens 2020 election outcome.

In addition to organizing protests,  they have created a petition to keep Demi’s future performance and concerts away from the state. If that fails they will try to have a law pushed to keep any Demi Dahmer propaganda 500 feet minimum from churches. 

Demi Dahmer is more of a Dark musical and visual artist than a band. In his past time, young artists Cyle Hoffman dreamed of shocking people with fear, hate, and disgust. It’s all in the art and the act he says. Back in Demi Dahmers high-school years, he created a  punk band named bloodshot and everything changed. Working together they cobbled together the earliest formation of what will, later on, become the monster that is Demi Dahmer, a band that ultimately became a heavy metal evil composed of demonic hatred with a dash of tormenting the living Christian society. The Demi Dahmer band has already gained backlash from a Christian news website for his Image and lyrics. Despite going against if not outright mocking every trend in the ’90s. Now today that has produced love and hate in the Marilyn Manson community. Demi has stated ” it’s funny I get lots of love on Instagram and Twitter and other media platforms. on the others like the Marilyn Manson Reddit, forget it! I love having my fans go in there and just post my stuff without saying a word and watch the hate mail roll in” Demi Dahmer is becoming one of the biggest underground bands of his time and in 2020 is still going strong despite the untimely hate of most listeners. 

Demi Dahmer is a band formed in Western New York, United States in 2019. Demi Dahmer composes songs about serial killers, school shootings, demons killing bullies, mass murderers, and other controversial topics, some are even humorous

Cyle Gary Hoffman (born November 25, 1988), known professionally as Demi Dahmer, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, visual artist, director, producer, and Tattoo artist. He is known for his controversial personality and image as the lead singer of the band of the same name and will remain the only constant member. , his stage name was formed by combining the names of two opposing American cultural icons: a sex symbol Demi Lovato and the serial killer; Jeffrey Dahmer

His recent top world released songs are. 

2020: drowning in maggots (Melting Face records)

2020: psychic vampire E.P (Dexter & Dahmer )

2020: gore machine (self-released) 

2028: Rose Black. (self-released) 

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The captivating past of San Francisco, California

Umar Nisar



The captivating past of San Francisco, California

The astounding site of San Francisco has captivated the brilliant minds of history. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and Sir Francis Drake, both captains and explorers, sailed their way to the coast. In the year 1769, a hunting party from an expedition led by the Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola looked down from the hilltop to the wide body of water and they were the first Europeans known to have seen the beauty of San Francisco for the very first time in recorded history. The San Carlos, the first Spanish ship, directed by Lieutenant Juan Manuel de Ayala turned eastward between the headlands and anchored their ship inside the harbor. Sir Francis Drake possibly entered the bay, but most proofs suggest otherwise.

An Englishman pioneered settling in the area, named Captain William Anthony Richardson, who in the year 1835, cleared an area of land and constructed San Francisco’s earliest dwelling which was a tent made of four pieces of redwood and a ship’s foresail. In the same year, the United States attempted to purchase San Francisco Bay from the Mexican government. After fighting began along the Rio Grande, Captain John B. Montgomery sailed the eye of the war Portsmouth into the bay on June 3, 1846. Then later went ashore with a group of sailors and marines to raise the flag of the United States of America. On January 30, 1847, Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco.

The discovery of gold helped the metropolis grow, helping the city picked up a stride and direction. A number of over 40,000 gold hunters arrived by sea, another 30,000 plodded across the Great Basin, then another 9,000 moved to the north from Mexico. By the year 1851, more than 800 ships were ridden to anchor on the area. The eggs sold in the local market were tagged at 1 dollar every piece. Until a panic of over 50,000 Franciscans became wealthy and shortly went bankrupt, avoided and misled one another, and took violence as a solution. As The Sacramento Union stated in the year 1856, there had been “some fourteen hundred murders in San Francisco in six years, and only three of the murders hung, and one of these was a friendless Mexican.” Then in the year 1859, silver was discovered in the Nevada Territory. 11 years after that, the city of San Francisco boasted a population of nearly 150,000 residents.

            Between the years 1860 and 1870, the modern San Francisco was born. They claimed that it was the Athens, Paris, and New York of the West but never lost the roots of its wild humble beginnings. When Rudyard Kiplings visited the city and made an observation in the 1890’s, he stated that “San Francisco is a mad city, inhabited for the most part by perfectly insane people.”

            The World War made an expansion during the 20th century and while the rest of the people around the globe were assembling for the First World War, the city of San Francisco was occupied, hosting a successful World’s Fair – Panama – Pacific International Exposition – to celebrate a great boost to the Western commerce which is the opening of the Panama Canal.

The second world war made notable contact on the city’s prosperity and special shipyards were built just around the bay area and half a million people came to do their job in the places of war-related industries, the majority of them stayed indefinitely after the war.

During the 1980s, the city has experienced positive growth. San Francisco’s population topped over 700,000 with a great mixture of immigrants coming from South Asia. After the sudden increase in population, the cost of living in the city has skyrocketed making it one of the most expensive cities to live in around the country. The number of automobiles was doubled, the cable cars were improved, tourism became the city’s most profitable business, and the number of homeless people grew tremendously. In the year 2010, the city bounced back with its second technology discovery, leading to an influx of people living in the area in the already crowded city.

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