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Is Thescifi.Net Legitimate or scam? Do we trust



Is Thescifi.Net Legitimate or scam? Do we trust thescifi net?

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In this article, you can find my reviews and opinions about the website, named

An Instagram account called Vintage_scifiart, which I have been following for the last 2 years, advertised a website called about a month ago. As a result of this ad, I visited the site and looked for a little review. Normally, I never buy from advertisements on Instagram, but the interior design and brand awareness of the website attracted me. My first impression is that the website is encrypted by a 256-bit SSL certificate.  Therefore, they can not reach your credit card info.

Is this website really reliable?

I did not buy from the site that day. A few days later, when I saw the advertisements of the same site, I entered the website and bought the t-shirt I had my eye on. Frankly, I was not very hopeful, after all, I am considered to be one of the people who think that the products bought on Instagram are generally not very high quality.


The product had arrived at my address 4 days after I placed the order. I immediately came home and opened the box. It was really a very vibrant color and an incredibly stylish t-shirt. I immediately put it on. It fits my body just as it should be. I can say that I am very satisfied.

Usually, when I find a new store, I always do a small pre-purchase before making a big purchase and make sure of the store’s quality of service. I think this store passed the exam. I immediately re-entered the site called I prepared my credit card and placed a new order. This time it was an order of about $ 125. A pair of sci-fi shoes, 1 poster and 1 t-shirt. This time, my product was delivered to my address in 5 days. Obviously, on the 3rd day, I was worried and immediately sent an e-mail to customer service and they contacted me immediately saying that the delivery of my order will arrive at my address tomorrow, and it was really true. The next day I received my scifi shoes, t-shirt and poster. They are all really beautiful. I will upload a few of your photos here as soon as possible. I have to go to a meeting now. Have a nice day.


After I published this article, staff from made contact with me and told me that they are very happy with this article, and they want to send my next order as a gift. They sent me an amazing pair of shoes.  I will write a review blog about them at the weekend. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for reading.