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Is it worth reading the newspapers?




Is it worth reading the newspapers?

A friend admits to me: “On vacation, I will not read a newspaper, I will not even open the Internet. I want to detoxify myself.” There are a few sites where some point falls into temptation – always defeated by luck – to stop reading newspapers, whatever their support. Is that the liver doesn’t resist much of the news frenzy. It is better to know less than what is happening in the world. ”

Sometimes, correct, it may be a cure to get away from bombarding information of increasingly powerful atrocities, planets, and full. The last thing I read here this morning in Brazil: a young man is killing his father and mother and trying their bodies in a locker and giving a party to 60 friends. Today, interest grows in meditation, meditation, an encounter with our universe.

Curiously – perhaps due to the distortion of my studies in psychology – I have always seen information as one of the best treatments to be less unhappy. I do not mean, for example, treating a friend, after years of terror in a Nazi camp, was afraid of death and used the newspaper, when reading the obituary, you feel happy that you are still alive another day.

It is something more dangerous. There are those who open their eyes every morning turn to positive thinking that helps them better perform the difficult task of this day, or who recite prayer or spell or go to some spiritual spring. And there are those who wouldn’t feel comfortable without being able to open the newspaper – in any support – while eating breakfast.

I am one of those. I have been sleeping and waking up with the heartbeat in the world for more than 40 years, with the latest news. In my youth, I read that French literature and Nobel writer Francois Morillac said that “the morning reading of the newspaper was the prayer of the common man.” You can live without knowing anything about others, trapped in the same shell, although boring, it must result from anonymous existential poverty. It is true that when the newspaper is opened or when diving on the Internet, we run the risk of having breakfast with tears of pain in the world that reach the cup of coffee from smoking. It is true that sometimes our soul will freeze when we discover that we are more demons than angels, all human beings.

But it is also true that by closing our eyes to those tears, and to those atrocities, we will increasingly become pieces of marble, unable to cry with those who weep and we will be happy with those who have been able to be. The philosopher told me that only “he who loses the ability to be surprised.” What are news, axe or flower, but the surprise that the world offers us through information?

Our heart will suffer from the news that frightens and enjoys the scientific discovery that will save the lives of thousands. There are no newspapers that only publish good news – all of them have ended in failure – because life is not like that. Sometimes it is benign and sometimes cruel, but all of the others, who weep or laugh, are our cell, and if that doesn’t make us vibrate, we’re dead.

Life, though it is always moving for the better – Can the current financial crises in Europe be compared to the two great world wars that have planted millions of people recently? Will it always be combined in pain and pain? Glory. Refusing to inform you for fear of suffering is declaring our defeat before life, but rather refusing to accept us.

You might have an appearance of happiness that changes the newspaper with a portion of blood and terror to drink beer and some fried anchovies lying on the beach, but at the end of the extraordinary absence of news, only disappointment from selfishness awaits us, this is the creation of this terrible popular saying, “Eyes do not You see a heart that does not feel. ”

It is better to have pain or disgust than reading the newspaper rather than blindly and with a wrinkled heart. Why is the heart unable to win with the beats of the world? This Jewish prophet, who knew the human spirit well, uttered one of the most obscure phrases in history: “Let the dead bury the dead.” He was interested in life, sometimes cruel – he was stuck in a tree – sometimes classy. I think about Gandhi, Luther King, Mandela and millions of unknown people who can die for others. The dead do not scare us. We are living creatures that are scary, but so are we, not as we would like sometimes, but as we really are.

The news, yesterday from the morning newspaper, and today at every moment, is the best mirror of our soul. There is no use in her heart or breaking it. Smashing it will end our blood staining as well.



The Ultimate Benefits of Using Personalized Bricks

Umar Nisar



The Ultimate Benefits of Using Personalized Bricks

Brick fundraising is considered an effective and convenient way to raise money in any social club or school, college, church, etc. This is one of the most popular fundraising strategies for low- to mid-level fundraising. But in the last ten years, this strategy has gone out of priority. Now, this strategy is starting to take place again.

This strategy is best suited for low-level donors. Engraved bricks are bricks collected from followers or sponsors for good work. Engraved bricks are most effective for a brick fundraising campaign. If you are looking for a new way to raise money for a charity, personalized bricks may not be your first choice. But they are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of fundraising projects as these are easy to organize and personalized bricks have many advantages.

Do you have any idea about the benefits of using personalized bricks? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We will now try to highlight some of the significant benefits of using personalized bricks in our article. So let’s get started.

Benefits of Using Personalized Bricks

Use them indoors or outdoors

You can display personalized bricks inside or outside the sidewalk or interior or exterior wall. These can be used for new projects, extensions, or building renovations and prove to be very popular due to their instant appeal. Any wall can be used to add brick slips and you can create your theme as part of the project then give it a name that is relevant due to the question.

A unique way to attract donors

This can be a bit awkward when you ask sponsors for grants for a fundraising project, so take a look at the wharf and introduce people to the idea of ​​carved bricks. Not only is it a little different when it comes to making the process fun, but it’s also a fancy way to raise awareness about a suitable cause. Arrange a charitable fund using engraved bricks and sponsors have a way to show where their donations have gone.

The right way to reward sponsors

Personalized bricks are somewhat different and this makes them unique from the point of view of charitable fundraising. Instead of asking sponsors for cash donations, not to show anything for their kind contributions, they will have their own carved bricks that clearly show their support for the project in question. Carved slip bricks look great as part of any building and they leave a lasting mark on the community.

A proven method for generating funds

Carved bricks are very reasonably priced, but you can sell them to your liking and increase the gross amount for the reason you choose. Typically, engraved bricks sell for up to 50 anywhere, but how much you want to charge for each brick is up to you, so test the water and see how generous your sponsor is! This kind of initiative is becoming increasingly popular and it is a sure-fire way of raising much-needed funds.

Ideal for any organization

Fundraising involving engraved bricks is perfect for many tasks, so whether you want to raise cash for a new village hall, a school expansion, or your local charity, you can order bricks in any color or style, personalize them and Make sure they are in line with your new building theme. The carved brick will last as long as it lasts and it will leave a lasting legacy for the sponsors who were kind enough to donate to your worthy cause.

Final Thought

Most people use engraved bricks for brick fundraising but there are many benefits to using personalized bricks that not many people know. Consider conducting personalized brick fundraising campaigns and they come with a wide range of benefits, not just a great way to help you achieve your financial goals.

With this in mind, we have tried to discuss in this article the various benefits of using personalized bricks. Hopefully, this small effort of ours will give you a full idea of ​​its benefits. If you are interested to know more about it, you can comment on us. We will surely try to answer.  Thank you all.

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Term Insurance Policy: Advantages and Disadvantages

Bobby Jansson



Term Insurance Policy: Advantages and Disadvantages

With the rise of economic fluctuations and detrimental illnesses, insurance policies have become a precautionary shield for the public. People have become intuitive about future income, smart investment plans, and secured monetary returns to income. Term insurance is one segment under the roof of insurance policies. There has been continuous swelling of life insurance policies in difficult times. It is very requisite to choose and buy term plan that meets your requirements.

Term insurance gives the benefits of long-term savings, death benefits, and secured income for a family. In the tech-savvy world, buying a policy is just a few clicks away. One may opt to buy term plan online comparing the plans on various portals.

Advantages of Term Plans

  • Flexibility

One may buy a term insurance plan with good flexibility. It is both renewable and convertible. You may extend or renew the policy without any medical examination after the termination of the first policy. With a hike in the premium, the term policy can easily be converted into an endowment policy of the same sum assured. It is also effortless to opt-out of the policy. Once you stop paying the premium, your coverage will be ceased, thereby ending the policy. There is no pay-out or financial loss like an endowment plan where one cannot recoup the savings without financial deductions.

  • Cost-Effective

Long term insurance has an economical price. As compared to other life insurance policies, they are far more cost-effective. Buy term insurance and avail the benefit of huge life coverage to paying budget-friendly premiums. The premium for a term insurance policy is almost six times lesser than any other life insurance policy. Moreover, the premiums are locked in the duration of the plan. The total premium paid when you buy a term plan young is lower than what you purchase later in life.

  • Tax benefits

Section 80C of the Income Tax Act gives beneficial tax saving options. It offers deductions of up to INR 1.5lakhs for listed investments. Under this section, the premium paid is also entitled to deductions. However, the yearly premium should not exceed 10% of the coverage amount.

Under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, the policyholder who has taken health-related rider can avail tax benefit. With the term insurance policy, one can avail deductions of up to INR 25000.

Under Section 10(10D), the assured sum received on maturity or death of a policyholder is completely exempted from taxes.

Disadvantages of Term Policy

  • Term insurance is not a policy for those who aspire to save for future needs like marriages, education, retirement, or others.
  • A term Insurance plan does not enable you to create wealth. They have no profit plans and hedges against inflation.
  • If the insured outlives the policy period, no monetary benefit would be given. The policy builds no cash value.
  • No surrender values or loans are given in term insurance policy.

The Bottom Line

Term plans are the purest and most cost-efficient type of plans. It is quite convenient to buy term insurance online as well. Therefore, you should wisely choose the plan considering your income, liabilities expenses, etc.

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5 Reasons to Switch to PrivacyWall as Your Search Engine Today




5 Reasons to Switch to PrivacyWall as Your Search Engine Today


The majority of today’s major search engines are simply data collection tools for marketers. Collecting your personal information allows these businesses to benefit from targeted advertisements, which is a thriving market. Your data will end up in the hands of third parties unless you use a private search engine, and you will be the product.

That may appear harmless on the surface. However, if our choices are algorithmically selected, we lose our freedom of choice and are less open to dissenting views. Filtered search engines like Google build echo chambers and further polarize society. We create our own barriers with clicks, and we can eventually become too blind to see them.

Looking for the best private search engine that doesn’t monitor your data and value your privacy? Privacy Wall is here to protect your data and your privacy.

The use of a search engine may disclose highly personal information about you, such as health conditions, employment history, tax documents, political beliefs, and other private details. Of course, this information can be gathered, processed, and connected to your data profile (and real identity). The only way to really “opt-out” is to keep your personal information secure and out of the hands of data collectors.

PrivacyWall search engine is popular for its non-tracking search facility, and it also does not store user search information. It ensures consumers that their search data is safe in their possession.

Following are the 5 reasons you should switch your search engine to PrivacyWall.

  • Secure Browsing

Maintain the confidentiality of your browsing habits. We developed PrivacyWall to provide the best private search engine to any company, government, and person for free, enabling you to search the web without having your browsing history and search query data monitored and collected.

  • Online Privacy

Google and several other search engines compile and store archives of your search queries. If these documents are exposed to others, they may be humiliating or even cause great harm. Do you want your online reading habits, medical background, finances, sexual orientation, or political affiliation to be available to strangers?

Switch to PrivacyWall private search engine to secure your privacy. It preserves your data privacy by preventing trackers from collecting your data.

  • Tracking Protection

Without tracking, PrivacyWall private search engine will show you fewer advertising and less distracting ads. Your findings cannot be affected by previous searches or web surfing. One good advantage of less monitoring is that the advertisements that surface on those pages you’re browsing won’t be as invasive and linked to the stuff you’ve just looked or spoken about.

  • Blocks Web Trackers:

PrivacyWall search engine will prevent web trackers from breaching your privacy and exploiting your data for commercial benefit.

  • Your Privacy is our Priority

Since we believe that privacy is a basic human right that consumers should not have to sign away the moment they use their search engine, we built PrivacyWall to block unwanted data collection.

Visit their social media handles:

PrivacyWall Facebook

PrivacyWall Instagram

PrivacyWall Tiktok

PrivacyWall Twitter

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