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Is Dia De Muertos Barbie Available?




On November 2nd, Barbie celebrates the Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) – with a new doll inspired by the holidays that will be on sale this Thursday in the US

The limited-edition doll was designed to celebrate the Mexican festival, where people remember and respect their loved ones.

According to Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie, “the doll” respects the traditions and symbols that we often see today. ”

The doll Barbie Dia by Muertos comes with an embroidered dress with details of hearts and butterflies. Barbie’s face is adorned with the traditional skull painting that is often seen on Mexican holidays, with dark lipstick, details for the eyes, and a red heart in the middle of her forehead. The doll also contains a wreath of monarch butterflies and marigold blossoms.

The doll costs $ 75 and comes with “earrings, a necklace, shoes, a butterfly ring, and a doll stand”.

Collectors who want to buy Barbie with the holiday theme need to be quick because the figure will be in high demand in the US when it trades on Thursday.

According to USA Today, Dia De Muertos Barbie will be available Thursday at Target and Walmart stores (at the time of publication, the doll was not on the website of both companies). The doll can also be ordered from Amazon, USA Today.

The Barbie’s Dia de Muertos publication was criticized for its cultural appropriation of the important Mexican festival, which is around 3,000 years old.

“I think we should be cautious about how we call our party a Mexican, and this mustn’t be a parody of the celebration. Jamie Lucero Mexican. College of Education at Lehman College, New York, the New York Times said.


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The Importance of Using Paper Cup Sleeves for Hot Drinks



The Importance of Using Paper Cup Sleeves for Hot Drinks


As we all know, hot drinks are a staple in our daily lives, be it coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. One of the most commonly used items to keep these drinks warm and comfortable to hold is a paper cup sleeve. Paper cup sleeves are a simple yet effective way to keep drinks warm and prevent the hands from getting too hot. They are not just beneficial for the customer but also for the businesses. These sleeves can be a great branding opportunity for businesses to promote their logo or message. With the rise of environmental awareness, paper cup sleeves are becoming an increasingly popular option as they are made of biodegradable and renewable resources. 

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of using paper cup sleeves for hot drinks, the different types of sleeves available, and how to properly use them to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction for the customer.

Benefits of Using Paper Cup Sleeves


The primary purpose of a paper cup sleeve is to provide insulation to keep hot drinks warm. The added layer of paper helps to slow down the transfer of heat from the cup to the outside environment, which helps to keep the drink at the desired temperature for a longer period of time.

Hand Protection:

Holding a hot cup of coffee or tea can be uncomfortable, even painful. Paper cup sleeves provide an extra layer of protection for the hands, making it more comfortable to hold hot drinks for extended periods.


Paper cup sleeves provide a blank canvas for businesses to promote their logo or message. They are an excellent opportunity for businesses to advertise and increase brand recognition.

Reducing waste:

Paper cup sleeves are made of paper, which is a biodegradable and renewable resource. They are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sleeves and can help reduce waste.

Types of Paper Cup Sleeves

  1. Single-use Sleeves: These sleeves are disposable and are intended for one-time use. They are most commonly found in coffee shops and fast-food restaurants.
  2. Reusable Sleeves: These sleeves are made of thicker paper or fabric and can be used multiple times. They are perfect for businesses looking to reduce waste and promote sustainability.
  3. Custom Printed Sleeves: These sleeves are custom printed with a business’s logo or message. They provide a great opportunity for businesses to promote their brand and increase brand recognition.

Proper Use of Paper Cup Sleeves

  1. Use the right size sleeve for the cup: It is important to use the right size paper cup sleeve for the cup to ensure a proper fit.
  2. Position the sleeve correctly: The sleeve should be placed on the cup with the open end facing up, to allow easy insertion and removal of the cup.
  3. Avoid over-tightening the sleeve: Over-tightening the sleeve can make it difficult to remove the cup and can also cause the cup to collapse.
  4. Use the sleeve for its intended purpose: Paper cup sleeves are designed for hot drinks, and should not be used for cold drinks or food items.


The use of paper cup sleeves for hot drinks has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its insulation and hand protection properties, as well as its branding opportunity. They are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sleeves and can help reduce waste. There are different types of paper cup sleeves available, such as single-use, reusable, and custom-printed sleeves. It is important to use the right size sleeve for the cup, position the sleeve correctly, avoid over-tightening the sleeve, and use the sleeve for its intended purpose. Overall, paper cup sleeves are an excellent addition to any business that serves hot drinks and can help keep customers happy and comfortable.

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