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Interview with Luis Angel GDD “LuiA GDD”

Umar Nisar



Luis Angel GDD “LuiA GDD”

Stylish Musician Luis Angel GDD aks LuiA GDD talks about his career as an Artist Posted on July 13, 2020, by Justin Beltrame | Stylish Musician Luis Angel GDD aks LuiA GDD talks about his career as an Artist Luis Angel GDD has grabbed our attention. In addition to the fact that he is a Latin music recording craftsman, we see his feeling of style is as tasty as his music. Look at a portion of his most recent post and discover precisely what we’re discussing.

Most importantly please acquaint yourself with our perusers?

Howdy everybody my name is Luis Angel GDD I’m a Latin music craftsman and I love each part of it.

Who or what enlivened you to get into the music industry?

My fundamental motivation back when I was more youthful I would without a doubt say, Arcangel La Maravilla.

Educate us regarding your ongoing discharge?

My latest discharge is a melody named “Como Antes” created by Yarko Beatz. It a mid-year vibe type melody the women hear what I’m saying.

What sort of reaction you have gotten from the discharge?

A great deal of reaction without a doubt structure everywhere.

You style sense is great, considering an expert displaying vocation?

I’ve really contemplated simply searching for the correct chance. What’s the best piece of being a music craftsman?

All things considered, the chance to have the option to communicate anything.

Have you define a few objectives to accomplish?

Indeed the rundown is truly huge. It is safe to say that you are taking a shot at any new task? Continuously. Remain keeping watch.



LG IZZ has another viral hit entitled BEAST!!!




LG IZZ has another viral hit entitled BEAST!!!

It is no shock that LG IZZ has another viral hit entitled BEAST. Released less than a week ago, the music video for BEAST, directed by Nick Asenjo, has already surpassed 100,000 views. Once again LG IZZ has delivered with a new-age hip-hop track with a music video that brought his whole town out. While riding down 7th street in Allentown, Pennsylvania on a Porsche, LG IZZ shows up and shows out to his new hit single. With a collective 15,000,000 stream on his YouTube channel and 6,000,000 streams on Spotify, LG IZZ is not what’s next, he is UP NOW! It is his turn to shine, and he, and his team, are applying constant pressure. With all gas and no breaks, LG IZZ is lighting up the entertainment industry with his iced-out grills and his dominant fan base. LG IZZ is not slowing down, and after only a week, BEAST is proving to be one of his best-performing videos to date. Follow, Subscribe, and keep up to date with LG IZZ using the links below. You won’t regret it.

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The Story Of MP80BABY – From Hardships To Success

Umar Nisar



The Story Of MP80BABY – From Hardships To Success

People in the Rap industry have to suffer a lot, but for MP80BABY, the journey was way more difficult than any other upcoming artist. Even getting shot nine times could not stop him from reaching his goal. Now, he is proud to become the type of hustler who overcomes all difficulties. He is the man living his dream, becoming the type of person he can look up to and admire from his heart!

Born in Davenport, Chicago, He hails from the Midwest. For this man, music has been a thing of a lifetime. He cannot recall a day he has was not connected to the music. For him, the fun and joy of listening to music are more than a hobby or a way of defining himself.

MP80BABY is the type of listener who understands the mindset of the music producer. It is for the same reason why he finds immense joy in creating music. For him, the process of creating music close to his heart is the way of defining his true self and showcasing his creative side.

Growing up in the 80s, there was plenty of motivation for him to listen to “True Music.” Classical music blasting all around him, he got attached to the likes of Marvin Gaye, Twista, and Three 6 Mafia. For him, the artists of No Limit Records proved to be an everlasting influence.

However, being influenced by the greats is not the key to success in life. The most difficult thing in his life was to recover from the nine gunshots to get the bag for his fam. The task of looking up to himself and turning into the man of his ideals changed his life forever!

The legendary Tupac and the wave created by No Limit Records changed his outlook on music. His lyrics are ever honest and genius because he wants to emulate the musical greatness of these artists. It is also why he is always cooking dope in the studio and creating soulful music for his listeners. And Tupac; one of his wishes is that he had a chance to work with Tupac in the studio. Tupac has been the greatest influence for him when it comes to Rap.

Now, in this very year, he has some real music lined up for release from his artists, namely Kēla Mf Røxx, Pixasso, CH3F Zo, and TrutHIM$elf – artists who will make it Big! Why? Because “Truth,” one of his artists, has already gone Silver in the past. What he cooks in the studio after spending his day getting the paper for his two little Kings is resonating with the audience as what he does in there is based on truth and greatness!

His goal for life? Well, he is on the way to the greats. For him, his music’s goal is to make his audience understand the importance of their presence in the beautiful world of God. He has found his reason to be in here – and now he wants his listeners to feel the power and stick to the plan designed for them. You will never see him getting back from the path God gives him!

Follow MP80BABY on Instagram, HERE.

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A short yet interesting conversation with the rising star Kazuki Tokaji:

Umar Nisar



A short yet interesting conversation with the rising star Kazuki Tokaji

It was a great privilege to have this young rising music star of the industry Kazuki Tokaji with us. We had a great time having a sizzling conversation together.  Wanna know? Let’s give you guys some sneak peeks too, because why not?

Hi, Kazuki!! Where do you belong?

“Hi!!  My name is Kazuki Tokaji and I belong to Japan, but I live in LA. Anyhow, I was born in 1995 and raised in Japan.”

So tell how do you do justice with your love for playing guitar?

“Well, I grew up having an immense love for guitar. I started playing it at a very young age and that was the time when I got my first guitar too. I, along with being a guitarist, also teach guitar, I am a demonstrator and a session guitarist. “

So do you work for special events or stuff?

“Yeah, I play guitar for singers, music festivals and events and bands as well.”

How did you see your love for guitar as a child?

“ I was only 6-7 years when I used to love playing guitar and eventually this love and passion grew much more and hasn’t decreased a bit ever since.”

You have done multiple projects, which is your personal favorite?

“My absolute favorite project that earned me a lot of fame, love, and recognition is Circle the Earth.”

So what is your music genre and tell us if you have any inspirations from the industry too.

“Well, I specialize in metal rock & pop. Also, I admire some musicians from the industry whom I look forward to as my mentors. I admire the American Jazz fusion guitarist and session musician Dean Brown. He is my true inspiration and mentor.”

So how many years have been into the career till now?

“I am an award-winning guitarist who has experience of playing guitar for almost 17 years so far.”

What according to you can lead newbies to a successful place?

“If you wanna have a goal, think about it. Make your vision real vivid. Practice 8 hours a day.”

You have appeared on various radio and T.V platforms, where do you see yourself in near future?

“Yes, I have appeared on T.V on a national level and have toured a lot. I see myself touring the world in near future for my passion and love of playing guitar.”

So how can your fans get in touch with you?

My fans can follow me on Instagram,Face book and also on the website.

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