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Inside the mind of Musical Genius : Trini Boi.-1



Inside the mind of Musical Genius: Trini Boi


 What first got you into music?

 When I was around 11years old my life was so horrible. I didn’t know how to express myself, so one day I heard 2pac a from there I was just writing spitting about my life an how I feel.


 Who inspired you to make music?

 2pac was my biggest inspiration. I guess you can say I was able to relate to his content an now I do the same. I have never been a follower, I been a leader. I believe in myself my craft and I strongly believe that’s where the most artist, models, and ect get lost, they don’t believe in their I love to give those millions of people HOPE.

 How would you describe the music?

 My music is targeted at all people. I don’t want my music to be just gangsta, street, hip hop music. I want my music to touch EVERYONE.look how 2pac made music or Eminem they were able to touch every race, religion, and people from every state and country.

 What is your creative process like?

 My proceess is built on emotions.i have to feel a beat.i have to get into my zone and write what I feel.even if I’m writing for another artist I don’t think like them, I just put what I feel on paper and give it to my listeners raw.

 Who would you most like to collaborate with?

 If I could collaborate with someone it would be my mentor BUJU BANTON.i would love to do something with Brian McKnight, a celion Dion.

 If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

 If I could open for an artist it would be Eminem, or Jeezy, or Kevin Gates.


Who are your fans? Who is most vocal online? What’s the crowd like at shows in the US vs. EU vs. APAC etc.?

 My fanbase is from all around the whole world to be real.I’m loved in so many different countries, all across me, the difference between the US shows overseas is overseas shows’s a lot of love, the wild.

 Who is someone that doesn’t listen to your music who you think should?


 To be real people will listen to what they want to listen to, or grew up on. but I feel everybody should listen because I feel that unlike a lot of other artists I rap about my real life.

How would you describe the project to someone at a dinner party that’s never heard of you?

 To be honest I usually tell people my life story’s, some of the things I been through. after I do that I will explain my project, my projects are based on my life, my life history, so that always makes people that never heard of me, or might not be into hip-hop say hey I gotta hear your music.

Musical Genius

 Who is your dream support slot? (both for an artist to support and acts to support them)?

 I’m just built on supporting others no matter what they do. I support models, artists, actors, even just regular people, local I don’t care who doesn’t support me, because at the end of the day I believe in myself.

 Once this is out, how do you want people to describe the project in a tweet?

 I want millions to describe my album as just one word ( unique ). because I’m different from all brand, my words, my life stories, my thinking, my personality.

 What’s your ideal press headline 12 months from now? In which publication? Why?


 To be honest I want my next publication to be Forbes. because being in hip-hop blog’s an magazine’s are great, but I will rather be where the money is at, and inspire millions that if you chase your dreams and goals you will be successful in life.



Get Much-Needed Trucking Funding to Meet High Operational Costs of Your Business



Get Much-Needed Trucking Funding to Meet High Operational Costs of Your Business

The trucking industry in America plays a massive role in driving the country’s economy. Over 70% of all kinds of freight movement across the United States take place through trucking and account for over $700 billion in revenue. The other notable thing is that over 91% of all the trucking operations are handled by small businesses with an average fleet strength of 6 trucks. Like all other small businesses, the truck operators also face impossible barriers in getting access to trucking funding from traditional lenders like banks and other financial institutions. That makes it quite challenging for the trucking businesses to meet high operational costs. If you have a small trucking business, don’t worry; there are alternative funding options for you.  

Trucking is a capital-intensive business 

Operating costs are very high in the trucking business and unless you keep a close eye on it, you could lose control of your expenses. When that happens, it is generally the beginning of the end of the business unless you find a quick remedy. One way is to find a reliable source of working capital funding

The vast majority of truck operators run fleets of 6 or less trucks that approximately haul a total of 200 tons of cargo if they average 30-35 tons. If there is a breakdown or two somewhere, that will jeopardize 60-70 tons of cargo haulage. If you don’t sort out such issues fast, it will impact your revenues. Alternative business funding solutions can help you handle such issues easily. 

Payment timelines in trucking are 30-45 days 

The main problem that truckers face is the payment timeline of 30-45 days, which can stretch operational costs to a maximum. You may be able to handle that kind of stress once in a while but enduring it day in and out can seriously harm your business. You will need unique funding solutions to tide over such situations. 

Your clients could be a wide range of businesses from food grains to milk and beverages and from garments, linen and drapery to home furnishings and an endless range of goods. They also have timelines to meet and if they miss it due to shipping issues, they will seek compensation that could result in delayed and reduced payments. You will therefore need easy funding from alternative sources to tide over such issues in the next shipment.  

Invoice factoring credit can meet trucking operational costs

Considering the delayed timeline of payments, one of the best ways to meet shortfalls in operational cost is quick funding by way of invoice factoring. In this kind of funding, the borrower leverages his/her pending invoices to access a line of credit at an agreed cost. 

As already explained, operating costs are very high with maintenance, tires, fuel and insurance among others. At the end of a shipment, you are left with no resources to fund your next shipment. That’s when you can utilize invoice factoring to access funds for your working capital. This mode of financing is very popular with small trucking businesses and others with delayed payment timelines.  

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Temporary Agencies and Temporary Staffing Agencies



Temporary Agencies and Temporary Staffing Agencies

Recruitment is an important process in the growth of any company. Without adequate manpower and skilled staff, it is not possible to increase the growth rates of a company. Hence it is very important to find good, qualified and skilled staff who would not only add to the company’s team but also help in achieving the targets quite efficiently. Even though most of the companies hire directly, at times it is not possible to go through the entire recruiting process which is quite extensive and this is where a good staffing agency comes into the picture. The role of a staffing agency is to provide you with the required candidates either on a temporary or permanent basis based on your requirements and preferences. Read further to find out about the role of a staffing agency and their excellent services.

Temporary Staffing Services for All Your Needs

The role of a staffing agency or a temporary staffing agency is very crucial as they help in finding the best candidates for your company or firm. One of the best temporary staffing agencies currently is the award-winning San Francisco based temp agencies.

The staffing agency not only provides candidates for long-term commitments but is also well known for their temporary staffing services. Temporary Staffing Services helps to find the required candidates on your behalf for just project basis or for temporary requirements.

Scion Staffing has a well-established team of highly qualified recruiters. The recruiters are quite experienced and help in choosing the correct candidates for all your needs and requirements. The candidates are thoroughly screened and selected to help in the growth and development of your company or business. They help in bringing you the bright and talented employees who would contribute positively to the overall success of the team.

Scion Staffing has made its place in the market due to its excellent services by providing executive and leadership positions to one of the best organizations. The clients are highly satisfied with the services and choice of candidates due to the determination of the entire team at Scion of providing you with the best and most suitable candidates. The company has a pool of excellent, highly skilled and qualified candidates who would help in the positive growth of your team. The agency helps in finding the right candidates for leading organizations, startups, corporations and non-profit institutions in all of Northern California as well as nationally.

Scion Staffing is dedicated to offering innovative, temporary staffing and executive service solutions to firms and companies. The knowledgeable and highly recruiters help in providing the best employees for any level of employment requirements. The recruitment services include Executive Search, Temporary-to-Hire, Direct Hire/ Contingent Search and Temporary or Interim Search. They also provide potential and efficient employees for positions of all levels in various fields based upon your search requirements. Most of the candidates they represent are mostly employed currently and are looking for their next professional long-term opportunity. At Scion, they ensure that their clients have the best possible talent who would be an extraordinary fit for your organization.

To Conclude

A good staffing agency helps in making the entire recruitment process quite smooth and easy for your organization and while talking about staffing agencies, temp agencies definitely tops the list. It’s the best match for recruiting employees who are career driven, efficient and skilled. At Scion, the entire team works hard to help you find the best suitable candidates who would match your preferences and meet the hiring goals. The next time you’re looking for recruiting some amazing talent, make sure to contact Scion Staffing Agency for some amazing talent for your company or firm.

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Things to do for brother on his birthday



Things to do for brother on his birthday

Brother is our best friend, protector, guide, advisor, and best critic, among all the other roles he plays in our lives. Though you might have had some silly fights, arguments and misunderstandings with him, there’s not even a single moment that seems even complete without him. Through the thicks and thins of your life, he is the one who stood by you, fought with all your problems/troubles with you. Hence, no matter how much he annoys you, he is one of the special people of every sibling’s life ever. So it goes without saying that his birthday needs to be made to feel special. Wondering what you can choose to do to make him feel special? Then here’s a list of ideas to make his special day even more special.

  1. Bake a birthday cake – Baking a birthday cake out of your love for your brother is something you could do to make his special day memorable. You can choose to bake a birthday cake of his favourite flavour and kind to leave him surprised to the core. It would surely make the best possible birthday gift for your brother. Just in case your cake didn’t turn out to be as yummy as you expected it to be, order a cake online in Delhi or wherever your brother resides to pamper him with it.
  2. Dedicate a social media post – As the world is currently hovering around various social media platforms, you can choose to make your brother feel special as you opt to post a special picture of you and him with a nice caption. Dedicating a social media post to him on his birthday will surely cast magic over his head and heart. You can choose to do the posting over Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whichever social media platform your brother is active over.
  3. Throw A Surprise Birthday Party – Call his favourite bunch of people as you throw him a surprise birthday party. It need not have to be something extravagant; it could be a small, cordial affair to make him remember for the rest of his life. Make sure to make prior arrangements for the food and drinks menu, birthday decorations, disposable plates and cutleries, and music to set the party mood right. Don’t forget to organise some fun games to make it a night to remember.
  4. Gift him something personalised – Brothers are way more emotional beings than us; the thing with them is that they don’t express their emotions that often. So, choose to pamper your brother with something personalised as a personalised photo frame, personalised travel accessory, personalised bar accessory, personalised night lamp and other such gifts. An additional dash of nostalgia added to these gifts with a beautiful picture from the old times of you and your brother is sure to make your gifting gesture super special.
  5. Unplanned Road Trip – Who doesn’t enjoy a fun-filled road trip? Every brother does, which is why to make all the necessary arrangements and hit the road with your brother to someplace in the outskirts of your city. Away from the rush and roar of the city to reconnect with nature, your brother is going to have a gala time on his birthday. Make sure you don’t end up telling him about the road trip beforehand.
  6. Books – If your brother is a voracious reader, then books will be loved by him to the core. Gifting him his best friends (hinting at books) is sure to make cherishable birthday gifts. You just need to figure out what kind of books he likes to read, and then you can pick some of the best sellers for him.
  7. Chocolate hampers – Every brother is a sweet tooth hence a chocolate hamper coming as his birthday gift will surely be appreciated by him. You can gift him a handmade chocolate hamper or a hamper filled with all his favourite chocolate bars. He will be beyond thrilled to receive such a sweet token of love on his birthday.

So, these were some ways in which you can choose to surprise your brother on his birthday. Each of these things is sure to bring a beautiful smile to his beautiful face.

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