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Information About Fume hood and its design



Information About Fume hood and its design

A fume hood is a type of container which works in order to prevent harmful fumes and gases to spread across the environment. It is self ventilation or air escaping system that helps in keeping the environment clean especially in places like cleanrooms or laboratories, where a lot of experiments are being carried out which have the release of harmful or toxic gases that might impact the health of an individual who is carrying out the experiment. Thus, to keep these laboratories and cleanrooms safe from such air contamination, the fume hood is used to manage such situations where a lot of toxins are produced during certain research or experiment. It has ducts from which the flow of air is maintained and all the toxic and harmful gases are removed out.

What Is Fume Hood Used For?

A fume hood is a very necessary and important part of cleanroom or laboratory equipment, where a lot of dangerous experiments are being carried out and handled through these special pieces of equipment and instruments. The fume hood is majorly used for the following reasons:-

1. To Prevent Harmful Gases Or Fumes To Enter Environment

Fume hood has the special working of air management through ducts which enables it to prevent any kind of harmful, toxic or poisonous gas or fume to enter the environment. If a fume hood is not used then all the fumes that are being released during the working of an experiment will lead to harming the environment in many different ways and result in people around that environment get sick through a certain disease. Hence, it is very much important that the fume hood is used in a cleanroom or laboratory to prevent such problems or issues.

2. To Prevent The People Who Are Conducting The Experiment

The scientists and technicians that are working in the laboratory or cleanroom are more at risk of getting in contact with harmful gases or fumes. Hence, to prevent them from getting affected by the toxic gases or fumes, a special instrument is known as fume hood is used. It works in a way to clear out or ventilate the toxic gases so that it further cannot harm the health of the people who there in the cleanroom or laboratory.

3. To Prevent The Disturbance In The Conduct Of The Experiment

The procedure or experiment that is being conducted in the cleanroom or laboratory often has gases that might affect the ideal conditions for conducting the experiment. Thus, to maintain the ideal environment for conducting the experiment, the fume hood helps in clearing the harmful gases or fumes that might affect the overall working environment of the experiment.

Design Of Fume Hoods

The following is the list of various designs of fume hoods:-

1.Acid digestion

The fume hood involves a layer of polypropylene and other material like Teflon to prevent the shaft from corrosion while working with some highly acidic material.


These fume hoods work in such a way that the air flows through into a downward direction to prevent any duet or other harmful gas to stay in the air. It makes the entire area where the downward flow of air is passing free from any kind of harmful fumes or gases. It is very much efficient and helps in clearing the overall hazardous fume under a certain area.


In this, the fume hood is designed in such a way that it has a hood made up of stainless steel to support heavy materials that kept in the fume hood like lead bricks.

4.Water wash

It is a special type of fume hood that has a water-wash system to clean the interior of the hood to prevent it from getting any chemical residual stuck on the shed of the fume hood.

Thus, fume hoods are really impressive and efficient equipment used for maintaining the cleanliness of the cleanroom. It is quite amazing how the fume hood works with the air management mechanism through a duct to remove the dust and harmful fumes from the laboratory or cleanroom. It helps in keeping the people from the cleanroom free from any kind of harmful gas that might affect their health.


A  fume hood is one of the best instruments or equipment that is used to keep the entire cleanroom or laboratory clean. It used by many laboratories around the world. It is one of the popular ways of keeping your environment around the cleanroom safe and secure. It works appropriately to prevent any kind of harmful gas to mix up with the air and lead to contamination of the air. Hence, it is very beneficial for the safety and well being of oneself and society.