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Indispensable Facts About Teeth Whitening



Indispensable Facts About Teeth Whitening

Brushing and flossing are great ways of taking care of your teeth and preventing discoloration, but it may not be enough. The Woodlands teeth whitening specialists, Scott Young, DDS, offer professional teeth whitening that brightens your smile within two hours.

How does teeth discoloration occur?

Tooth discoloration occurs when your teeth begin changing color and not appearing as white or bright as expected. Over time your teeth are likely to develop different colors and spots due to several factors. As you age, your enamel may wear down, exposing your yellow dentine and making your teeth appear yellow.

Poor oral hygiene may also contribute to tooth decay which causes teeth to become brown. Tobacco and beverages such as coffee and tea are the most common factors causing teeth staining among adults. Other causes include medications such as antibiotics tetracycline, dental materials like amalgam restorations, genetics, and dental trauma.

Does teeth whitening make your teeth weaker?

Teeth whitening is a harmless procedure that prevents your teeth from dental diseases rather than exposing them to more damage. Many people believe that teeth whitening contributes to the wearing down of teeth, making them weaker and more sensitive.

Nowadays, the market has flooded with many teeth whitening products, making it difficult to identify safe and effective products. Some bleaching agents increase your tooth sensitivity, making teeth whitening questionable as a safe dental procedure.

The professionals at Scott Young Purveyor of Fine Dentistry offer Zoom! whitening treatments that provide safe, gratifying results. Before setting out for your quest for a beaming smile, consult with your doctor first, who may recommend the safest and most effective teeth whitening products.

What happens during Zoom! In-office teeth whitening?

 During the whitening procedure, your provider may place upper and lower dental trays in your mouth to hold the whitening gel.

The next step involves covering your lips and gums to prevent them from coming into contact with the solution. The team fills the trays with the whitening gel and positions the LED lamp directly above your teeth. The team at Scott Young Purveyor of Fine Dentistry ensures that you are relaxed and comfortable while they work on brightening your smile.

Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure usually requires only one appointment to brighten your teeth. After your teeth whitening procedure, your provider may apply a soothing gel to prevent post-treatment sensitivity. After the procedure, your teeth may become increasingly sensitive for a day or two. You may also experience mild pain, efficiently managing with over-the-counter medications. You may also experience a temporary irritation in your gums, which resolves within a few minutes.

You are free to go home and brighten the faces of your loved ones with your vibrant smile after treatment. Scott Young Purveyor of Fine Dentistry also offers take-home teeth to help you restore the original color of your teeth at the comfort of your home.

In case you would like to try out Zoom! Teeth whitening, call Scoot Young Purveyor of the Fine Dentistry office or schedule an appointment online.