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Importance of Transition Care Management 



Importance of Transition Care Management

Transition Care Management 

The hospital environment can cause the patient anxiety and stresses that interfere with the healing process. You can find it hard to recuperate if you have a phobia of the hospital setup because of past trauma and experiences. Your psychological well-being is essential in the healing process. Besides, if the hospital design does not create a healing environment, you will likely stay longer. Therefore hospital transition care Cary identified the struggles people go through after being admitted to a hospital and customized services that can facilitate treatment in your home after the hospital discharge. 

Who Qualifies for Transition Care Management?

1.      Surgery 

If you have recently undergone an orthopedic or joint replacement surgery, you can benefit from this program. Once you are out of the hospital, the team will come to your home and help in your rehabilitation. The medical professionals will help you exercise, undertake various therapies, and leave once you regain mobility. 

2.      Chronic Pain 

The transition care management team helps you live comfortably through pain reduction interventions if you suffer from chronic pain because of an underlying medical condition. From the comfort of your home, you will receive injections and get therapies that will help you deal with the pain. 

3.      Chronic Disease

You can be suffering from a chronic condition, and you do not want to stay in the hospital throughout; you can procure the services of a transitional care management provider who will be looking after you. You will benefit because the provider will address all the unpleasant symptoms without you having to go back to the hospital.

4.      Lost Speech  

Whether you suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury and have lost speech, a transitional care provider can help you speak again. The provider will take you through speech therapy and teach you new ways of communicating. 

5.      Lost functionality

Suppose you cannot undertake everyday activities such as getting dressed, bathing, and using the toilet due to chronic disease or injury. In that case, the transition care providers customize plans that will allow you to regain your occupation functionality. 

Benefits of Transition Care Management 

  • Regain your life

Transition care allows you to recover through support from the nurses and other health care providers. You will gain both physical and psychological well-being to manage your affairs comfortably. 

  • Fastened Recovery 

When you are with your family and in the environment you are used to, it will help you avoid stress and anxiety and foster healing. 

  • Promotes Independence

If your spouse or sister has to take care of you, you will feel overburdened, delaying your healing process. Having an independent caregiver who is also a healthcare giver will allow you to focus on healing and gaining independence.

  • Reduced Costs 

You will spend way less if you successfully transition from hospital care to home care. 

Whether you are tied to hospital stays or genuinely miss your family, you can opt for transition care management services. The service allows you to continue receiving treatment and therapies while still at home. Generations Family Practice in North Carolina offers the best transition care services. Call or book an appointment today.