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How You Can Gain from Chiropractic Care



How You Can Gain from Chiropractic Care

Over 70 % of Americans experience some chronic pain at some point in their lives. Many people seek alternatives to manage pain other than medications since some medications are addictive and have side effects. The good news is that chiropractic care from a Chatsworth, CA chiropractor can help you avoid pain medications by helping you relieve your painful symptoms based on the idea that your body can heal itself. It involves hands-on manipulations similar to physical therapy that highly trained medical experts do to ease your pain. Here is what you can gain from the treatment.

Neck Pain Relieve

Many people report neck pain daily, mainly due to poor posture, frequently bending or sitting for many hours. A Houston chiropractor can realign your spine to ease your neck pain by easing the tension on your neck muscles. You will realize that getting spinal manipulations for about 12 weeks will effectively manage your neck pain more than pain medications. The manipulations can modify neuropeptides levels in your blood to offer you short-term neck pain relief.

No More Pain Relievers

If you have been on pain medications for a while, chiropractic care can reduce your reliance on the medications. Opioid pain relievers are mainly prescribed for chronic pain, which can be addictive and cause additional health complications. Maintaining regular visits to your chiropractor will show that you are less likely to get a prescription soon. You can also begin reducing your medicine usage gradually until you no longer need any drugs for your pain.

Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic treatments are effective in easing back pain. Therefore, it can be an excellent alternative to other more invasive treatments like injections or surgeries. Many chronic back pain specialists advise you to try non-medical treatments before taking pain medications. It would help if you tried spinal manipulation, progressive muscle relaxation, tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, exercise, and meditation. Chiropractic care will offer you short-term relief and improve mobility in your back.

Headache Symptoms Relieve

Chiropractic care has effectively managed tension headaches and other headaches originating from your neck. Your provider can offer upper thoracic spine and cervical manipulations to relieve your headaches. Experts say that such manipulations are more effective than exercises or moving therapies for pain relief. You will only need about 6-8 sessions with follow-up appointments.

Low Overall Treatment Cost

Chiropractic care is cheaper compared to other conventional treatments for chronic pain. The effectiveness of the treatment is high managing you need fewer sessions and treatments compared to other conventional treatments. The overall treatment duration will be less than relying on medications for an unknown period. Considering the benefits you get in a short duration of chiropractic care, we can say that it is a worthy investment. Additionally, the treatments are non-invasive, meaning no recovery expenses. It saves you the extra costs of surgical interventions.

Improved Athletic Performance

As an athlete, you cannot rely on medications every day because you are exposed to injuries through your activity. But chiropractic care involves practices that relieve your pain and maintain your body properly to perform your activities. It also ensures optimal functioning of your body. However, it is not an alternative to boost your performance as an athlete. It only comes into play when you are injured or experiencing chronic pain.

There are more ways you can benefit from chiropractic care. Get in touch with the chiropractic care specialists at Gould Chiropractic & Laser Pain Center today to learn more. You can book an online appointment or contact your provider through the website.