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How to Use Sand in Your Landscape Design



How to Use Sand in Your Landscape Design

Do you want to add pizzazz to your backyard or garden? Sand may be the answer!

Using sand in your landscape design can add texture, dimension, and visual interest to your outdoor design. You can learn how to add sand to your landscape safely and effectively with a few simple pointers.

Learn how to get creative and use sand in your landscape design to give your outdoor space a captivating makeover!

Desert-Inspired Landscape

Creating a desert-inspired landscape with sand can be pretty rewarding. To begin, consider where you want sand to be a prominent feature in your yard and where it will be used for subtle accents. Building an effective sand path or garden bed in your design can provide a more unified and calming space.

If you use sand for a large area, use an edging material to contain it. Edging also helps to prevent it from washing away. In contrast, a small sand area can be left without a border.

Weed Prevention

Sand can be an excellent tool for weed prevention in your landscape design. Apply sand before adding soil or compost to flower beds or other landscape areas. This will allow the soil to drain properly and prevent weed seeds from taking root.

Additionally, adding sand between pavers or bricks will help limit the growth of any weeds sprouting between the cracks. If weeds have sprung up, sprinkling sand and gently working it into the soil by hoeing can help smother them.

Zen Garden

Depending on the desired aesthetic, the sand can be used in drains, sand ponds, and pathways; it can be raked and groomed to create soothing and calming patterns. A Zen Garden is meant to invoke peace and serenity, and the texture of the sand adds a tactile sense to its design.

The sand can be bordered with stones or shaped using masons’ level and edging tools to ensure it stays in its desired spots. The grains of sand catch the light and lend the garden a surrealistic aesthetic. Adding lanterns, stepping stones, and benches can help elevate the overall look and feel of the Zen Garden.

Waterfalls and Riverbeds

When creating a water flow feature in your landscape design, like a waterfall or river bed, sand is an effective way to achieve this. Start by deciding on the desired direction of your flow, and dig trenches accordingly.

The trenches should be as deep and wide as desired for the effect you are looking for. Fill the bottom of the tracks with sand or gravel, preferably with rough texture.

Place rocks, stones, and cement blocks along the edges of your trenches and against the sand to give the river bed a more natural aesthetic.

Finally, incorporate water pumps and other waterfall accessories to bring your design to life. Experiment with different colors of sand to create a unique touch to your design. For example, check out these sand hauling services if you want a sand supply.

Create The Perfect Outdoor Design With Sands

Your landscape design is incomplete without sand. Use the right kind of sand to ensure a successful landscape design. Add the sand judiciously to enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Start transforming your outdoor design by taking advantage of sand today!

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