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How to Take Care of Mold Problems



How to Take Care of Mold Problems

No one likes mold and it can be a severe health problem for many people. So, what happens if you get mold in your home and want to get rid of it? You have a couple of options – either remove it yourself or you can have it removed professionally.

            If you want to have it removed professionally, you should do some research and find someone that has a good reputation. Call a good mold removal company that has good reviews and that you can trust. Make sure that you check on sites like the Better Business Bureau and your state’s attorney general’s office. They can tell you how many bad reviews a business will have.

            If you want to try and remove the mold yourself, this article will try and help you. It will give you a few ideas and some cleaners that you can use. Follow the directions carefully so that you do not make the issue even worse.

Cleaning Tips

  1. Remove Itfrom Tile and Grout – Since it is always warm and moist in these areas, mold can grow quickly. These smaller areas can be cleaned with grout cleaner, mold remover, or a solution of water and bleach. You will want to spray the molded area and then let it sit for a little bit. Once you have done that, after about five minutes, wipe away the solution and it should wipe away the mold, as well.
  2. Remove Itfrom Shower Curtains and Liners – If your curtain or liner is plastic, you can use a mold cleaner and spray them down. Let the solution sit for about five minutes and then wipe it away. It should come off that easily, leaving no residue. You could also throw them into the washing machine on the delicate cycle with your favorite detergent and a little bit of bleach.

If your curtain is fabric, you can put it in the washing machine with the hottest setting and use a little bit of color safe bleach with your favorite detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes and then run it through the cycle as usual. This should take care of all the mold.

  • Remove Itfrom Walls and Ceilings – If the surface is very porous, such as ceiling tiles, then you would be better off to replace it. It would be hard to make sure that the area is completely mold free. If it is just a small spot-on drywall or plaster you can stop it if you move quickly. You want to clean the surface of the area with detergent, water, and a brush. Soak the brush in the solution of detergent and water and then scrub the area thoroughly. You can also use a solution of bleach and warm water by using about ¾ a cup of bleach and a gallon of warm water. You will want to wear rubber gloves while using this solution. See here for solutions that can clean mold: Use a brush to thoroughly scrub the area that you want cleaned and then wipe it dry.
  • Remove It From Fabric – We have all left forgotten wet towels in a gym bag or in the corner of a room – those items will mold quickly and we want to remove that mold quickly. You will want to take the items outside and brush all the excess mold that you can. You want to do it outside so that you do not get mold in your home. You can rub in a liquid laundry detergent into the spot and wash it in the hottest setting possible in your washing machine – if it is washable. You could also add chlorine bleach or color safe bleach to help it out. If it is not washable, you will want to take it to the dry cleaners, or hand wash it yourself.
  • Remove It From Wood – If you have low circulation in your kitchen and have higher humidity, you could be growing mold on your wood cabinets or trim. To get rid of mold here you need to first vacuum all the spores with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, using the soft brush attachment. You will then want to mix a few drops of dish soap such as Dawn with a gallon of water. Next, use a rag dipped in the solution to wipe off the areas that are covered in mold. You want the area wet, but you don’t want it saturated. Then follow up with a rag dipped in clear water and wipe the area dry when you are done.

How to Prevent It in the First Place

When asked, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, said that there was no clear way to avoid mold altogether, but you could do some things to lessen it in your home. You can control the mold by controlling the moisture in your home. The best thing you can do is to get a dehumidifier to remove some of the humidity in your home. You will want the moisture in your home to be around 30-50% to stop mold from building up.

You can also leave the doors to your bathroom open or let the exhaust fan run during your shower and afterwards to help remove the moisture. You can also open your shower curtain all the way to keep mold from forming in the folds of it.

You do not want to store items in your attic or basement if it is not well ventilated. You want to keep things like linens, furniture, or books in a dryer area so that you do not let them mold. They growin damp areas, so avoid storing these items in these places.


            The best way to clean mold is to avoid it happening in the first place using a dehumidifier, by keeping things dry, and by getting mold mitigation if it happens. When you are done showering or using the kitchen, wipe everything down with a dry towel. Use these suggestions that are above to remove the mold once it is formed. You should be okay if they are in small spaces that are easy to clean. If there is a lot of molds or you don’t feel comfortable cleaning it yourself, call in a professional.



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