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How to Style a Chic and Cozy Living Room Decor



How to Style a Chic and Cozy Living Room Decor

Living Room Decor

Chances are, you and your friends spend more time in your living room than anywhere else in your home. So it’s a good thing it’s one of the most fun rooms to spend time in!

Living rooms are for chilling, entertaining, for relaxing. But we think that most of all, living rooms are for cozying up and enjoying the company of those you love.

Are you interested in learning how to style a cozy living room? If so, read on for some tips and tricks for living room decor in the house!

Display Used Books

Used books are the best decor that can add a unique touch to any room, making it an ideal way to add texture while also checking a functional item off your list. Look for old, interesting books that do not cost too much and may hold some sentimental value.

Make sure to keep order in the display and arrange the books in an interesting way. You can opt for a gallery wall or stack them in tandem for a homey effect. If you want to make a statement, you can also opt for a mismatched collection of different sizes, colors, and cover designs.

Warm Up Hard Surfaces

To warm up hard surfaces like furniture and floors, start with a large area rug on the hardwood. It will give the impression of warmth and can instantly add character and style to your living room design.

A textured ottoman also adds comfort to the room and makes a great replacement for coffee tables. Incorporate throws, cozy cushions, and textured throws on the sofa to add that touch of warmth and coziness.

Channel The Forest

Artwork that displays natural scenes, such as a mountain landscape painting, will keep the feel of the “forest” alive throughout the space. Bring warmth to the room with soft and neutral-colored throws and pillows while adding hints of gold or silver incandescent lighting to complete the look.

Finally, set the scene with small items like candles and pottery to tie everything together and evoke a true forest-like atmosphere.

Separate an Open Space

The most common ways to separate an open space is to use area rugs and furniture placement. Using an area rug to define the living room in a room that has no walls can create a border around the space.

Additionally, furniture placement is an effective way to establish distinct sections of the room. For instance, you can separate the living room from the dining area by placing the sofa and loveseat around a coffee table and placing a dining table and chairs in the adjacent area.

Fill Your Space With Cherished Possessions

Include pieces that tell a story you are proud of or are meaningful to you, like a framed family photo or a treasured memento from a past trip. You can even consider 6×4 photo prints for purchase that can last a lifetime.

Overall, find pieces you truly love, that bring your lifestyle and personality to life, and arrange them in a way that will flow with the layout of the room and make it an inviting place for you and your guests.

Learn More About Living Room Decor Today

Your living room should be an extension of who you are. By following the steps above, you can easily create a chic and cozy living room decor piece by piece.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Mix and match textures, and incorporate meaningful pieces that reflect your style. Enjoy transforming your space!

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