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How To Start The Day Energized with Harpal Clinic



How To Start The Day Energized with Harpal Clinic

Do you have slow mornings despite having slept well? While good quality sleep is vital for rejuvenating the body, there are times when you’ll wake up exhausted and cranky. If you are feeling tired all the time making a few adjustments to your lifestyle and habits can help improve your condition, allowing you to start the day energized. Below are a few tips and tricks to start the day on a high note.

1.         Rehydrate

Water plays a crucial role in your cell health and overall well-being. Dehydration is one of the main culprits for reduced performance and general fatigue in the morning. Taking a glass of water, or two, after getting out of bed can help fix this. It will help flush out waste compounds from body cells and cleanse the system too. While drinking water in the morning is advisable, you shouldn’t drink too much. Experts recommend drinking small portions of the same or sipping from a bottle over a certain period instead of taking the glass of water in one gulp.

2.         Take A Cup Of Coffee

We all love our morning cup of coffee. Coffee works wonders by stimulating your body into high gear, enabling you to get work done in record time. Drinking coffee is also good for your mental health and has been linked to improved memory and mood. It is thus one of the reasons coffee is the go-to option if you wake up cranky or mood less. Coffee is rich in caffeine, the main compound responsible for triggering increased alertness and energy. If coffee isn’t an option, you might consider taking something with caffeine instead, such as cola, chocolate,  or tea. Individuals with a sensitive stomach or on medication might, however, want to go slow on caffeine too.

3.         Get Some Physical Exercise

Physical exercise provides an excellent way to ‘jump-start’ the body. It triggers increased blood flow to all major parts of the body, especially the brain, for improved focus and energy. The high blood flow to the brain also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to brain cells, boosting your energy and overall performance. A morning jog, run, swim, or even yoga will thus do wonders for your body and brain, especially if you have a slow day.

Make a habit of starting the day with a form of physical exercise. This can be in the form of simple stretches, a jog, or even hitting the gym. This sets you to start the day in high gear, enabling you to overcome even the most challenging tasks.   You might, however, want to wake up earlier than usual to create time for the morning dose of exercise.

4.         Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping can be, and usually is, a recipe for disaster. It is the only best way to provide the body with energy to fuel you through the day. Although you might not be hungry, your energy levels will be lower, impacting your productivity deep into the day. That said, it would be advisable to have a heart breakfast, drink enough water, and pack some snacks if possible. A well-balanced breakfast will thus go a long way in keeping you energized and focused throughout the day.

5.         Jam To Energy-Boosting Rhythms

Music has a way of elevating one’s mood and energy. Listening to upbeat, fast-paced tunes can help turn your dull moments into more focused sessions. The trick is to create a playlist of songs you’d jam to any time, especially hits you can dance to. If unable to turn the music system up, put on those earphones and run up the volume. Moving to the beats will help release any tension you might have had, triggering increased mental action. Dancing to your favorite jams will go a long way in boosting energy in the morning. It is also a form of exercise too.

6.         Go For A Walk

A morning walk might be all you need to get your energy levels up. The beauty of this is that you’ll get to breathe fresh air while exercising. A simple walk down the road or around the neighborhood is enough to warm your blood and pumping to all body parts, boosting your energy levels. According to research, morning walks are more rewarding than evening walks, a reason health experts recommend these.

7.         Get Some Fresh Air

Staying indoors for extended periods can cause your energy levels and motivation to dip. Letting some fresh air in can help boost your energy levels. You only need to open the windows or door to your home or office to let fresh air in and stale out. Breathing the fresh air will help revitalize brain cells with oxygen, boosting energy levels.