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How to Sleep Better: Tips and Home Remedies




What lifestyle changes you could make today to improve the quality of your sleep?

In the history of mankind, there has never been a time when human beings had to suffer from sleep deprivation at such a high degree. Whether you are a city dweller or stay in a small quiet town, a night of good sleep has become a rarity.

So, what steps can a person take to ensure they get adequate and high-quality sleep? This post is intended to share with you some tips and home remedies for better sleep.

But before you dive into the action steps, you need to take a glance at some facts and statistics about sleep. According to a report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, an average adult to live a healthy and wholesome life, they need seven or more hours of sleep per night.

In 2014, the same institution did a survey in the United States to find out the geographic varies in short sleep duration. The results showed that there are more than 20 states where people are meeting less than 70 percent of the recommended sleep requirements. In conclusion, the problem of sleep deprivation is more common than you think.

5 Tips and Home Remedies to Sleep Better at Night

1) Restrict the Use of Technological Devices Before Going to Bed

You will be surprised to learn that “3 in 4 Americans admit to using their phone while on the toilet”. Yes, this is true. BankMyCell surveyed 2,114 people in the U.S to find out about cellphone addiction in various demographics in the country. Needless to say, the results were shocking.

If 3 in 4 people use their phones in the toilet, I don’t think many will shy away from taking their phones to bed. And as we all know, excess cellphone backlight exposure

increases the time it takes for a person to fall asleep. Hence, it is critical to restrict device use before bed.

2) Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is defined as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” So, how does being aware of something–let’s say yourself and your surroundings– can help you sleep better?

Dr. Herbert Benson, director emeritus of the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine says that practicing mindfulness meditation for 20 minutes during the day can make it easy for you to evoke the relaxation response at night.

3) Use White Noise to Cancel out Distractions

Ideally, there is no alternative to sleeping in a calm and tranquil environment. If you stay in a remote area or your apartment is located on one of the top floors of a high- rise residential building, then you wouldn’t have to be concerned with external distractions like noise.

However, for those who stay near a busy street or have a newborn child in their home, must find a way to cancel out the noise that is capable of waking you up from sleep. Listening to white noise is one of the best ways to do so. You can get a white noise machine or merely use a ceiling/table fan to generate a soothing sound.

4) Listen to ASMR

In case you haven’t already heard, YouTube (since 2010) has a new category of sleep-inducing videos known as Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). In these videos, the creator (also known as ASMRist) uses specialized tools to generate several sounds that are described as calming and pleasurable.

However, there is one caveat. Not everyone responds to these soothing vibrations. There are only a select few who get a tingling sensation that runs from the top of their head to the base of their spine. The tingling sensation unwinds them so they can fall asleep quickly. Here is an example of an ASMR video.

5) Consume Sleep-Inducing Spices

Before you go ahead and pop a sleeping pill, think about the long term implications of it. A sleeping pill can indeed help you dodge certain situations. For instance, you have a job interview or a business meeting the next day, but it’s already 2 AM, and there is no sign of sleep. In such a scenario, a sleeping pill can help you get a few hours of decent quality sleep.

However, as a long term home remedy for better sleep, you should try adding all-natural spices like cumin seeds, nutmeg, aniseeds, poppy seeds, holy basil, saffron, etc. to your diet. Adding these to your food won’t make you feel sleepy during the day. Primarily, their function is to reset your sleep/wake cycle.


Instead of thinking of sleep as an independent activity that you perform at night, I want you to shift your perspective a bit. The actions you perform during the day add up and have a significant impact on the way you sleep at night. Hence, to sleep better at night, try to be accountable for your actions during the day.

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Comic Book Mystery Boxes Make Great Fun!




Comic Book Mystery Boxes Make Great Fun!

Comic Book

Multiverse Comic Box has a comic book subscription for all kinds of comic book collectors. In every subscription box there is something to read and something to collect. You can gift a cool monthly comic book subscription box gift to someone you love! They have 9 monthly subscription options for comic books! Rough and graded books!

Each month you will be given a random assortment of what could be the Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, and / or recent comic books every month! Multiverse mostly puts Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Valiant, Dynamite and Dark Horse comics in our unrated boxes! Some randomly generated comic book subscription boxes include major issues, rare variants, and signed comics! Multiverse comics try to direct our unclassified boxes to readers, not speculators.

All rated and unclassified Monthly Subscription Boxes include 3 bonus items! Reward items in a monthly box can be tile stand, stickers, superhero shirts, business cards, mini toys, key chains, stickers, etc., monthly chests are shipped out on the 20th of every month! More information here. Comic gradient mystery boxes are available for one-time purchase on our online store. Multiverse Comics also sells comic book shirts! Multiverse Comics’ mission is to donate a portion of our proceeds to Project Cowabunga, a non-profit organization that offers free comics to children to encourage them to read.

Contents of a mysterious comic book box

What is a comic book mystery box? A comic book mystery box is literally a box that contains randomly inserted comic books from a stock of books. Some sellers guarantee that certain types of picture books are in their mystery boxes or give odds if they will include certain types of picture books such as classified comic books, assorted covers, or signed picture books to name a few. You can watch a review of this comic book puzzle box on YouTube.

Picture books can be investments

Why invest in classified picture books from online comic book store? Comic books have become the new hot investment for individuals who are skeptical of the stock market and find no interest in investing in gold. Many comic books outperform the S&P 500 and gold every year, and some have as much as $ 5 that could increase 200% in value in just one year. Graded picture books maintain the status of books and take any guesswork with regard to grade so that they get a bonus compared to raw, unclassified picture books. Multiverse Comics offers mystery boxes with both options, so you’ll never know what you’re getting into!

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A Quick Guide about High Popularity of Lotto in Nigeria

Umar Nisar



A Quick Guide about High Popularity of Lotto in Nigeria

We all know that lotto is a fun game to play with all the time. This game was developed for the very first time under the development of that country that actually ran it. Yes, you heard it right; it was all started from China where they started the set-up of state funded national lotto of China. Its overall funding will got of Nigeria which will be used for the state and defense purposes.

With the passage of time the popularity of the Lotto Nigeria has been gaining a high importance and significance over the online sector. It has been all partly down to the great winnings for the people of Nigeria and lotto in Nigeria. It would not be wrong to say that it is wining the status like the sports of football where millions of people have been playing it all the time.

As this game has been backed by the support of the Nigerian Government therefore, they have included a set of safety for the people to play this game as both shops and online. Its ability to play online has grown at a massive level in the last few years.

It would not be wrong to say that this Lotto game has provided the employment option to millions of people in Nigeria. Plus, it has even introduced various opportunities for the people of Nigeria.

Through a small research, you will get to know about the varied unconfirmed reports which are based on the emerging value of this lotto industry all over the world. This whole figure is around $70 billion. Hence the overall estimate of how much the Nigerians have been spending on the betting is at the average level of N154bn daily. This lottery game is making around 7.5 million and around 22 million on the sports betting. This is probably due to the vast increase in the popularity of the gaming apps.

This game is running in Nigeria on weekly basis. They will arrange two draws as per week which is done on Saturday and one is done as midweek on Wednesday. It was run and has been produced by National Sports Lottery or NSL plc. Both of these jackpots has the capacity where they can reach at the excess range of around N5 million. If you want to play this lottery successfully, you should know the rules and basic concepts of playing this game.

To win this Nigeria lottery, you should choose 6 numbers which will cover from 1 to 49. For some of the people it is not possible to hit all the numbers. But this will make the chances of winning the lotto so much high.

It is being expected that in the coming few years, the popularity of western lotto offer will grow even more high. And once you would start playing it, you would love to play it all the time.

Play it now!

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What are the Advantages of an Indoor Grill?

Umar Nisar



Advantages of an Indoor Grill

Truth be told, an indoor grill is really no permanent replacement to the trusty backyard grill. There is just such a big difference in the taste. That is, for food connoisseurs such as me. That smoky, almost burnt taste of the meat is just something that you can’t seem to get anywhere else. That’s what I always thought. The wood or charcoal really makes such a difference (again that is in case you are a food or barbecue connoisseur such as me with ultra-sensitive taste buds). However, indoor grills have a few advantages that in no way can the backyard grill match either. In our house, we both have the standard barbecue as well as the new-fangled indoor grills.

First of all, the obvious advantage is that the indoor smokeless electric grill can be used, well, indoors. And that is no small matter for us. That is because we live in Seattle. And if you do not what that has to do with anything then let me spell it out for you. The weather in Seattle is constantly wet. And if it is not wet, then it is snowing. I dislike doing barbecues in the drizzle for some strange reason. I doubly dislike doing an outdoor barbecue session when it is snowing. The kids tend to catch colds and we all prefer to stay in the warm comfort of the house and the fireplace. That is why indoor grills were invented, or at least its one of the main reasons.

If you live in an apartment without a place to do barbecues, then indoor grills are your only option. For one thing, it is powered by electricity so that should pose no problem for apartment or condominium safety rules. Another thing that has indoor grills going for them is their small size. They won’t consume that much countertop.

With an indoor grill, you have the advantage of being able to grill your dinners every night. That’s right, every night you can enjoy your favorite grilled foods without so much hassle. You won’t have to set up that bulky grill or buy that charcoal that smudges your hands. You won’t have to worry about smoke either.

As opposed to gas-operated grills, indoor electric grills do not have nasty flare-ups that threaten to burn down the house. It is also less bulky and less expensive. Most restaurants use those gas-powered grills. For me, a good old contact grill such as the George Foreman grill will do just fine.

How To Look For Great Indoor Grills Online

Are you tired of the same old chore every Sunday when it family barbecue time? You have to buy charcoal in the supermarket. You have to set up the dirty and grimy big old outdoor grill. You have to go through the dangers of setting up a good flame going with all that smoke. Well then worry no more because the newest and best alternative to those messy outdoor grills are the more comfortable cookware that is known as the indoor grill. These are great especially if you just live in an apartment complex with no place to put your grill in. You also do not have to check out the weather forecast that might ruin your well-prepared barbecue day because know you can do your grilling in the comfort of your house.

You might be worried about the price of these grills. Well, there is also a solution to that. Go to online catalogs because the best deals can be found there where there sell models that are perhaps a year or two old. These are brand new and works just as well. If you want to go hunting for your very own indoor grill online, then just read on for some tips.

Types of Indoor Grills

The first thing you have to consider whenever you are shopping online for an indoor grill (or any other item for that matter) is to consider what you really want. Once you determine your needs, look at the various types and models available to you.

There are basically two main kinds of indoor grills. These are the open and the contact grills.

The contact grill is very popular. It has ridges on its metal heating surface that create that yummy grilled strips on the side of the steaks and burgers. These ridges also let the grease slid down from the cooking meat. The surface is titled and lets gravity pull down on the oil so that it gathers down into a container or pan. This is why grills are so preferable to frying because it cuts down the fat to more than half.

The contact indoor grill is slightly more advanced and pricey. But it is the easiest to use. This is because you won’t even have to flip those burgers or steaks anymore. A contact grill has two heating surfaces that fold onto the meat, much like a sandwich maker.

These grills run on electricity instead of fuel or charcoal so there is no smoke. Just go to online catalogs and choose the right type of grill for you. You can place your orders safely through the internet and you can have such great bargains. The important thing is that you do some research and that you have to know what you want before you order anything.

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