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How to Purchase the extra Qatar baggage?



How to Purchase the extra Qatar baggage?

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the field of Aviation. Most of the passengers from the UK prefer the Qatar Airways for travelling in the most of the Arabian Gulf Countries, Asian Countries, and some of the African countries. Qatar Airways is considered as the one of the Asian airlines but from the Arabian Peninsula. So, all the airlines of Asian countries offer the excessive baggage Allowance for their customers. Because most of the passengers travelling through Qatar Airways UK flights or other European countries need more baggage if they are natives of the Asian countries. Because it is the psyche of the Asian that they carry more and more things while travelling from one place to another. Especially, those people who are travelling on the long haul flights. Through this article we are going to guide you about the ways by which you can purchase the extra baggage allowance from the Qatar Airways representatives or their sales partner. Qatar Airways UK office is one of the best option for booking the cheap flights as well as extra amenities and services including the extra baggage allowance. Most of the people who are super wise, take a decision to book the cheap flight and get the extra baggage allowance only but some of the people book the higher cabin classes because of the generous baggage allowance of the higher travel classes.

Qatar Airways Manage My Booking

Qatar Airways Manage My booking is one of the best facility for the business people and for those who doesn’t have the time to contact the Qatar Airways special assistance department for the inclusion of the additional services or purchasing the extra baggage allowance. You must know your passenger named reservation or reservation code for the retrieval of the booking from the Qatar Airways website. Qatar Airways website is one of the masterpiece of their web developers and designers. For the inclusion of extraQatar Airways Baggage allowance by the online means or Qatar Airways Manage Booking, you have to fill the form with the PNR code and last or family name. Then you have to click on the button Qatar Airways Manage Booking, your booking will be retrieved and loaded in the browser of your personal computer. Once it has been loaded in the computer, you are authorized to make changings in the booking. You can purchase the additional services and make the changes which are authorized by the airline. It is one of the best way to save your precious time and book the extra baggage allowance in an efficient manner. There are lot of passengers who are making the beneficial use of this webpage.

Qatar Airways Call Centers

Qatar Airways call center agents are available round the clock for the honorable and precious customers. The Special Assistance Department is always keep in touch with the call center agents for the additional services which passengers have to purchase. It is the second most convenient way to purchase the extra baggage allowance from the call centers for the UK international flights of the Qatar Airways. Baggage allowance one of the important part of the journey whatsoever the purpose of the journey is. All the agents of the call centers hired by the Qatar Airways or their sales partners are expert in their skills of speaking level. For the inclusion of the extra baggage allowance in the booking of the Qatar Airways, you have to provide the passenger named reservation code or booking code to the travel consultant along with the last name or family name. Because these two things are very necessary for the travel consultant to retrieve your Qatar Airways booking from the database of the Qatar Airways. Once he has retrieved the booking then he is authorized to make the changings in the booking. After this you have to pay the specific amount for the baggage which may include the services charges, taxes, and fee for the extra checked in baggage. Most of the time checked baggage is purchased while hand baggage is enough to carry in the aircraft. Qatar Airways Email support team also work on the same mechanism. You have to send the email to the Qatar Airways with the PNR code and last name in the head section while in the main section or body of the email about the service which you are going to purchase or avail.

Qatar Airways Airport Offices

Qatar Airways have established the airport offices at each of the main airports all over the world. If your residence is near to any of the airports from where Qatar Airways operates its flights from the United Kingdom or any other country, then it is one of the convenient for you. Otherwise, while visiting the Airport before departure, you can purchase the extra baggage allowance from the airport office of the Qatar Airways. Although, it is one of the convenient ways but airport officers charge the extra charges as an extra fees for the baggage allowance. You have to visit the Qatar Airways with the copy of the ticket and show them. They will read the passenger named reservation code from the ticket and the last name of yours for retrieving the ticket from the database of the Qatar Airways. They will update the itinerary and allow you to carry the extra baggage with you. At that time, they will also give the print of a new ticket. They will also send the request to Qatar Airways Headquarters to send the new e tickets as a confirmation email as a proof.


These were one of most used means by using which you can purchase the extra baggage allowance from Qatar Airways UK flights and other flights as well. You can add the extra baggage allowance using the Qatar Airways Manage Booking, Qatar Airways call centers, or Qatar Airways Airport Offices. All these have the same procedures. You have to provide the PNR (Passenger Named reservation) code or booking code to the website or person along with the last name of family name. After the purchasing it, you have to pay the amount through the credit card. If you are booking from the airport office then they will send the request to the headquarters for the confirmation email along with the updated e tickets.