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TikViral: How To Promote A Gaming Blog Using TikTok?



TikViral: How To Promote A Gaming Blog Using TikTok?

TikTok is the top social media platform that has 1 billion users worldwide. The app is known for its popularity and for generating more leads. It is not only the short videos of the app that you can make popular among the audience. You can even make your blogs familiar among TikTok users. Especially in this article, we are going to deal with gaming blogs. In TikTok, gaming and marketing are pretty standard. For instance, if you created a game on TikTok and are puzzled about how to promote it on social media, then TikTok is one of the best choices! 

As the gaming sector is quite familiar with TikTok, promoting gaming blogs is also relatively easy on TikTok. Are you stuck without any ideas on promoting the gaming blog on TikTok? Let us see in detail the tactics for promoting your blog on TikTok. If you want instant stardom, you can get free tiktok fans, and you shall get more readers for your blogs. 

Gaming And TikTok

TikTok users can watch games when it is Live streamed, but they cannot play games within the TikTok app. As per research, it is found that about 49% of mobile gamers use TikTok. So undoubtedly, TikTok has a vast audience base ready to read your gaming blogs. Similarly, as per reports, TikTok gamers are 66% more likely to pay for gamers, and 40% are like to pay for add-ons. 

TikTok is known for its hashtags. With hashtags, more people are discovering your content quickly. As per recent insights, nearly 100 gaming-related hashtags receive more than 40 billion video views per month. Surprisingly, gaming on TikTok is a niche that is gaining maximum popularity. 

TikTok And Gaming Promotion

TikTok makes a three-way approach to promoting efforts: Organic, Paid, and earned. With organic followers, you can build the authenticity and trust of your audience. The paid and earned will generate significant engagements to market your gaming videos. The more you post on the platform, the more you amplify your visibility. 

3 Tips To Promote Your Gaming Blog On TikTok

1. Content Creation

Regarding blogs, content plays a significant role in boosting the reader’s rate. As always, the content is considered king. If you are promoting the blog, you must write a great description to promote your content. When you are framing your content, keep in mind the following points before you start creating the content. 

  • Keep the blog title attractive
  • Deliver the contents that align with your gaming perspective
  • Do’s and don’ts of gaming blog writing 
  • The core idea of your gaming blog. 

For instance, you can write a blog titled ‘How to win a PlayStation game easily? tricks to win the game quickly, etc. When you check the internet, you may get an idea of how to go with different content for gaming blogs. Generate original content as it is essential to keep the organic followers connected to your blogs. It would be fabulous if you stuck to various content formats to keep your audience engaged without dullness. Moreover, if you want to make your content video feature on the for you page, you can try TikViral and reap the benefits. 

2. Leverage On Trends

Creators have to scroll through TikTok to check on the trending videos. Everything has to be new and attractive when it comes to trending, starting from the content to the editing. The captions, subtitles, video graphics, and sounds, can be taken and repurposed as per your requirements. Whatever you write needs to be SEO optimized. For example, to promote a blog, you can take videos sharing your gaming experience, then, at last, give a CTA link on your gaming blog so that the link will redirect the followers of TikTok to the blog page. 

3. Create An Excellent Blog Landing Page

The clickable link should be optimized with the required details. When a viewer enters the blog, the format should be more attractive and appeal to readers to read the full content. You can also use TikTok ads and shall promote your blogs. In ads, you can make a statement like ‘catch up more details by reading the blog.’ So if you include these CTA, it will be easy for the audience to read the blogs. 


The above are many tactics recommended for you to grow your gaming blog followers. Gaming blogs need an element of creativity in it. With an in-depth understanding of topics, write a blog worth reading for the audience, including all the essential details. Writing a graming blog is not such a big deal! With consistent trials, you can make it in a quick time. If you want to grow your recognition on TikTok, you can try using TikViral and stay ahead of the curve. If you enjoy learning this article, please comment below! Thanks for reading!