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How to Prevent Losing Your Favorite Apple Airpod Accessory



How to Prevent Losing Your Favorite Apple Airpod Accessory

Did you know Apple sold 90 million of its AirPods just during the holiday season of 2021? 

If you’re an early adopter of any new Apple product, then you know the struggle of having to protect your investment. The price of all Apple products is on the higher end, which means it’s even more important for you to ensure that your investment stays safe.

That’s a lot of people who are putting their favorite Apple AirPods accessory in their pockets, purses, and bags each day. The problem is, you’re not all as careful as you should be. 

You’ve noticed the cord on your AirPods folded and tucked away into your pocket or bag, but when you get home, one of them is missing. This can be an enormous problem, causing you to spend money and replace lost AirPods. 

If you love your AirPods, here are some easy ways to avoid losing your favorite earbuds.

Get a Case for Your AirPods

You may think that one of the best features of the AirPods is their inconspicuousness, but it’s also one reason they’re so easy to lose. If you’re going to be putting them in your pockets or bags frequently, you’ll want something that will keep them from slipping out and getting lost. 

There are many types of cases for the AirPods that can help you keep track of them. Some come with a strap and others have small carabiners, so you can hook them onto your clothes or bag. If this is something you’d like to try, here are plenty of cases available for purchase online.

Use the Find My iPhone App

If you have lost one of your Apple AirPods somewhere around the house or even outside the home but still within range of a Wi-Fi network, then you can use the Find My iPhone App on your phone to locate it quickly and easily. 

This app allows users to locate their best Apple accessories on a map so that you can easily find again them within minutes instead of hours or days. The only catch is that you will have to have the app installed on your device before you lose your AirPods. If you do not have it installed, then it will not work.

You can also use this app to play a sound from the missing AirPods, which will help you locate them more quickly. This is especially useful if you have lost one or both of your earbuds outside and want to find them as soon as possible.

If you have lost your iPhone, have a look at ideas on how to find it.

Keep Your AirPods in a Secure Location

When you’re not wearing your smartphone accessories, put them away in the case that comes with them. This will help prevent someone from taking them without knowing it and possibly using them. 

If you have to leave your AirPods unattended, try to hide the charging case in a place where it won’t be easily seen by others. You can also leave one earbud plugged into your phone so that no one will think they’re available for use.

If you’re going to be in a public place for a long time and are worried about someone stealing your AirPods, it’s best to take the charging case with you. This will prevent someone from taking just one of your earbuds if they want to listen to music or make calls on their device.

Use a Rubber Band to Secure Them Together

If you do not want to carry them around with you all day long, then consider using a rubber band or any other material that will help hold the earbuds together when not in use. Once you have secured them together, place the earbuds in a safe place, and make sure that they are out of reach by anyone who might want to use them. 

You also have the option of using a lanyard or keychain that can hold your AirPods together when not in use. 

If you’re not a fan of the idea of using a rubber band or keychain to hold your AirPods together, then consider using an armband instead. You can secure your AirPods within this device and place them on your arm while working out so that they do not fall off during your workout sessions.

By doing this, you will find them when needed and avoid losing them altogether.

Put Them in a Place Where They Can Easily Be Found

Put the best AirPods somewhere with easy access so that when you reach for them, they’re already there, ready for you to use. This means putting them in your pocket or in your purse where they won’t get knocked around by other items or loose change that may be in the same area as well. 

You can also put them in a specific place on your desk or table so that they’re always there when you need them. This is especially helpful if you use them often throughout the day. 

Mark Them With Paint Markers or Permanent Markers

This is another option for keeping track of where your AirPods are located. Just make sure you mark both sides of each earbud so that you can tell which one belongs to which ear. 

You can also mark cables with paint markers or permanent markers if you want to be extra cautious about keeping track of all the wires connected to your iPhone or iPad. You can also purchase a cable clip to keep all of your cables organized. 

If you are worried about marking your AirPods or cables, you can also put them in clear bags. These will still be visible but won’t have any paint marks on them.

Apple AirPods Accessory: This Is How You Keep Them Safe

If you love Apple products, your AirPods are a type of exclusive pair. 

If you lose one of them, you’re out of that valuable piece of technology and it’s likely to cost to replace. Making sure you take the right steps to prevent losing your Apple AirPods accessory will, at the very least, save you from heartbreak if you do ever lose one.

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