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How to Prepare Mentally for Gastric Bypass



How to Prepare Mentally for Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass can be an ideal option for you if you have been struggling with severe obesity or being overweight despite your diet and exercise efforts. Dr. Chad Carlton offers minimally invasive weight loss surgery to improve how your small intestines and stomach handles food. It helps manage your hunger, blood sugar control, and fullness. It will significantly manage the amount of food you eat, which is crucial for weight management. The treatment has been found to help patients lose about 60-80 % of their weight. But the treatment is major, requiring significant recovery. Preparing yourself mentally is a crucial part of the treatment, and here are some helpful tips for you.

Talk With Your Loved Ones

As you prepare to undergo a bariatric bypass, talking to your family and friends about the treatment is important. Talk honestly and express how you feel about the treatment and why you need it. Also, share about the benefits and risks involved and be ready to hear their views. Having a strong support team can boost your confidence when seeking treatment and help you overcome your fears. Also, remember that you might need some help during your recovery, and this is the right time to ask one of your family members or friends for a helping hand.

Arrange for Your Recovery

You may spend about two days at the hospital for your recovery. But most of your recovery will happen at home. Therefore, it is vital to adequately prepare for the recovery before you get the surgery to ensure your home is recovery friendly. If you live alone, you will have to ask someone to help you during your recovery a few times a day or live with you for several days. Consult your doctor about your recovery to understand the necessary steps you can take to enhance your recovery. Additionally, remember to arrange how you will get from the hospital to your home since you will not be able to drive yourself.

Arrive Early on Your Appointment

It is normal to feel anxious on our appointment day. Your doctor will instruct you on what to do on the surgery day, including what to eat and wear. Being late can add pressure, and you might even forget some crucial instructions. That is why it is always better to be early than late. Therefore, check everything the night before your appointment and ensure all is set for your big day. Set the alarm, wake up early, and arrive at least 2 hours before your schedule. Consider your means of getting to the hospital when calculating your time. Will you drive there, when is the traffic bad?


On arriving at the hospital for a geriatric bypass, look for effective ways to help you stay calm. Although the surgery can be scary, you can relax by enjoying the company of a friend. You can also carry your electronics and listen to your favorite music or read a book. Just look for something that can make you relax whenever you are feeling anxious.

Research Adequately

Knowledge is power and can help you overcome the fear of the unknown. Bariatric surgery research can help you know what to expect, minimizing your worries. You should plan a consultation appointment before your surgery to ask all relevant questions about the treatment for clarification.

Get in touch with the bariatric bypass specialists at LoneStar Bariatrics if you think you can gain from the treatment. You can book your consultation via a call or the online tool to discuss your needs and treatment options.