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How to Plan an Epic Yacht Party



How to Plan an Epic Yacht Party

Yacht Party

Did you know that 81% of Americans travel during the summer months? When you’re ready to kick back and relax, nothing serves up a better time than a yacht party. Whether you’re celebrating the Fourth of July or a birthday, you’ll love hanging out on a boat with friends and family.

But coordinating everything might seem daunting. Don’t worry — we have you covered. Read on to learn how to plan an epic yacht party!

Determine the Party’s Theme

One of your first party planning steps should be determining the event theme since it will guide all other decisions. Are you hoping to hold a formal throwback affair featuring high-end cocktails and appetizers? Or do you want a laidback party with a sense of Caribbean flair?

Look at the reason you’re throwing the party in the first place as a starting point. If you simply want to celebrate the beginning of summer, keep things casual with a backyard barbecue theme. Alternatively, go with a beachside boardwalk theme and plenty of surfer-style guitar music playing in the background.

For upscale events, reach back in time for a 1920s-style mixer where you ask your guests to don their best evening wear. As another possibility, go with a costume party theme for a child’s birthday party. Keep in mind that you’ll use your party’s theme to inform color choices and imagery for decorations.

Figure Out Your Guest List

Who’s going to come to your party? Make a guest list that can comfortably fit on your yacht charter. And plan ahead so you can give your guests plenty of time to reserve space in their schedules for the party.

Send out classy invitations and follow up with guests to ensure they received them. Establish an RSVP deadline and ask about dietary restrictions if you’re planning a sit-down meal.

You’ll also want to let your guests know what to bring on a yacht. An all-day beach party on a yacht might necessitate lots of sunscreen and beach clothes. But an evening retirement party might mean bringing a shawl or jacket for added warmth.

Factor in your budget as you map out a guest list, too. Be aware that the more guests you have, the bigger the yacht you’ll need. You’ll also need to purchase more food and drinks to keep everyone happy.

Select the Best Food and Drink Options

You can’t have a party on a yacht without the right refreshments. You’ll want to work with a yacht charter company to understand if you’ll need to provide food or if you can select catering options through them.

For an afternoon or evening party, finger foods work well to encourage mingling. Go with sliders and simple sides to keep costs low and the style casual. Guests will love enjoying classic grilled delights on the deck of a stunning yacht.

More formal events will require planning a menu and choosing a yacht with ample prep space. Work with a catering company so you don’t underestimate how much food you’ll need.

And, of course, don’t forget about beverages. A bucket of cold beers and sodas will make any casual yacht party better. Offer plenty of non-alcoholic options and consider making a signature cocktail, as well.

For a fancier event, you may want to use a bar where guests can get wine and specialty cocktails. Look into providing drink tickets so guests can have the first drink or two on the house.

Plan Your Party’s Soundtrack

You’ll need to spend time figuring out your music selections, too. You might have the budget and space to host live music. This can be a wonderful way to personalize the experience and impress your guests.

Hire a jazzy string band for a yacht party with a vintage sense of style. A cover band is a great choice for a more informal party. Guests will love tossing out their musical requests, too.

As another option, look into hiring a DJ. They’ll help keep guests engaged and active on the dance floor. A DJ also can take the burden off of you so you can enjoy the party.

As the cheapest option, grab a good set of speakers and make an online playlist using your favorite music streaming platform. You can use your laptop or phone to score the event. You’ll just need to be ready to queue up the right songs for the moment.

Find the Right Yacht

The last and crucial part of planning a boat party consists of landing the right boat. Plan on chartering a yacht from a reputable vendor in the area. You can search for a luxury yacht rental near me online to get started.

Renting a yacht means you’ll have access to a skilled crew to help your party go off without a hitch. Ask about different types of yachts and their prices. For instance, maybe you want a yacht that has amenities like a pool or hot tub.

On the other hand, for a simpler affair, you might just need a yacht with a well-equipped bar and dining area. Prepare your list of needs so you can secure the right yacht or superyacht to make your party perfect.

Plan an Epic Yacht Party

Planning an epic yacht party doesn’t have to be an endless chore. Take the time to decide your theme and budget first, and then follow up with a guest list. Secure food and entertainment to create the perfect ambiance, and then get the right yacht for the event.

When you’re ready for more tips to spice up your vacation, check back for new articles!



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