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How to Optimize for Zero Click



How to Optimize for Zero Click

“5 Focus Points Related to Zero Click SEO For Quick Browsing:”

Read best practices by Gabe Gayhart

In the crazy search marketing world of the last 10 years, artificial intelligence (AI) and structured data have changed Google search algorithms and result pages. Marketing darlings like Danny Sullivan and Rand Fishkin are of opposite opinions on the impact that these evolutions have on websites. Brands, startups, and competitors alike are missing the gaps in content execution. That means that the good old branding attribution debates are echoing into 2021, since brand equity and assist touchpoints are the only insights that we can attribute to zero positioning on Google.   

5 Focus Points Related tZero Click SEO For Quick Browsing: 

  1. Zero click searches need to have attribution assigned to the assistive function they play in buyer cycles and brand positioning to justify how extensive your effort will be. 
  2. Branded queries that trigger zero click results can be hijacked by content creators and clever competitors in content execution if your brand is not serving content to satisfy a user’s search intent. 
  3. When it comes to determining values in a cost/benefit analysis for zero click SEO, it comes down to this: What is the dollar cost and benefit of owning branded vs. non-branded zero click search results? 
  4. When forecasting zero click SEO opportunities, it is about the cost of targeting the competitor zero click footprint correlated to brand and business impacts of competitor zero click footprint. 
  5. Design zero click search strategy based on monetary values that are related to PPC cost. Primary focus should be on total cost the brand spent in campaign that preserves top-of-page positions for brand and non-brand keywords. 

Zero Click SEO Overview

What Are Zero Click Searches in 2021?

Featured Snippet Analysis 

Starbucks Branding Discovery 

Bubble (Boba) Tea Shortage Discovery 

Unrelated Entities Exploit Branded Zero Click Visibility 

Determining the Value of Zero Click Positioning on Google

How to Deploy Zero Click Search Tactics in SEO Implementation 

Target Paragraph Snippets to Satisfy ‘Answer Seeking’ Intent 

Example of a List or Data Table for Featured Snippets 

Example of Recipe Featured Snippet Implementation 

Considerations for Zero Click Search Video Snippets 

Are There Zero Click Search Analytics? 

How to Get Value from Zero Click Searches 

Contact Us 

What are Zero Click searches in 2021

Google introduced “position zero” in 2019. Search results are altered by adding a snippet of information at the top of the results page. The intention is to quickly solve the intent of a keyword query. Sometimes that is an address, and other times that is a snippet of content. This enhancement helps serve web content to a Google user immediately, thus reducing the need for people to click through to any given website. Now in 2021, with the updates like “Passage Indexing/Ranking,” Google is finding better ways to use the zero position, knowledge graph cards and local rich snippets. When people conduct a Google search, get their information from the SERP and do not click through to a website, this is what is known as a “zero click” search. 

Featured Snippet Analysis

For sake of brevity on a rather dynamic topic and a need for familiarity with featured snippets, or the fundamental differences with rich snippets, check out this highly informative article on SEJ

There is a lot to cover when it comes to the evolution of zero positioning and various zero click opportunities. The difficulty in this search conundrum is lack of attribution, meaning an inability for the SEO to justify time and resourcing to zero click opportunities beyond targeting rich snippet CTR friendly recommendations that are attributable clicks. 

For a mom-and-pop brand, or an enterprise brand, there must be a cost/benefit analysis as part of prioritizing SEO implementations. If a zero-position result cannot be counted as a click, then how do you begin a cost/benefit analysis? Hence, zero click search optimization should be considered with attribution of brand positioning, time decay models, or competitive share of voice measurement.   

Naturally, seasoned SEOs consider every capturable opportunity as potential revenue downstream. Zero click search is important from the economic perspective of a positioned brand impression and/or a customer journey touchpoint. Nurturing brand recognition and extending brand visibility through search is the operative goal with zero click search opportunities.  

Starbucks Branding Discovery

Let’s use the brand Starbucks as an example. There are audience-defined niche gaps in brand-related search interest that Starbucks’ public-facing communications strategy misses when it comes to featured snippet outcomes that appear with specific branded terms. 

Starting at the high level of a search trending portion of a keyword analysis: 

Historical search interest spikes are being driven in the U.S. and worldwide about recent shortage in tapioca pearls (aka boba) that are used in popular (bubble) milk tea recipes. As if the pandemic year wasn’t difficult enough, it’s definitely not cool to be messing with Generation Z’s most internationally accepted drink. What’s next, canceling soccer, or did that already happen?  

Bubble (Boba) Tea Shortage Discovery

An ahrefs tool check gives a clear localization signal, which also implies mobile correlation. There are 134,000 “near me” searches per month (“boba” + “bubble”) which correlate with higher purchase intent when conducted on a mobile device.  

In a cross check to determine types of content engagements that might be going on cross platforms, we find that there has already been massive amount of virality from the TikTok audience. This is the exact audience (Gen Z & millennials) that powers the global “Bubble (Boba) Tea Revolution.” In total, more than 2 million views have occurred when combining both #BobaTea and #BubbleTea hashtags.  

The Starbucks brand isn’t suggested in searches for “bubble tea,” but the brand does appear for “boba tea.”  

This branded search intent pattern is consistent enough that Google is using featured snippets to resolve the user’s inquiry on results for keyword “boba tea starbucks.” Starbucks has a content gap, though, in part because the company does not carry an official bubble tea drink that its marketing team would naturally build content around. Instead of Starbucks voice/brand content appearing for a brand query, what appears is an image carousel of fake boba drinks in Starbucks cups, and a featured snippet result from Quora, answering the question “Does Starbucks have bubble tea?” 

Mobile SERP gives a slightly different featured snippet. It displays a dual featured snippet (from a fandom website and from Quora) because Google does not have enough confidence to serve content that will help the user intentions. Instead, Google lets the user pick the best possible answer.  

Consider the impact from content that could live on, whether voice or personality content. The content could create a dominant signal in an E-A-T content paradigm. Google appears to be starving for Starbucks content that will mention anything on bubble tea. Thus, the opportunity to regain control of brand voice and message.  

Unrelated Entities Exploit Branded Zero Click Visibility

Clever content creators have exploited this niche search demand, hence the search suggestion made by Google, “milk tea Starbucks hack.” 

This YouTube creator secured 40,000+ views in a year by using a ‘Starbucks/Boba Tea Hack’ video. The hack was not sophisticated, nor was it really a hack. The video instructed viewers to take their own bag of boba to Starbucks, and to use her custom Starbucks breve drink recipe for the right milk tea taste. She admits at the end that it doesn’t exactly taste like boba milk tea, but it’s the closest flavor possible.  

Meanwhile, a defunct YouTube page with 51 subscribers decided to relaunch because of the tension building in this branded Starbucks boba revolution. The channel broadcasts a fake “Boba Starbucks Drinks” video, titled “Starbucks Launching Boba Nationwide?” 

That proved to be ingenious since the spoof video exceeded the channel’s one-year historical view total in just 2 weeks. If a consistent pace continues for this emerging video, it could eventually replace featured video snippets that are linked to the older “hack” video for Starbucks and “boba tea” related keywords.  

SEOs and brand marketers must align on brand attribution to incorporate tactics related to “SEOing the SERP.” If the marketing team cannot attribute a value that will drive strategic impact and priority, then there are other attributable consequences, as a Starbucks barista points out in the YouTube comments.  

Determining the Value of Zero Click Positioning on Google

Despite the final decisions that are made for an organization to carry the value of zero click in a broader integrated search landscape, those decisions should involve more intuitive decisions about reporting and forecasting questions. Some of those questions include:  

  • What is the value of your brand in controlling the message with simple brand-related inquiries that drive zero click search results? 
  • What is the value for your brand to appear in non-branded searches which trigger zero click search results? 
  • What is the value of any zero click search that your competitor owns, and/or any website owns, instead of your brand? 

In paid search, social or media, there is a true monetary click, impression, or performance value that goes with protecting brand ad positions. There is a cost that brands pay to avoid competitor intrusions. Now in 2021, in organic search, SEOs need to begin zero click position attribution with similar valuation to holding top page positions (if in zero position) and protecting branded search by avoiding off-brand intrusions. Here is a recent example of this occurring to Sparktoro with a blog post we published on Zero Clicks. While Investis Digital is not a direct competitor of Sparktoro, there is value lost with their brand visibility by Google featuring our article as the featured snippet instead of theirs: 

How to Deploy Zero Click Search Tactics in SEO Implementation

In the Starbucks analysis, there have been multiple zero click opportunities which apply to broader audience targeting since bubble “boba” tea products are powered by generational demographics (Gen Z/millennials). Also, experiential brand opportunities with Google users can lead to branded content interactions. With this keyword, our zero click opportunities are primarily:  

  1. Featured Content snippet 
  2. People Also Ask module 
  3. Video snippet (mostly powered by YouTube) 
  4. Image snippets (mostly related YouTube video content & Pinterest) 

Part of this content collaboration will involve video content creation for the Starbucks YouTube and other social channels. The content ideas can range from offering an organic tapioca pearl recipe to a product promotion announcement for seasonal bubble tea pearl add-ins with certain popular drinks for a limited time. 

Whatever way the overall marketing and content strategy is going to be scheduled and built, the on-page content optimization should be structurally designed to help cater to the existing zero click search experience on Google.  

Target Paragraph Snippets to Satisfy ‘Answer Seeking’ Intent

When considering text-based content, Starbucks must design content with the paragraph snippet in mind, since it is the primary zero click search utility, aside from local search signals triggering Google maps. Paragraph snippets typically appear in order to fulfill “answer seeking” queries such as how-tos or other queries that are intent on finding information that is related to the “who,” “why,” and “what” of different entities.  

In this case, the entities are “Starbucks” and “bubble (boba/tapioca pearls) tea,” and Google is merely trying to give any information to infer topical answers that can satisfy specific questions related to both entities. The more applicable the content is to a multitude of topically relevant questions, the more utility a paragraph snippet might receive in SERPs. In this case, designing content that answers the following example questions is ideal for targeting “People Also Ask” modules: 

  • “Why doesn’t Starbucks have bubble (boba) drinks?” 
  • “What are bubble tea pearls made of?”  

Any of this content could be assistive in ranking branded content for featured snippets on Google.  

Even though we have not seen any list or table snippets appearing in the current zero click results for “Starbucks” + “bubble (boba) tea” keywords, it’s likely because list and table data is not being targeted within content that relates to these keywords. In this case, it could be beneficial to incorporate these data structures within the content of a targeted page. There are two approaches we could take to target zero click search opportunity with list and data table or recipe instructions.   

If targeting list and data table, then Starbucks could consider a variety of content ideas that might prove engaging, as well as data driven.  

Example of a List or Data Table for Featured Snippets

Perhaps Starbucks could build a simulator tool which for fun calculates when bubble tea will arrive to your area. Next to the position of simulator tool, could be some simple facts about the shortage. This all can live under a heading tag “How Long Until the Bubble Tea Shortage is Over?”  

<h3>How Long Until the Bubble Tea Shortage is Over?</h3> 


<li>30 days for tapioca pearls to cross ocean<li> 

<li>14 days for tapioca pearls to clear international customs<li> 

<li>90 days for tapioca pearls shipment to leave the shipping dock<li> 

<li>10 days for tapioca pearls to arrive at retail stores<li> 

<li><strong>Minimum of 4 months and 24 days</strong><li> 


Also, the same data could be listed in an HTML table. In doing so, the following markup is essential for featured snippet data display: 

<h3>How Long until the Bubble Tea Shortage is Over?</h3> 

  <caption style=”text-align:right”>Bubble Tea Shortage Countdown</caption> 
    <th>Number of Days</th> 
    <th>Bubble Tea Milestone</th> 
    <td>30 Days</td> 
    <td>Ship tapioca pearls across the ocean</td> 

For SEO reference, when using tables consider the following inputs because table snippets generally display the data in table format: 

  • <table> — is where the data is contained 
  • <caption> — Tag for HTML table data theme, can be referenced by search engine’s target page keyword theme. This caption is readable by screen readers, so be useful in your captions. 
  • <th> — Table Headings. A tag for generating bold headings – describes data integer in row. 
  • <tr> — Table row. The <tr> tag defines a row in an HTML table. This element contains one or more <th> or <td> elements inside of it. 
  • <td> — Table data. This can contain data related to text, values, product lists, etc.  
  • <table summary>- Even though it will be deprecated with HTML 5, it is worth mentioning the summary attribute of the table element makes this information available to people who use screen readers too; the information is not displayed visually. 

Example of Recipe Featured Snippet Implementation

Starbucks can keep the messaging neutral as possible and offer a fun “organic tapioca pearl” recipe or create a UGC driven campaign that tries to solve the “Boba Tea Shortage” with a homemade Bubble Tea Recipe contest, all of which can be supported by schema strategies which might enable featured snippets. Each content plan has an approach that could define a different structured data markup strategy. Recipe implementation might be a good way to address the “bubble tea Starbucks” inquiries without confirming or denying anything.  

There are plenty of ways to deploy a recipe content campaign or recipe contest. Regardless of structured data markup, the strategy should always include three considerations for recipe schema to have a chance to be leveraged in zero click search features:  

  1. Qualitative images 
  2. An authoritative entity listed as author in structured data 
  3. HowToStep @type in schema implementation for each step in the recipe process 

Considerations for Zero Click Search Video Snippets

The video snippet is strongly influenced by YouTube. There are multiple ways to deploy this snippet strategy, too. For example, it could be a video clip with structured markup strategy or clickable timestamps that pinpoint the exact point in the video when a question is answered.   

At a minimum for exclusive SEO purposes, Starbucks should consider repurposing the website content into video format for its branded YouTube channel. The more exciting opportunity for this topic and audience affinity for both “bubble tea” and “Starbucks” could make for more resource-heavy yet virally targeted brand content for social strategy.  

If Starbucks targeted a more cross-channelized approach to branding, then SEO should be using featured snippets as leverage for extending reach of the video content campaign that is being powered in part by paid social. Content planning will variate based on how Starbucks might deploy video-related markup for a snippet strategy. In order to better understand various markup scenarios, read this Google developers page, which has a terrific guide in making these nuanced, and structured markup decisions.  

Are There Zero Click Search Analytics?

There are no zero click search analytics related to tracking directly into conversion value, nor any click-to-conversion reporting tools for zero-positioned placements. However, there is some reporting of snippet visibility in Google Search Console, and on different popular analysis tools and plugins. Discussions about zero click search are important to have constantly in order to ensure value is placed on this SEO effort. In doing so, attribution around zero click search priority will be better observed during SEO and content execution.  

How to Get Value from Zero Click Searches

There are some common ways to assign attribution to zero click search:  

  1. Use PPC data to determine the cost to top-of-page positioning for brand keywords. Based on the total cost and brand priority, this PPC value can then be used for organic brand positioning in zero click landscape. 
  2. Determine the value of share of voice in search. In PR, a share of voice metric is assigned to placements on the web. This same type of attribution can be scaled to model for branded, owned content vs. branded earned placements on non-owned properties appearing for other zero click search opportunities. This could help integrate outreach priorities into the attribution model.  
  3. Monitor stakeholder assigned attribution. Sometimes, business urgency and internal priorities define higher attribution. Stakeholders or C-level executives can assign attribution values that are in line with Big Hairy Audacious Goals or have internal corporate value that might not align with direct revenue reporting.  

Contact Investis Digital 

At Investis Digital, we help many clients create content that is compelling and findable. Our content teams possess a full complement of skills creating content and designing pages for performance and SEO. For more insight on how we can help, contact Investis Digital

Gabe Gayhart is an SEO Director, his team possess a full complement of SEO skills. Follow Gabe Gayhart on Twitter , Linkedin , or if you need a CPA with credentials go to Gabe Gayhart in Ohio .



ABTACH Pakistan Creates an Unwavering Footprint in the IT Industry



ABTACH Pakistan Creates an Unwavering Footprint in the IT Industry

With a lot going on in the IT sector of Pakistan, there leaves little room for innovation. The year 2020 has been tough and devastating for many industries; however, it proved to be a time when companies could have taken a leap to success. While others were struggling to make ends meet, ABTACH was preparing the big game.

ABTACH Pakistan is a leading IT venture established in 2014. Since its inception, the firm has given the country many new ideas and techniques to generate progress in the sector. It has truly raised the standards and creates challenges for others.

The firm has withstood the ups and downs the industry has faced over the years and never gives up on bringing modernization that can not only create a better age of the country but give its people an avenue to grow and succeed.

The Irremovable Footprint of ABTACH Pakistan

How ABTACH created a foothold in the IT industry, is that what you are wondering? Well, the question may have aroused a bit of curiosity among the critique but upon getting the findings and analyzing the journey, they too were awe-inspired.

The firm takes over every category that falls under the information technology sector. It backs up the resources with cutting-edge technology to ensure timely and efficient delivery of services. The company focuses on bringing innovation and expanding the horizon with better techniques and far-reaching strategies. They put their prime focus on utilizing techniques that can uplift the standards and offer multiple avenues to explore success.

With a result-oriented approach and an eye for creativity, ABTACH leaves no stone unturned to generate unbeatable results. Apart from this, the firm keeps its employees fully contended. They know how to keep the workforce happy and what are the right techniques to create a healthy and open environment.

At ABTACH, you can let your ideas flow and your vision expand. You can make your workforce grow and learn new things. You can make them unleash better avenues of creativity and add advancements in every service.

There is a proper systematic division of every resource. This creates room for better growth of individual employees. It gives them a roadmap to secure more targets and to achieve goals. They can aim big and hope high. They can grow their career and bring newer ways to improve and excel.

It’s true that the success of a company lies in the efforts of its employees. And ABTACH makes every move that can keep its employees fully contended. Furthermore, the area of IT services they cover is vast. So, let’s dive in to explore their unmatched services.

The Top-Notch IT Services They Provide

In the facet of information technology, ABTACH brings a modern and highly advanced range of services offered at competitive rates and pricing. It covers development to programming to all the categories of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Services

In the area of digital marketing, ABTACH offers paid marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Apart from these, they offer graphic design as well. To ensure that they offer the most engaging services, their teams keep on monitoring the ongoing trends and techniques.

They keep pace with the market and understand the changing demographics. They know the right way to uplift the IT services and to bring out better outcomes. The IT services are backed with result-driven techniques and governed by notable tactics. Just to create strategies that can provide ABTACH a prime position, the professionals spend hours and even days in monitoring the trends in the market.

Furthermore, the teams at ABTACH Pakistan make use of every technology whether it’s the short-lived stories on social media or advanced tools to operate email marketing. They pay attention to every little step that can create a bigger impact on the overall results.

Content Creation

Content has been the major element that has contributed to the success of the firm. They have a huge department of content creation mainly dedicated to ghostwriting. The experts come up with amazing tactics that can help the writers and contributors to compose the most inspiring and engaging content.

Incorporating stories and adding essence that can touch the emotional sentiments of the target readers, the experts of the firm know how to draw the attention and generate better outcomes. They know which technique can garner attention and create an impact on the target audience.

The goal of professionals is to create an image of the brand that stays in the mind of the audience. They pay focus on bringing out the brighter side of the firm, which th\\ey are writing about, and to help it position among the leading spots in the industry.

With words so appealing and structures created to hit the targets, ABTACH is known to provide the best content creation services to the customers. It welcomes creative heads and skilled copywriters who know how to play with words.

Web and App Development

In the domain of app and web development, ABTACH surpasses its rivals. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company creates highly advanced applications that take up the leading positions in both the App Store and the Play Store.

In addition, it creates cutting-edge websites that are seamless and developed on a customer-centric approach. The techniques involved in the development are robust and ensure efficient functionality. Delivering orders on time and ensuring no delays or troubles to the customers has always been the aim and motto of the company.

From adventure to thrilling games, service-based applications to huge eCommerce stores; ABTACH has delivered unbeatable standards in the development sector.

Graphic Designing

Whether it’s about delivering customer-centric design products or creating seamless user interfaces of websites, the professionals at ABTACH offer remarkable services. They create amazing designs and add more colors to the image. The logos they create speak volumes of their expertise. Every design product has a story to tell. The message they incorporate in the design garners attention.

The industry of graphic designing is advancing faster with newer trends coming to the surface. From bold designs to gradient effects to using multiple font styles, there is a lot going on in the industry. The best part is ABTACH is the only firm in Pakistan that practices such innovative techniques and delivers awe-inspiring products and services to the customers.

The Remarkable Philosophy of ABTACH Pakistan

At ABTACH, the professionals take every project as their own and pour their heart out into the work. They not only focus on one single aspect to build the recognition but keep a bird’s eye on every section of the brand that can contribute to increasing its position in the online market.

They keep the customers fully informed and keep on seeking their suggestions to deliver them the kind of product they want. They aim to fulfill the unique needs of their people and to do that they bend over backward and indulge in their work with complete devotion.

In a Nutshell

The success of a company lies in two things, its people and its vision and ABTACH Pakistan prove to set the best example for it. The firm has faced many challenges but still has outrun its competitors in various areas of its service. They not only have revolutionized the T industry but have become the most desirable place to work.

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How to Port a Phone Number to a New Provider by contacting Customer Service?



How to Port a Phone Number to a New Provider by contacting Customer Service?

In a perfect world, you would have it your way, unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect and doesn’t work that way. We all want and need certain things but sometimes they seem out of reach. However, that’s not always the case, especially when it comes to keeping your phone number and switching providers for whatever reason. Most of us are known by our phone numbers because of the familiarity and the fact that so many of our friends and family have the number saved. This leads to the need for us to retain our number for simplicity’s sake. Since the number is kept “On File” with so many people, it only makes sense to try and keep our old number instead of being provided a new one.


Your telephone number will need to be ported over to a mobile network such as T-Mobile via a prepaid SIM. The most critical step in the entire process is not to cancel your services before porting and retaining ownership of the number. If you happen to jump the gun and cancel your landline services prior to porting the number, then you will lose it forever.


Our ultimate goal is to port the number over to Google Voice due to the versatility of the services since all that is involved is a $20 porting fee. At the moment, Google only allows numbers to be ported into Google Voice from a mobile network operator, therefore, there is a two-step process involved. You will have to first port your number to a mobile network and then to Google Voice. You could go a different route and port the number over to a traditional telephone service if you want to have your phone service without being reliant on the internet. However, we recommend you to contact AT&T customer service, as AT&T offers the highest quality services that could be bundled with high-speed Internet to save yourself some extra bucks.

If your end goal is Google Voice, then you want to check if the area code is supported by Google prior to porting it over. By using the tool, you will either get 1 of two messages, either your area code is not supported by the service or your number can’t be ported over to Google Voice. The first message means that your number simply cannot be ported over to Google Voice whereas the second message is actually good news since your number is eligible, but can’t be ported since the ownership lies with your service provider.


The 2nd step is to confirm if your number can be ported over to a T-Mobile Prepaid SIM by using the following tool. If it can be ported over to a T-Mobile Prepaid SIM, then simply purchase a Prepaid SIM card and activate it using the temporary number and pin programmed into the SIM. Insert the SIM into an unlocked smartphone and place a test outgoing and incoming telephone call to make sure everything is functioning as it should. 

The second part of this step involves you contacting the activation department and requesting to port over your home phone number which should take no more than a week. The SIM will cost you anywhere from $5-$10, and if for some reason your number is unable to be ported over to T-Mobile then remember there are other service providers out there with their own tools. Once your telephone number has been ported over then you are free to go ahead and cancel your landline telephone services and retain your home phone number, which at the moment will function from the Prepaid SIM card till you have ported it over to either Google Voice or another landline provider.


Now that you have your trusted and valued landline telephone number ported over to the Prepaid SIM card, you can now port it over to Google Voice. If you don’t have a Google account then go ahead and create one, access Google Voice via your Google account, and follow the instructions to port your number over from your Prepaid SIM Card by entering your account (telephone) number and PIN for your ported number and the temporary number which was programmed into the phone.

Google will then proceed to call your number for activation instructions, so it is highly recommended that you have the Prepaid SIM inserted into an unlocked phone at this time. Once the activation process is completed, the number should be ported over in 3-5 working days. Once you have completed the process then you will have multiple numbers ring when someone does decide to call your landline number. Google Voice also offers the ability for voicemails to be transcribed and sent to you so that you don’t have to listen to each voicemail.


The only reason to not switch to Google Voice at this time is if you plan to register your landline with a traditional telephone service provider. The only benefit in doing so is that you are not reliant on the internet to make and receive phone calls. But as previously mentioned, the versatility of Google Voice and the fact that the services are free should make it a no-brainer since you will be saving anywhere from $20-$80 a month and cutting the cord from traditional telephone services.

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YouTubers are using Visugu: One of the top-quality YouTube Video Editing Services



YouTubers are using Visugu: One of the top-quality YouTube Video Editing Services

We all know that on YouTube, content is king, and producing more content will likely increase your views and ultimately grow your subscriber base. However, the one thing holding people back from creating more content on YouTube is not necessarily the video recording process (though that does come into play) but is generally the video editing process.

If editing your videos is your bottleneck or if you are just spending too much time on video editing when you could be creating more content, consider hiring Visugu as your YouTube video editor. There are thousands of YouTubers getting their services because they provide customer-oriented facilities with flexible prices. Not only that, Visugu is eagerly working to satisfy its customers to 100%.

They have got amazing prices, check it out. You can always afford it, for a YouTuber, it’s more about quality than money. But there are still hundreds of thousands of YouTubers who are in their early phases, they can choose another pricing. The trust is guaranteed. So, without wasting your further time, go and order Visugu Video Editing Services and get yourself listed amongst the top leading YouTubers.

The worst case is that your footage sits on your hard drive, never being viewed again and ultimately gets lost once you change computers or mobile devices.

This is where Visugu comes in, we provide unlimited Outsource YouTube Video Editing requests with a super-fast turnaround to our subscribers for a flat monthly fee. There are no contracts meaning you can start and stop at any time. They can even do once-off video edits if you only want a single video output for your YouTube channel.

With a flat monthly fee, you’ll get unlimited video editing requests and revisions. There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. We can even edit your videos in 24 hours (depending on complexity). You’ll never need to spend time on video editing again!

So instead of spending hours trying to do it yourself, maybe let Visugu edit your video(s).

Why Choose Visugu?

Unlimited Requests & Revisions

  • Get as much work done as you need without limits

Top Professional Editors

  • We hire the best editors so that you don’t need to

Fast Turn Around

  • Get your video edits back within 48 hours

No Contract

  • Cancel anytime, We’ll never lock you in

How is the process?

It’s very simple, you Upload video footage, and We’ll provide a “time quote” on the job and work our magic to build your vision. We’ll edit, you relax. Get your video edit delivered to you within our “time quote” in the format you have requested. Revise until perfection. Need changes made? Request as many revisions as you like, we won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. This is what makes the, stand apart in the contest. They care for their customers providing the best services in flexible and affordable prices.

What is included?

In the simplest terms, we can help you with anything that is classified as video editing. This includes:

  • Training videos
  • Vlogs
  • Music videos
  • Short films
  • Trailers
  • Editing Wedding footage
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook ads
  • Video ads
  • Webinars
  • Slide show
  • Adding music
  • Color correction
  • Adding text over video
  • Name cards
  • Captions
  • Subtitles (if text is provided)
  • Pretty much anything deemed as video editing

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