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How To Market You Website With SEO



How To Market You Website With SEO

How to keep web visitors for longer

When an entrepreneur sets up a bar, he will not want customers to piss and leave. It is not for that that he has invested his time and money. Although the first step is to call customer service and get them to access our store, what really interests us is that it consumes, the more the better, and if we can make it come back we will often have loyalty to a customer. We want a happy customer.

But to get to this point it is not enough to “be”, we will have to work it out. We will do it by keeping our bar clean, with personalized attention, promoting items, etc. We will definitely take care of different aspects that make the king of the mambo feel the client. And we will see the results in the daily box.

And if in our bar we can track in real-time the behavior of our visitors, we can also measure the actions of our users through Google analytics.

Bounce rate

However, it is important that you know what this bounce rate is about: it is the percentage of visits that enter your website, spend more than a few seconds on it, or enter and leave. For example, a 50% rate means that of every 100 visits, half left without entering another page of your site and in record time. The lower the bounce rate on your website, the higher.

And, precisely to get quality traffic, that is, for our visitor to come back, feel at ease and consume our content, I am going to propose a few techniques or strategies to apply to our site.

1.- Quality contents

typewriter It seems obvious, and yet the phoenix web design agency is full of content that does not provide any value worth considering. I am not at all in favor of creating content without minimally elaborating and vomiting them to the web in search of normally ephemeral visitors.

Many of the factors involved in the quality of our content will be discussed in some points of this post. Basically, write about something you know, always document and generate original content that adds value.

2.- Clean design

quotes Although the content is important, it is no less how it is presented. Visitors decide in seconds if they remain or leave your page, and a chaotic design makes that decision very easy.

Eliminate unnecessary distractions from your page, such as mindless animations, unnecessary widgets, etc., and look for simplicity; Your visitor will appreciate it.

Use the spaces to give air to your texts. Margins and fillings around the elements of your page will help create a pleasant visual impact. Flee from the excessive concentration of content.

3.- Fast loading of your page

rocket cargo-web-fastOptimize you’re website so that the load is fast. Surely you have spent a lot of time generating that content but many of your visitors will not give this content a chance if they are not loaded immediately. Check out this post to get some ideas on how to optimize your website.

4.- Add indicators that generate credibility

Resume-image Depending on the characteristics of your website, it may be a good idea to include indicators that reinforce the confidence in the information you offer. Some proposals:

Testimonials Most users are influenced by the opinions of other users. So including testimonials from satisfied customers will increase confidence in your site, especially if you sell a product or service. But don’t be cheater, fooling your visitors with false testimonies will turn against you sooner than you can imagine.

Introduce yourself with a “Who I am” type section where you can explain your knowledge and why they should trust you or your company.

Another strategy that can work is to make visible the people who follow you on social networks, facebook, twitter, google +, etc. Eye, do it only if you have enough followers if not, it could have the opposite effect.

5.- Improve readability

icono-typography Legibility, especially if your site has many contents, is essential for your visitors to take advantage of them. Some of these tricks may be useful:

Clean backgrounds: Although sometimes it may be justified, it is usually not convenient to distract the user with backgrounds with images, patterns or colors that do not contribute anything interesting. In most cases, a white background is a good option.

Use a readable font. If you use a complex typeface that is not easy to read, you are contributing to the development of the pharmaceutical industry by promoting the use of headache pain relievers (from your visitors). So, use easy-to-read fonts and a sufficiently large size that allows you to read your content correctly on any device.

Structure your content. Use the headings (h1, h2, h3 …) correctly to organize your content. Use lightly heavy paragraphs, lists or bullets when necessary. Bold or italic can also help reinforce ideas, ultimately use the resources you have to get consistent and readable texts. In this way, in addition to contributing to the visitor not getting lost among your texts, you will be improving the SEO Tempe AZ of your website.

6.- Reinforce concepts with internal links to other contents of your website

If the contents of your blog or website deal with a certain topic, which is to be assumed, surely you can reinforce ideas expressed in your articles with others developed also in other posts on your own website. Take advantage of them by creating internal links that will surely enrich your content.

7.- Open the external URLs in a new window

new-window-web-icon Linking to internal pages is not the only way to increase the quality of your content. The content offered by external links that you provide can (and should) show interesting additional information and reinforce what you are trying to explain.

However, if you do not make external links open in a new window, you will be losing connection with your visitor to generate traffic to another website that is not yours.

8.- Keep the contents updated

Many of your articles are likely to be updated. If you have created a tutorial and it turns out that the software has evolved, it makes no sense to keep a post that has become obsolete. A good idea is to also update the content, although sometimes it is not only for this reason. It may be interesting to add a pdf that reinforces the contents, or a video that adds value and facilitates the understanding of what is stated in your article, etc.

9.- Interact with your visitors

Offer supplementary material attached, activate comments and reply to all. Returning to the example with which the article began, customers of your bar will feel increasingly identified if you know them and take care of them, if you inform them and recommend them…

Interacting with your visitors will give you more knowledge about their preferences and will allow you to focus your web objectives with greater precision.

10.- Optimize site for mobile devices

Today, more than 60 percent of users use their tablets or mobile phone to surf the web. Not having a website that suits any device is to create a huge exit door for your users to other websites. Your website must be accessible from any device; Moreover, it must not only be accessible but also must provide a simple, practical and fast navigation that enhances optimal user experience.

11.- Monitor your 404s

error-404-iconic Another factor that you should keep in mind is that the visitor does not find himself with the unpleasant surprise that when he clicks on a link he will find that this page does not exist. The best way to combat this problem is not to have it (heh, heh).

It seems obvious, but if you stay alert and regularly check that all the pages of your website are where they should be, you will avoid being affected by your positioning and you will avoid annoying your visitor.

12.- Do not take anything for granted

We are all very smart and dominate our field of action more than anyone else. Also, the more technical (and pedantic), we get, the cooler will think who reads to me that I am. Fuck, this guy knows what!

Well serious mistake, there is put in the skin of a user who starts on the subject you are dealing with. If you start reading concepts that you do not understand, you will need time to close your website. It will go to another that explains it better. Advanced users will simply skip what they already know and go directly to the contents that interest them.

13.- Experience multimedia

Take advantage of the advantages provided by multimedia content, but do not abuse. A video can be an excellent ally to complement the information. Or to reinforce a tutorial. Podcasts, short audios integrated into our pages, can also enrich our content.

In short, the introduction of video, audio, 3D, animations and other multimedia elements will favor the user experience as long as they are inserted consistently and in a carefully planned manner.

14.- Create related links

We have already spoken before creating links to content that are on our website to reinforce certain concepts throughout the post. We can increase your efficiency by creating at the end of our article a list of articles related to the topic specifically addressed.

You can do it manually or use a plugin that facilitates that work and select those related articles based on the categories or labels, for example. There are a lot and good. As I have commented on other occasions, you must be cautious when selecting and using plugins on your site.

15.- Do not be invasive

Yes, we already know that many bloggers live on advertising, affiliate programs and so on. It is understood. But from there to turn a web into a nightmare of overlapping messages, panels that add to you and constant interruptions, I think it is excessive.

Something like: Download my magic PDF and you will win a pastón in 5 minutes! And in 90% of the cases, the PDF is shit like a house copied from another website. But they already have your email …

Parliament, I prefer to visit websites that are not very invasive and that respect the user more. Surely you can find similar or better information without causing a headache.

I hate invasive websites! Noticeable?

16.- Do not cheat, meet visitor expectations

Well, in part, this point is related to the previous section. They sell you something that differs a lot from what you later find.

For example, a website that sells SEO optimization and you check that your Google pages page score is 30 out of 100.

Or a guy who sells you how to lose 20 kilos in 2 weeks. Or how to learn WordPress in 5 minutes. Anyway, you understand. Be honest.

17.- Offers infographics

Infographics help us understand processes at a glance. Creating a summary of the steps in a tutorial, or similar, can be a good option.


In addition, as it is usually an image or PDF document or standard format, they can be easily downloaded and spread quickly through social networks or other blogs, an always interesting option.

18.- Optimize your images

optimize-images-icon In section 3 we talked about the importance of our pages loading fast. Well, possibly optimizing your images is the most important point to get it. Not optimizing your images is the most widespread error on the web. If we did an analysis of all the pages, surely in a 90% we would find some optimization problems related to the images.

19.- Responsive design

Responsive-iconoIt is important that our page adapts to the width available on the device being viewed, whether mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.

Today, almost all premium themes facilitate responsive design, that is, adaptable to all devices without creating specific versions for each case.

Obviously, if a user cannot see your website correctly, for example, from his mobile phone, he will leave it immediately.

20.- Measure your results in google analytics

analytic-web-icons There are many web analytics tools that can help us recognize strengths to exploit or weaknesses to correct. The most widespread is undoubtedly the one provided by Google: Google analytics.

It is not about becoming professional analysts, but it is certainly a source of knowledge about the behavior of our very interesting website. This knowledge will enable us to offer our visitors what they are looking for. It will allow us to know your preferences and understand how they navigate and interact on our site.

Surely you have some more advice to offer to keep our visitors more time. Do you tell us?



Terra (LUNA) Down 26% And HUH Token (HUH) Influencer Campaign Upped Currency By 50%



Terra (LUNA) Down 26% And HUH Token (HUH) Influencer Campaign Upped Currency By 50%

The crypto market hadn’t seen a good start to the new year this month as Terra ($LUNA) remains 26% down on the crypto market, but there appears to be a shining bullish light in the sea of bearish cryptos and that’s HUH Token ($HUH).

HUH Token launched on Wednesday the 26th of January and skyrocketed the cryptocurrency once again, deepening the trust between crypto and holder that HUH Token ($HUH) values highly.

It seems that as crypto investors see that happy and healthy green graph on the likes of,, PancakeSwap and Uniswap … investors are flocking to the world’s first utimeme once again as $HUH holders predict this year will be the season of HUH Token.

Though, what more could you look forward to with HUH Token ($HUH) this season and might Terra ($LUNA) find a way out of its Bearish slump as HUH Token did?

HUH? How Did HUH Token Do It?

HUH Token ($HUH) launched with 100’s of influencers on Wednesday and this skyrocketed the currency into the stratosphere once again … it quickly became evident that the HUH Token had not only hit on something great but proved their aims of MetHUH (as detailed in their White paper) has enough social power behind it to increase the value of HUH Token for holders.

This proof-of-concept has sent shock waves through the cryptocurrency community because it means that HUH Token’s ambitious aims are more than just pipe dreams. Investors flocked to the crypto when 100’s of influencers launched with a minute-long video where the HUH Token Logo pulsated and demonstrated the power of meme they have as a half-meme currency.

HUH Token ($HUH) are set to launch with more influencers periodically throughout the year, meaning there will be countless value increases … not to mention their play-to-earn game launch in February and a pre-sale holder NFT drop on the 31st of January.

HUH Token are proving their genius true, and as the pieces of the puzzle come together crypto investors are beginning to realise the potential of HUH Token ($HUH) and HUH Nation.

During the influencer launch, crypto enthusiasts took to the internet and expressed their excitement over HUH Token, and how ($HUH) is continuously taking steps to increase the value of HUH Token for the holders.


Will Terra Follow In HUH Token’s Footsteps? 

With the success of HUH Token’s ($HUH) proof-of-concept influencer launch on Wednesday and their unique bullish state in a bearish market, it’s no wonder that Terra is looking to enter this space as well. As Terra ($LUNA) launch safeguards against the market’s volatility the crypto could see a spike, but it might turn out that Terra ($LUNA) need to apply the never-before-coined HUH Token effect.

HUH Token harnesses the power of influence in a way that no other crypto has, even the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu … the rare adaptability of HUH Token and forward-thinking concepts have set HUH holders and ($HUH) HUH Token up for numerous value spikes throughout the year.

If you’re looking to be involved with HUH Token you can follow the links below for more information on why HUH Token’s ($HUH) proof-of-concept is just the beginning for the world’s first Utimeme.



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HUH Token (HUH) Explodes 60% Amidst Influencer Launch while Shiba Inu (SHIB) & Polkadot (DOT) Drop 5%



HUH Token (HUH) Explodes 60% Amidst Influencer Launch while Shiba Inu (SHIB) & Polkadot (DOT) Drop 5%

The bear market is persisting for longer than investors hoped. As of today, Shiba Inu (SHIB), which exploded 49,000,000% in 2021 has fallen by 5% as did Polkadot (DOT). Furthermore, in the last 24 hours, Cosmos (ATOM) dropped by almost 10%. However, among the red squiggly lines emerges a rising green line from newcomer HUH Token (HUH). Over the past 4 days, HUH has skyrocketed by 60%.

HUH’s anomalous 60% surge is partly attributed to hundreds of influencers promoting HUH, commencing yesterday at 6pm (GMT). Although many cryptos have begun utilizing influencer marketing, from Baby Doge (BabyDoge) to Sandbox (SAND), influencers form an integral part of the MetHUH – HUH’s upcoming social platform. In the MetHUH, influencers create content for HUH token holders, which they can tokenize into NFTs for auctioning as well as earn sentiment tokens. Users likewise earn sentiment tokens by simply consuming influencers’ content in the MetHUH.

Ultimately aiming to create a decentralized metaverse, HUH’s army of influencers merely mark an early phase of their roadmap. HUH is promising to onboard 50,000 influencers by the end of this year. So far, HUH have managed to onboard a range of influencers from different backgrounds representing various niches, including digital creator Isabel Tonelli Rodriguez (173,000 followers), blogger Gabriele Merli (160,000 followers) and model Ariel Howard (191,000 followers).

HUH began rapidly spiking less than an hour after influencers began posting HUH. Its current 24-hour trading volume is almost $200,000, bringing its diluted market cap to over $23 million. That’s a near 20% boost in value in less than a day, and the uti-meme appears to still be rising, meaning it might not have even reached its peak yet.

Following the influencer’s launch, HUH now has over 17,000 holders, 7,453 Twitter followers and 4,052 Instagram followers. HUH first went viral within weeks of their launch, which was accredited to their unique referral system, which allows users to profit by referring people, as well as their ground-breaking uti-meme design in which they combined the popularity of a meme coin and usability of utility tokens. Thus, HUH definitely seems to be appealing to users of social media due to gaining thousands of followers only 2 months post-launch.

Demonstrating an impressive 60% price increase during this crypto winter, HUH has shown it has resilience and strength in an increasingly competitive sector. Investors who put $1000 into HUH on January 21st, would have made $1,600 if they withdrew today. By contrast, investing that same amount into Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Shiba Inu (SHIB) would have resulted in losses.

Despite having newcomer status in the crypto market, HUH already has its own swap, HUHSwap, which grants investors 5% more HUH tokens and no tax or slippage fees. Moreover, HUH is dropping an NFT pre-sale at the end of this month. HUH are also in the process of creating their own app to give holders frictionless and instantaneous access to their tokens. These future developments are expected to bump up HUH’s price yet again, so crypto enthusiasts are hurrying to invest now before its price rises too high to buy.

For more information visit:

Buy On HUH Website-



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Price Prediction: Dogecoin (DOGE) to Breach Weekly High and HUH Token (HUH) to Surge 110%



HUH Token (HUH) Explodes 60% Amidst Influencer Launch while Shiba Inu (SHIB) & Polkadot (DOT) Drop 5%

Dogecoin’s (DOGE) price has rebounded reaching $0.1360 once more and bulls appear to be on track for an acceleration that could take out yesterday’s weekly high. Meanwhile, HUH Token (HUH) has surged over 50% over the past 24-hours after the token’s creators launched a social media campaign that saw hundreds of prominent social media influencers promoting the new cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

DOGE is attracting bulls with a 12% gain as it sets the stage for a surge higher. The ASIA PAC session pushed DOGE price action lower, but bulls in the European session halted the bearish attempt and forced a reversal even before the price could properly retest the historical $0.1360 level. Another reason for bulls to enter is that the Relative Strength Index has remained relatively stable, implying that the US session will see an increase in demand and buying volume.

With the increase in demand, the weekly high could be broken and $0.16 would be a target for bulls who may be waiting to book some profits or unwind some of their trades. With that move, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) will have moved into the middle of its bands between buyers and sellers, leaving some room for further gains in the coming days and weeks. A weekly close above $0.16 would signal an extension of the uptrend into the following week, with $0.19 possibly on the horizon as well.

DOGE Daily Chart According to TradingView

While markets appear bullish at the moment, some looming headwinds could quickly overwhelm it and drive markets to the downside. This could result in bulls being squashed against $0.1360, triggering colossal demand on the selling side. With this, the risk is that price action will retrace its steps below the blue descending trend line, signaling a resumption of the downtrend and setting the stage for $0.09 after a break below $0.1.

HUH Token (HUH)

HUH Token (HUH) has surged over 50% over the past 24-hours after the token’s creators launched a social media campaign that saw hundreds of prominent social media influencers promoting the new cryptocurrency.

HUH’s price has now formed a strong upward trend on a 1-hour chart and looks set to continue its gains after breaking a ket resistance level.

HUH Token bulls are now eyeing a further rise to the next major resistance level at $0.00006017, which would constitute a 110% increase from current levels.

As shown on the chart, HUH’s volume has spiked massively over the past 24 hours, indicating that its team’s new social media campaign seems to be working. As a result, HUH Token was ranked in the top 20 cryptocurrencies on PancakeSwap at the time of writing.

With over ten thousand holders, HUH Token expects to have millions by the end of the year as it rolls out its ambitious plans including a play-to-earn game and a social media platform for web3.0 called the “MetHUHverse”, the details of which are available in their WhitePaper.

HUH Token also offers a unique referral scheme, where holders can refer friends and receive 10% of their initial deposit. The referrals are unlimited, meaning holders can continuously make new commissions with each referral.

HUH Token rocketed 3500% after its launch on December 6, 2021, and with its new media campaign and a sense of positivity now returning to the global cryptocurrency markets, HUH looks set to retest its previous all-time high.

This self-dubbed “utimeme” is available on decentralized exchanges Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and BitForex with plans of launching on tier-2 exchanges in the coming months.

For more information visit:

Buy On HUH Website:

Buy On PancakeSwap:

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