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How to know the value of a Web?




How to know the value of a Web?

When you have a website or blog, it is natural that after a while you ask yourself, what is the value of my website? As with a physical store or business, websites evolve and require maintenance.

If we adapt our website to the changes in our business, we will be able to extract a greater benefit from it. For this, we must invest resources and effort that involve time and money, such as buying a domain or Online Marketing. Online Marketing is probably one of the most important resources to use, given that it gives us visibility (search engine optimization and a digital reputation).

Many tools are available to worth a site. Automatic, they try to be based on objective criteria that can be retrieved: PageRank, Alexa rank, number of backlinks, number of indexed pages, PageSpeed ​​score, etc.

Why would we want to know the value of a website?

There are several answers to this question. For example, we might just be curious. It is still very interesting to know the value of your website or that of someone else.

The second reason why you should know the value of a site is if you want to create a website that competes with the one you are prospecting for. It can give you a good indication if you could live on it or not.

The third reason is that we just want to sell our site and get the fruit of hard work we have been doing every day. We are just tired from the site and pass it onto someone else.

How can you know the value of a website?

There are several ways to measure the hypothetical value of a website. The results obtained should be considered as guiding values ​​since there are multiple types of websites: pages for marketing advertising, websites for customer acquisition, information dissemination environments, etc.

The site we personally recommend is:


Among the parameters that allow estimating the value of the web, are the following:

  1. Visits: number of daily visitors.
  2. Pages visited: number of pages viewed in each visit.
  3. Bounce rate: visitors who enter and immediately leave.
  4. Positioning Report or PageRank :
  5. The number of links that point to our website
  6. The quality of the links that point to our website
  7. Advertising: the potential for advertising revenue, despite not having ads
  8. Social Media: activity in social networks, that is the number of followers and clicks.
  9. The relationship between keywords, keywords, and content.
  10. Domain authority, we can say that it is the “prestige and credit” of a website.

Finally and most importantly, we must consider something that most indicators do not measure: the quality of the content. An original and quality content is what really gives value to the web, if the quality is good the indicators will go up and the value of the web increases.

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Freestanding bridge crane system




Freestanding bridge crane system

The world has already been introduced with a lot of new technologies and inventions. People have witnessed massive evolutions in their lives due to that. Also in architecture’s world, there are some incredible inventions and machinery that have brought ease of working on a large scale. People have to put fewer efforts to complete tasks. The archaic ways of architecture are gone. Ys, we are talking here about one of such equipment. It is a free-standing bridge crane system.

Additional knowledge :

These as a type of cranes which help and assist in building and architectural tasks. Mainly they are utilized for moving heavy loads. Unlike former cranes, these are a bit different in structure as well. also, they are found in multiple types that are:

  1. EOT cranes
  2. Gantry cranes
  3. Jib cranes etc
  4. Single girder EOT crane.
  5. Single girder underslung crane.
  6. European type of overhead crane.
  7. Double girder EOT cranes.
  8. Overhead cranes.


Well, after you’ve known about its various types, you should also be familiar with how they work. These are used to move the load backward and forward through the trucks that travel along the runways. They can also move without limitations.

Common styles of cranes:

One of the most common cranes’ styles is the top running EOT assists in normal height building. In the case of high buildings. Under running, EOT cranes are a better option. Also, a double girder crane is better than a single girder crane. All varieties of cranes own the specifications that are irreplaceable.

Advantages of free-standing bridge cranes:

The main thing that differentiates them from former cranes is their structure. They are dynamic and are easily movable as well. also, multiple bridges can be installed to increase flexibility and efficiency. The load moving capacity is huge that reduces the human effort. It is between 250-4000lbs. Also, they need less maintenance than all other loading equipment. They own a structure which consumes less floor space. The bridge length also extends from 3 ft. to 34 ft. these are also easy to install and require less human effort to operate them

Where are they commonly used?

Now that’s a question which may be popping up in one’s mind. Well, these types of cranes are used in different kinds of industries. These may include paper industry, steel industry, power generation plants and oil refineries, etc. different cranes can be used according to the needs of industries and working environments. Freestanding bridge cranes can be installed on concrete floors.

Future and opportunities :

One must think about the possible opportunities in the cranes’ field. People can run their factories and industries by increasing their productivity. this can be increased when the efforts are utilized in mart way. One of the possible ways is using such cranes which help a lot. I hope this article would have helped you a lot to think about it or to have some clear perception about the working and functionalities of cranes and such equipment.


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Ideal Side Hustles for a Budding Entrepreneur in 2020




Ideal Side Hustles for a Budding Entrepreneur in 2020

A common question people often ask is how to start their own side hustle when they’re stuck for ideas. There are countless side hustle business ideas you’re able to utilize if you do a little research and get your creative juices flowing. Having a side hustle on top of your every day can be tiring, but for any budding entrepreneur, it’s the beginning of a successful career and work life.

Those of you interested in finding an ideal side hustle that works for you and your lifestyle should look no further than this list below. We’ve put together some of the most popular and profitable business ideas/side hustles for you to try out. Keep in mind, not all of the ideas are going to work for you; it’s all about trial and error. Before you know it, you could be one of the most successful entrepreneurs out there!

Sell Items on eBay or Amazon

Do you have useless items sitting around your home, in your spare room or even in the attic? Selling these items may be the best thing you can do to earn a passive, side income. eBay and Amazon are the top-selling sites available, but there are many others to try if these don’t work out for you. Perhaps you used to collect memorabilia or merchandise that you no longer use? Selling your old purchases will serve you well, doing so will get rid of any unwanted items from your home and also give you some extra cash too. Vintage items can actually sell for a good price if you know that there is a market for certain things such as shirts, bags, and belts.

It’s definitely worth setting up an account and posting some listings if you’ve got a lot of old stuff that isn’t used anymore. What have you got to lose?

Start a Small Business

Starting a business isn’t as difficult as it initially seems. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs out there utilizing social media platforms to start their own business. If you’ve got a good idea that is feasible and will work out, plan out how you’re going to get going and start your business idea. Be sure to set up the business legally though, as you will still be operating as a director of a company, even if your turnover isn’t a large amount. Setting up a small business won’t make you a millionaire overnight, and it will come with a lot of hard work and effort, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Drive for Uber

An easy way to make some money on the side has got to be driving for a company such as Uber. The online taxi company hires drivers on a self-employed basis, so you’re able to work as and when you’re ready. Even if you’re working full-time, you will be able to work for Uber around your busy schedule. Earnings are calculated according to when, where and how often you drive with Uber. If you’re wondering how much you could make driving Uber, their website has the details on how to sign up.

Invest in Property

Anyone who has a lump sum of money sitting in a savings account collecting dust may want to invest their money and make more. Hands-off property investment is an ideal side-hustle for entrepreneurs who work during the daytime but still want to make money when they can. RWinvest has a range of blogs and guides, including their extensive buy to let property guide which details how to get started with property investment. Researching online and utilizing available resources will ensure you make the right decision when you choose your property investment before you lose any money. Be sure to check out rental yields, the potential for capital growth and the area you’re investing in before deciding on your dream property.

Become a Blogger

Blogging has become a huge money-maker over the last decade as more writers utilize Google AdSense and other monitoring tools on their platforms. With the rise in influencer marketing, more people than ever are starting blogs and making money from sponsored posts and opportunities to work with brands and businesses both internationally and locally. Becoming a blogger simply takes a leap of faith – set up your website and optimize it accordingly, then get writing. Before you know it, you’ll be making a lot of money from your side hustle and may even have to quit your job!


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Using SEO to shoot the Google ranking




Using SEO to shoot the Google ranking

Occupy the top ten results of the first page of Google ranking is the dream of most websites. However, the question is how?

You may have heard of SEO? It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization in Portuguese, optimization for search engines. But just what does this mean for SEO?

Put simply, it is a strategy for the search engines to find your page and place it on top of the results for a particular keyword.

So how should you do to have SEO on your website? If you were curious, read on. I will just explain how to optimize through SEO and stay on top of research.

How it is structured SEO

As you already know what SEO is and what it does I’ll explain how the process is carried out. Consider it all starts with you to optimize a website. After that, they have the search engines and most of the time is with Google. Finally, have you doing your search.

Therefore it is necessary that you are aware of your user. The entire process is developed with the purpose of the search engines identify your site the best result to suit the user’s needs.

In other words, what puts you in the Google ranking in the top results is the satisfaction you provide the user with the content of your site. And that should always be relevant to the topic at hand.

However, you may be thinking that you just to buy a few users in the same way that buying followers, who found the solution to your problem to be well Users ranked on Google.

However, this does not give you the expected result. Even this happened in the early history of SEO trying to trick the search engines. And he did not succeed.

Some of the top Google ranking factors

According to Google’s own information is more than two hundred factors that are on the agenda as a criterion for Google ranking. So your page has to be well-positioned organically in the top results.

So the way to get it is just using the SEO strategy, ie meeting the criteria that I will present below:

“Page Authority / Pagerank”

This criterion is a metric that assigns a score from 0 to 10 for the authority which is identified on your page regarding the searched keyword. In other words, in this item are observed the quality and quantity of links that your page receives.

“Domain Authority”

This is the domain authority criterion which implies a metric to the same criteria of Pagerank. However, considers the domain as a whole. That is, all pages and subdirectories attached to the field are evaluated.

Thus, the score from 1 to 100 is assigned to a domain and its components. Since the greater given note is the recognized authority for that domain.

“Relevance of the links”

With these criteria is evaluated how your page is being referenced by other websites in the same universe of your business. For Google, the more your content is displayed the more valuable it is. And so it should be in the top positions.

Currently, a form used to be referenced on other sites is the link building strategy. This strategy consists of getting links on other websites pointing to your website naturally or not (are backlinks).

Some companies are creating relationships with companies relevant blogs for business and complementary markets for the exchange of guest posts (posts as a guest of a website), which generates links course.

Also in the early history of this SEO strategy was widely used, but generated positive results only to the site. Just as today it is easy to comprar curtidas in the early days of SEO realized how easy it was to get external links.

However, as Google’s ranking of the priority is to meet the user’s needs, he quickly realized they were low-quality links. Such links do not add value to the user experience.

Therefore, Google has considered and the number of links to your site referenced also the relevance and quality of this reference.

“Dwell time on the”

This criterion is aimed to measure how much time you spend on a page. Google believes that the time spent on a page is related to his interest in the content.

Surely, you’ve noticed that in this criterion you can use the strategy of buying followers. You can buy visitation to the site to remain a stipulated time, page browsing. But also do not get success.

“Page load speed”

This criterion is very important to be well working for you. Google for a site that spends more than 2 seconds to load, is hurting the user experience. So happens to be penalized in assigning Google metrics.

You will need to pay special attention to reduce the size of images and GIFs and search for ways to speed up access to your site and rank well in the Google ranking.

“Responsive Design”

This criterion values ​​the sites that are responsive as positive for the user experience. Such sites are those that fit any resolution harmoniously, regardless of layout and device.

Now, after all these guidelines you can start working on the SEO strategy for your site. Do not waste time!


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