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How to keep your jewellery safe?



How to keep your jewellery safe?

Your jewellery is a valuable piece which should be kept appropriately inside your home and avoid the potential race in the care of jewellery. They can easily tarnish if we do not take care of them appropriately. They are one of the most cherished gifts especially from your loved ones on special occasions. Holding history around them and passing through generations they require even more care to keep them safely at home. Even if you are thinking of transporting or gifts of jewellery you need to properly pack. You can click here to have a designated box design for your jewellery.

Keep them inside the safe locker

When you keep them inside your home it is impossible to remember where you keep them so you should always make sure that whenever you wear them keep them inside your safe locker installed in Almirah. You can also have a safe locker room where there is the lowest accessibility to guests and other people.

Keep your heirloom pieces documented

When you have a generational jewellery piece or heirloom then you should ensure that they are documented and appraised by a certified jewellery appraiser. Appraising your jewellery will help you understand the relative quality and value of your item to understand the estimate you own.

Invest in a security system

A home security system is essential especially when you have jewellery pieces in your home. Traditional security like a doorbell camera is not efficient. You need to have a high-resolution security camera from the entrance to multiple areas of your home to acknowledge where an item has been in case of theft. The security system will help you to track down the thief and get your jewellery back in some cases. It will also help the the police officer to track down any possible thefts around the area and even not for yourself but your neighbours it would be helpful to keep an eye on potential thieves.

Get your jewellery insured

When you have expensive jewellery or a heirloom in your home you should ensure that every piece of your jewellery small a big should be insured. Jewellery insurance will help you to cope in case of any theft caused in your home. All though they would not bring back your jewellery they will be helpful in getting back the some amount of money according to the piece of jewellery.

Store them in high-quality boxes

The quality of your item is determined by how you will keep it in your home. The jewellery set should be kept appropriately inside your designated box which should be meant for your specific jewellery. You can also get a customized jewellery box to keep it more safe and sound at your home. You should also clean them regularly to maintain shine

Throw your trash discreetly

Your trash might not be as important for you but for a thief, your trash can can hold a lot of information. A glittery Tiffany blue bag or a luxury watch packaging is the way to tell how much you own especially for the thieves. Before throwing any packaging you should ensure that it is properly shredded and hidden inside the trash can properly. You can also make it stinky to avoid any suspicious people.


Sometimes no matter how we try to make some things happen, we have to keep ourselves ahead, especially with our jewellery and how to keep them adequately. You should also make sure that you are insured and that the receipt and other details are personal and not in the eye of scammers and thieves.