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How to Install Aftermarket Dirt Bike Clutch Levers for Better Performance?



How to Install Aftermarket Dirt Bike Clutch Levers for Better Performance?

Irrespective of the dirtbike you purchase, you will always find a standard pair of levers installed in the vehicle. These levers are manufactured to fit the checklist of majority customers, in general. If you ever feel that the pre-installed dirt bike clutch levers or brake levers are not contributing enough towards achieving the ideal performance, then it is always an excellent option to change them.

There are various reasons why dirtbike riders invest in quality aftermarket bike clutch levers, clutch perch, or brake lever. Good aesthetics and enhanced performance are two of the many reasons that have contributed much to making people buy aftermarket levers. What’s best is that people can easily install the new levers or clutch perch even if they don’t have much knowledge. If you are among the many dirt bike owners that have decided to replace the old levers with the new aftermarket ones, then you should read this article till the end to know how easily you can install the newly bought gears.

What is Required to Replace & Install New Levers?

Before you get to know the exact ways to install the dirt bike clutch levers, folding brakes, or the clutch perch, it is essential to know the right parts or equipment required to complete the installation process. While changing the levers, you would need a 10mm wrench, a flat head screwdriver, a little portion of lithium grease, and a 10mm socket w/extension. These elements are enough to assist you in a smooth lever installation process. If done correctly, you can complete the entire installation in a mere 20 minutes.

Installation of New Dirt Bike Clutch Lever

You can complete the entire hydraulic clutch installation process in comparatively lesser time. The whole installation process can be broken down into five stages. If you were about to install the newly purchased clutch lever in your bike, then check out each of the following installation steps carefully and follow.

1. Remove the Existing Stock Lever

To install a new dirt bike clutch lever, you need to first remove the existing one. By using a 10mm wrench and a flat head screwdriver, you can loosen and then remove the pivot bolt. This same pivot bolt will be used later during the new lever assembly. When compared to the brake levers, removing the hydraulic clutch lever is a little trickier, but when done carefully, it can be completed without any hassle.

2.Disconnect the Cable

The dirt bike clutch lever is attached to a cable; hence, you will have to disconnect the cable first to remove the stock lever from the bike. To disconnect the cable, simply turn or rotate the cable adjuster into the cable perch. Doing so will help you in quickly removing the cable wire from the cable adjustment housing. You can then easily pull away from the lever from the mount. Be attentive while performing this step, and don’t forget to retain the pivot bolt for installing the new aftermarket lever at a later stage. You can now detach the cable barrel from the current lever’s underside.

3.New Lever Assembly

Both hydraulic clutch and brake levers have a range of small components so that they can precisely meet the varied requirements of different bikers and their bikes. You need to install the right parts on the clutch side so that the neutral kill switch can be activated. If any part remains unused in this process, then you can retain it for later. A golden rule to always abide by is to use a thread-locking adhesive during this stage so that the newly added small parts remain intact in their position for long. Since you will have to install a brand-new pivot bolt bushing on the bike’s clutch side, it is advised that you purchase the right bushing that matches your bike’s brand and other related specifications.

4.Installation of New Clutch Lever

When you have assembled dirt bike clutch levers ready, installation becomes very easy and hassle-free. You can simply reverse the steps that you followed to remove your existing clutch lever for installing the newly bought aftermarket levers. You need to carefully insert the clutch cable barrel into the new lever’s underside space. Once it is done, just slide the new aftermarket lever into the clutch-lever housing. It will help you in dropping the lever in the main pivot bolt. Tighten the pivot bolt until properly secure. However, avoid over-tightening the bolt if you wish to have smooth travel experience.

5. Check for Final Adjustments

Your work doesn’t end at simply installing the dirt bike clutch lever. You need to double-check if the adjustments made by you are perfectly done, or any fine-tuning is still required. Before taking your bike out for a quick ride after changing the levers, make sure to check if the levers are performing correctly. If the lever operates without binding or the neutral kill switch works perfectly as it should, then it implies that your installation was successful.

Final Thoughts

Installing hydraulic clutch levers are not that difficult if you know the exact way of installing them. If you follow the simple steps shared-above, then aftermarket lever installation will be as smooth as a passing breeze. People skeptical of changing the levers all by themselves can always choose to call a reliable mechanic that will do the work on their behalf.   


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