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How To Get Water Out of a Phone



How To Get Water Out of a Phone

Did you know that there are currently over 6.5 billion smartphones worldwide? But as ubiquitous as mobile phones have become over the last decade, not a whole lot of people know how to get water out of a phone.

That’s why so many people throw their phones away when they get them wet. It’s expensive to have phone water damage repaired.

But there are a few ways to get water out of your phone that doesn’t involve tossing it in a landfill. So read on for a phone water damage guide to drying your phone out or turning it into a paperweight.

Unplug and Power Off Device Immediately

Unplugging and powering off devices as soon as possible is essential for many reasons. It reduces the amount of energy wasted by leaving the device plugged in and decreases the amount of energy used to keep the device and its components running.

Additionally, powering off the device shuts down any processes or activities running on the device, which would otherwise remain active and consume energy and resources.

Disassemble and Remove the Battery

You’ll need to use a screwdriver to open the back of the phone and carefully remove the battery. Another thing you can do is turn the phone upside down and shake it gently to help remove excess water.

If you have a plastic bag and some rice, place the disassembled phone and battery in the bag, along with some rice, and seal the bag shut. The rice will absorb any water and moisture from the phone. Set it aside for at least 24 hours or a few days for the best results.

Dry and Wipe Internal Components With Cotton Swabs

When the device is completely dry, use cotton swabs to gently remove any liquid from the inside. Ensure the swab is damp, not wet, and carefully clean the phone’s internal components. Repeat these steps a few times if necessary.

After cleaning, use another dry swab to dry the interior. Reassemble the phone and wait for it to dry before turning it on. Doing this properly will ensure you successfully get water out of your phone and wipe its internal components with cotton swabs.

Seeing Professional Help

Seeing professional help, such as a technician, is the next step you should consider when trying to get the water out of your phone. The professional can disassemble the phone and dry out all of the components.

Additionally, they will be able to take the necessary steps to repair any damage that may have occurred due to the water. They can also provide the necessary advice to help prevent water damage in the future. Don’t forget that many reliable companies offer financing options to help finance your smartphone repair.

Learning From Your Mistake On How To Get Water Out Of A Phone

Using the easy steps described above, you can now repair your water-damaged phone. It is a simple process that you can complete with common household tools. Armed with knowledge, take the proper precautions when in contact with water, and your phone should remain in working condition.

Following these steps on how to get water out of a phone, you can easily reduce the risk of damaging your phone and save time and money. Take action on how to get the water out of a phone now!

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