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How to Get a New Website Built and Optimized



How to Get a New Website Built and Optimized

Every business needs an eye-catching and effective website. Whether a company has been in business for a year or a century, customers or clients expect to head online to learn about services, find information, and get in touch.

An outdated or poorly designed website isn’t enough, either. Sites need to be well-designed and completely optimized if business owners want to compete. Read on to find out how to get a new website built and optimized.

1. Find a Designer

Let’s be honest. Most business owners don’t have web design experience, and that’s just fine. What isn’t okay is trying to throw something together using out-of-the-box templates and drag-and-drop site builders. When businesses need a new website, the first step should always be to investigate web designers.

Look for a company that provides bespoke services instead of using templates or subcontracting design work. Well-designed websites look good and perform much better both in terms of user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

2. Choose a Domain Name

Domain names should match or at least resemble businesses’ names to keep the branding consistent and improve search engine results, but it’s not always possible to find the perfect name. If that’s the case, try something short, easy to spell, and free from abbreviations, hyphens, and numbers. Using relevant keywords can also help.

3. Brainstorm on Branding

Domain names aren’t the only aspects of web design that need to be on-brand. The entire design should reflect a business’s brand, values, and core competencies, so if there’s no branding strategy in place yet, now’s a good time to start. Begin with a brainstorming session that involves all of the company’s key stakeholders, and write everything down. It will be valuable to web designers.

4. Work Carefully With Designers

Even the most talented web designers won’t be able to create the perfect bespoke website for someone who refuses to offer clear input. Business owners should be prepared to ask and answer questions, approve designs or suggest alterations, and help web designers tell their companies’ stories.

5. Optimize Everything

SEO refers to the process of making a website look more appealing to search engines, which generally also means making them more appealing to users. SEO is an ongoing process, but it should start during the design phase. Working with a web design company that also offers targeted SEO and content creation services is the best way to accomplish this goal, but be prepared to continue adding new content. Search engine optimization is a never-ending process.

6. Implement a Maintenance Plan

Once business owners have the perfect website, they may be tempted to simply sit back and enjoy it. While that’s fine for a little while, having a long-term maintenance plan in place is a must. Working with digital marketing and SEO services is a great way to make sure the content stays fresh, but business owners shouldn’t be afraid to offer input. Everyone should be working together to make sure the site remains as user-friendly and relevant as ever.

Start the Process Today

It takes some time to find the right web designers, convey the company’s brand and values, and work with these professionals to come up with a professional website. Even if the business is just getting off the ground, the best time to start the web design process is today.