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How to Find the Right Durable Medical Equipment for Your Practice



How to Find the Right Durable Medical Equipment for Your Practice

No matter the shape or size of your practice, your ability to effectively treat your patients and aid their recovery depends on the equipment you can offer. With the highest-quality healthcare tools, you can achieve the results that all of your patients deserve.

Of course, getting durable medical equipment that stands the test of time is easier said than done. Inflation is already pushing sky-high prices for new medical equipment even higher.

This is making it harder to find the best equipment at affordable rates. Luckily, we’re here to help. Check out our top tips for buying the right equipment for your healthcare practice.

Do Your Homework

This might sound obvious, but it bears repeating. Buying medical equipment is not the same as buying office equipment.

You need to ensure that any vendor you choose can prove that their equipment is of high quality and meets all applicable standards.

For example, if you are looking for C-Arm diagnostic equipment, you can choose a C Arm for sale vendor that offers refurbished machines that only meet the highest standards. You can’t afford to cut corners with this.

Know What You Need

The main purpose of medical equipment is to facilitate healthcare improvement for your patients. To do this, you need to know exactly which items you need for the patients you treat.

You will likely already have a good idea of what this is, but it can be helpful to think outside the box. For example, mobility aids should be on the top of your shopping list if you run an orthopedic practice.

But you’ll also need to consider which items you might need for sub-categories of patients, such as those with diabetes or very young people. Map out your equipment needs carefully before choosing a vendor.

Nominate a Staff Expert

Purchasing new medical equipment and managing equipment upgrades can sometimes be a full-time job.

Splitting this important duty across multiple staff members will reduce efficiency and cost you more in the long run. Your best bet is to develop a dedicated, in-house expert for medical equipment sourcing.

This person can build relationships with vendors, manage the large amounts of paperwork involved, and ensure that you get the best equipment for the best possible price. This investment is always worth it.

Don’t Forget Maintenance Costs for Durable Medical Equipment

Buying medical equipment is only the first step. You should also ask your vendor for estimates on maintenance costs and how often certain items need to be serviced.

For example, a large piece of machinery such as an MRI machine will often require quarterly servicing and maintenance, which could cost thousands. Meanwhile, less complicated equipment will require very little maintenance.

See if your vendor offers maintenance services, and negotiate to get those services included in the price of your contract.

Your Healthcare Questions, Answered

Now is a great time to launch your own medical practice. While costs are high, demand is also skyrocketing, and practitioners that can offer top-quality care will be in more demand than ever.

In order to meet this demand, sourcing durable medical equipment is key.

If you need more practical advice on healthcare trends and how to best adapt to them, we have got you covered. Check out our Health section for regular guidance on the health trends that matter.