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How To Create An Outdoor Living Space



How To Create An Outdoor Living Space

Having an outdoor space lets you transform your area into anything you prefer. It could be a large garden, activity area, or pool. However, converting it into an outdoor living space is perfect if you’d like to maximize its place fully.

Outdoor living space is a fantastic way to extend your home’s living area and enjoy the beauty outside your home. With creativity, you can transform the space into something cozy and aesthetic. You can have a place where you can relax, entertain guests, and spend time with your family.

To help you out, here are some ways to create an outdoor living space:

Switch Up Your Doors

Although many deem this unnecessary, upgrading your doors improves your outdoor living space’s appearance. Modern doors make the area feel more light, airy, and connected to your home. There are plenty of door options you can choose from. You can decide between swinging, sliding, or bi-fold options like those from Marvin Doors.

As you update your doors, your main goal should be to provide aesthetics and connection to your space. It would be best if your doors could have a full-glass design. It invites light inside your home and connects it to your indoor space.

Give Your Floors A Lift

As you design your outdoor living space, note that your flooring matters as well. Putting outdoor furniture on the grass might not give off a clean or comfortable look. They can also damage your furniture when exposed to dirt and soil. Hence, it is best to add proper flooring to your outdoor living space to protect your furniture and shoes.

There are plenty of outdoor flooring options. It could be stone, brick, or concrete. Among this wide array of choices, composite decking is an excellent upgrade solution. Composite decking provides a comfortable and homey look without risking its durability. They look like wood, but they’re fire-resistant and less expensive. They can give your home a classy look without breaking the bank.

Select A Color Palette

Creating an outdoor living space isn’t just about what furniture you put in. You also have to be careful with your color palette. Picking the right color can help set your space’s mood and make everything look attractive.

When choosing a color palette, you must first decide what theme you aim to have. Would you like it to match your home’s exterior or create a new atmosphere? If you want to make it a relaxing space, focusing on neutrals is best. You can use white, beige, or gray for your furniture and decor. To find out more about second storey extensions be sure to visit Supa Group.

You can also add a pop of color to keep it from being too plain. Alternatively, you can try themes for your space like nautical, cabin, or rustic garden.

Install Shades

You must keep yourself comfortable when you’re hanging out outdoors. However, the sun’s heat and glare can tell otherwise. To help you enjoy the space, you need to install shades in your backyard. It could be a pergola, awning, patio umbrella, or canopy.

If you’d like your outdoor space to be more in touch with nature, you can use trees as your shade. That way, you can let nature do its thing and provide you with comfort and beauty. However, using trees as the shade can be tricky. It’s best that the trees are away from your property and free from pests.

Add Plenty Of Seating Options

An outdoor living space wouldn’t be complete without any seating furniture. It would be best to add plenty of seating options to your area. You could include a sofa, accent chairs, a swing set, or a hammock.

When adding outdoor furniture, try to make them coordinated. It doesn’t have to be an exact set but ensure they share the same elements. It could be a theme, color, or material. It’s also best if you could add as many cushions as possible. Using cushions can make the space look more comfortable and homier. You could include throw pillows on your sofa or swing set to add appeal, especially with kids.

Install A Dining Or Cooking Space

If you use the outdoor space to hang out, you could maximize it by adding a dining or cooking area. That way, you can do more than just sit and hang out. You could dine out, cook meals, grill barbeques, or throw a party.

When adding a cooking space, see if it suits outdoor weather. Ideally, it shouldn’t use any electric devices as rain damages them. Using fire when cooking, baking, or grilling meals is best.

You also need to consider how many seats your outdoor dining area has. Would you have enough traffic space between the living room and dining? Or should you remove the sofa and prioritize your chairs and tables? Those options set the mood of what you’d like your outdoor living space to feel like.


Creating an outdoor living space helps to boost your curb appeal. It also extends your home’s usable area to hang out and make yourself comfortable. As you create one, you must ensure it matches the theme and mood you’re going for. You also need to prioritize your materials, placement, color, and purpose of the space. The planning process might take a while, but it’ll surely be worth it once you see your outdoor space coming together.