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How To Choose A Moving Company Online?



How To Choose A Moving Company Online?

Moving Company Online

Digitization has become essential in every corner of business, and the industry related to moving is no exception. As people were forced for 2 to 3 years to stay inside their homes, the internet was the only outlet for all of us. Therefore, all businesses started a website or an app to keep it going. 

Similarly, all the moving companies created a webpage where all essential information could be found. But how do we know if all the information is authentic? That is why we are here. We will help you choose the best company just by looking at their website and online presence. 

Check Qualifications

The website of the moving company must contain their qualifications and license number. For example, every moving company in the US requires standards that meet the DOT and FMCSA protocols. 

Also, renowned companies train their employees and provide a certificate of training. If the website does not show its licenses and certificates, you might want to ask about it. The absence of the same is considered a red flag. Either ask them or look for a different company.   

Ratings & Comments

The next thing that a website provides is ratings and comments. There are Google comments and in-website reviews. Take your time to go through the reviews one by one. If you have queries about certain negative comments especially when it comes to office relocation, make sure you ask them through customer support. 

You should look for their problem-resolution tactics, items damaged, ability to work on their problems, and the number of successful moves. Just looking at 5-star ratings is not enough. Many websites don’t post ratings that are less than 5 stars, and that way you won’t get the proper insight. If all the ratings are 5 stars, that is also a red flag. 

The Testimonials

Comments are usually short, whereas testimonials are usually long. If the website provides testimonials, that is a huge plus. Read the testimonials carefully. You might want to ask the doubts that arise when you read the testimonials. Some moving companies provide the contact information of some previous clients to talk to them about their experience. 

It is, of course, better to ask your family members and friends who have used the dame moving company. Testimonials provide essential details about the whole process, including the problems and how they were solved. 

Contract-Based Moving

Every moving company signs a contract with you, and they accept the terms and conditions that all your items will be moved without any harm. On the other hand, you accept the terms of the moving company. 

They can ask for extra payment when the number of items is more or there are unexpected issues during the move. For example, the elevator did not work, or the floor is higher than the one given. If the moving company does not agree to sign a contract, it is strongly recommended to go the other direction. 

Human Customer Support

Chatbots have become an important part of websites and customer support. However, they cannot solve most of the issues that clients get. Therefore, try to ask questions and see how fast you can reach a person. 

Many websites make it impossible to reach a person on the other side. Check the ways you can reach them like email, phone number, and chat services.  

Read the Terms & Conditions

Yes, it is the boring part of the website. But you would be signing a contract with them, and all of your precious items are under their control while you are moving. Therefore, read the terms and conditions part and prepare a list of questions whenever you have a problem. 

Especially, the part dealing with moving insurance, money back, and the type of damage they cover and what is not covered. If there is something you don’t agree with, you might want to ask them. 


In short, moving companies can now be booked completely online without you having to visit their office physically. You can, of course, visit them and talk to them, but the web pages are well-equipped and well-designed to know if they are authentic. 

Yes, anybody can prepare a website, but maintaining one and constantly updating the website is expensive and that is what makes the moving company authentic. The above-mentioned tips would help you to choose a reliable moving company.